Saturday, 2 December 2017

World AIDS day

For those who don't know us, please remember that we're just people like you. We're not mysterious, or even infectious anymore when meds taken and become HIV "undetectable". It's been proven in global studies (including Australian ones). Ignorance is what creates stigma. Please remember that.

 We live in society, among you. I ride the buses in Sydney as I don't have a car. I sometimes wonder if the person in the seat next to me would do if they knew I was HIV+. The truth is there's not the slightest danger. Even if I had unsafe sex with the person I couldn't pass it on being undetectable.

In NSW we are on track for near zero new infections by 2020, thanks to campaigns within the gay community and generally to address this issue. The hope is that (like past diseases) HIV will eventually end in coming years due to lack of new infections. It's happened before with other illnesses and it can happen again. 

Yet we still have to deal with the bullshit of the ignorant...  


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