Friday, 15 July 2016

Why do you support marriage equality? - Share your story at Australian Marriage Equality

The Australian Marriage Equality team has put together a site where you can tell your story as to why you support marriage equality. You can include photos as well if you like. The stories and pictures will be put together into booklets and given out to every MP in Canberra. 

I think it's a very good idea. Personal stories are the way forward, and it brings home to people that we're not evil demons setting about the destruction of modern civilisation, but simply people like everyone else. Who want to live in a society where our love can be expressed just like everyone else.

This from the email:
Our new Parliament has unprecedented support for marriage equality, including the leaders of every major party, and more gay and lesbian MPs than ever before. 

But despite that encouraging fact, opponents of marriage equality are trying to delay progress. 

Their plan is to delay, confuse and mislead; it's designed to make people lose sight of what this is all really about: Real Australians. People like us. 

Together, we have the ability to stop that. We can show all of our new MPs exactly who they'll be voting for and writing legislation about, instead of what

Will you help? Share your story today, and we will collate your images and words into beautiful booklets featuring the many people and faces supporting the calls for marriage equality. 

Accompanied by representatives of our communities, we will hand deliver your stories to the offices of every MP and Senator in Canberra and encourage this Parliament to hold a free vote. 

With a new government full of new MPs, we have a great opportunity right now to showcase the many reasons why marriage equality is a great thing for Australia. Your stories will make up hundreds of those individual reasons,and are representative of a larger movement that is as widespread and diverse as the country we live in. 

We need to show our leaders that the campaign for marriage equality is about living in an Australia that treats every person with dignity and respect. It's about fairness, equality and recognising love and commitment. 

It's easy to lose sight of the people we are fighting for when we allow the issue to become a political football. It's our job to rise above the fray, but bring this issue back to the ground. We need to bring it back to the grassroots, to communities and town halls all across the country. And, importantly, we need to bring this conversation back to what we're really talking about; equality for us, for our loved ones, our family, our friends, our colleagues, neighbours and local business owners. For everyone. 

Let's make this the year that love finally wins. 

Alex Greenwich 
Co-Chair, Australian Marriage Equality
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