Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The world's deadliest country for the LGBT - Brazil

Gay couple found dead in boot of burned out car
Far out. You wouldn't expect that would you. I'd have thought that a gay friendly place like Brazil wouldn't have any chance of being so, but it is. 

But then again Sydney is very gay friendly but there's been a lot of violence against us in the past here. Deaths never reported years back as hate crimes, police not bothering about investigating attacks, and the like. And we still don't even have same sex marriage in Australia yet, which Brazil does.

However Brazil has suffered an influx of US style Pentecostal christianity, making up a large proportion of the community and affecting those voted into gov. A whole bunch of Cori Bernadi's in power I guess; sounds like a total nightmare to me.
Some experts suggest that liberal government policies may have gotten too far ahead of traditional social mores. The anti-gay violence, they contend, can be traced to Brazil’s culture of machismo and a brand of evangelical Christianity, exported from the United States, that is outspoken in its opposition to homosexuality. 

Evangelicals make up nearly a quarter of Brazil’s population, up from 5 percent in 1970, and religious leaders reach millions of people through the hundreds of television and radio stations they have purchased in recent years. 

American-style Pentecostal congregations are also playing an increasingly muscular role in Brazilian politics. Evangelical voters have helped send more than 60 lawmakers to the 513-member lower house of Congress, doubling their numbers since 2010 and making them one of the most disciplined blocs in an unruly and divided legislature. 

Jean Wyllys, Brazil’s only openly gay member of Congress, said evangelical lawmakers, the core of a coalition known as the “B.B.B. caucus” — short for Bullets, Beef and Bible — have stymied legislation that would punish anti-gay discrimination and increase penalties for hate crimes. 

“Evangelicals are getting increasingly powerful and have taken over Congress,” Mr. Wyllys said. New York Times
 Plebiscite anyone?