Thursday, 21 December 2017

I think I need a new computer :s

I got a bit of money out of my super in October under financial hardship and there's still some left. We've not bothered going out to Oxford St as it's so fucked up these days it ends up an unpleasant experience too many times. The plus side is that the bit I got out still hasn't been spent.

So my PC appears to be on it's last legs. There's nothing really wrong with it but it doesn't seem to be able to handle the rigors that Windows 10 is continually chucking at it. Recently there was a major update that took bloody hours and ever since then the PC has been shitting itself and doing weird and strange things. For example freezing and coming up with cryptic windows messages. *sheesh* 

It's bad enough that I'm dealing still with an ADSL connection in 2017 in the middle of Sydney's eastern suburbs, but to have a PC contributing to that is just unacceptable.

The thing is nearly 5yrs old so I'm very attached to it. I don't want to get another PC and go through the meticulous task of setting it up with all my programs and hardware installed. It's a bloody great hassle which I can do without. But what choice do I have? The software has gone beyond it's capacity. I need to stay connected without spending half the time battling with my PC.

Alas, I must send this one to retirement. Luckily Boxing Day sales are imminent. My new PC will be an HP as they're the most reliable I've experienced. It certainly won't be a dead shit Dell!

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