Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Election a "nail in the coffin" of Lieberals gay marriage plebiscite

With hard right Lieberals against marriage equality losing their seats, there is now a clearer than ever majority of MP's in favour of same sex marriage. Pressure will mount for a simple parliamentary vote to change the marriage act instead of a half billion dollar plebiscite.
Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays national spokesperson Shelley Argent describes yesterday’s election as “a nail in the coffin of Malcolm Turnbull’s proposed plebiscite,” and poins out that most MPs now in Parliament are seeking a swift and free vote of MPs on marriage equality so they can finally make it happen and move on. 

“With pro-equality Labor MPs replacing Liberals who were against, there’s now a clear majority of members in favour,” she says. 

“After a week in which the Coalition’s proposed plebiscite unravelled under close public scrutiny, it’s indisputable that the plebiscite cost the Coalition votes. 

“Malcolm Turnbull must acknowledge he has no mandate for a plebiscite and drop the idea. If he doesn’t, we will do our best to kill it on the floor of Parliament and push for a free vote instead.” Same Same