Sunday, 10 July 2016

80 a week dying after found "fit to work" by gov - Britain

We've seen the gov here from both major parties have a go at those of us on the Disability Support Pension, with Labor introducing draconian points rules that now sees about 75% of DSP applications rejected (BTW I was granted the DSP with these new rules well in place). We have seen in recent years after these and other changes by the Lieberals, wheelchair bound people denied the Disability Support Pension as technically under the new rules they "not disabled enough". Or wheelchair bound people who've been taken off the DSP and moved to Newstart and told to get a job. This is happening now in Australia.

We see that and are up in arms about it. However what we see going on overseas in England is nothing more than terrifying. This is the sort of corporate rule we're resisting in Australia. The doctrine that the sick and vulnerable must suffer so the corporations can get away with blue murder. One could argue in this case, literally. After all, what has lead England to this point of it's society to treat the weakest among it with such contempt and lack of empathy, other than corporate notions of oligarchy and capitalist ideology embedding itself into gov? 

A recent freedom of information battle in England has uncovered figures showing that 10,000 people have died in England shortly after being declared "fit for work", this over a two year period. Or 80 people a week. 

This sickest part of this story is that the conservative gov actually argues statistics about these deaths later in the story.
Nearly 10,000 people have died in just over two years after being denied full sickness benefits and told to get a job, the Government admitted. 

After an 18-month Freedom of Information battle with the Mirror, the Department for Work and Pensions revealed that 2,380 people died between December 2011 and February 2014 after failing controversial government tests and being found “fit to work”. 

A further 7,200 people claiming Employment and Support Allowance died after being put in the “work-related activity group”, which means they get reduced benefits and are told to get a job. 

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “We urgently need an inquiry into the government’s back-to-work regime. These disturbing findings cannot be swept under the carpet. 

“The fact that more than 80 people are dying each week shortly after being declared fit for work should concern us all. We need a welfare system that supports people to find decent jobs not one that causes stress and ill health.” Mirror