Saturday, 30 July 2016

Fresh allegations against George Pell - demands for him to step down

Pell in his pool days
Pell and Abbott ate together regularly
*Update: Pontiff breaks silence on Cardinal Pell sexual abuse claims  

Police are now investigating multiple allegations referred to them by the Royal Commission into child sex abuse here in Australia against Cardinal George Pell. Pell is currently in the Vatican as the financial boss, but some are now calling for him to stand down from his position whilst police investigate new allegations against hin reported to the royal commission.

The ABC's show airs a full half hour report on it all last week, which you can watch here. Police are saying they will fly to Rome to interview him if need be. The allegations are varied across time from different people, including Pell molesting boys in a public pool and Pell standing naked for some time in front of kids in the change room. 

Victims now worry he may never come back to Australia to face these allegations.
LOUISE MILLIGAN: Behind this woodpile, behind this shed, lives Damian Dignan. Damian Dignan was the taskforce witness who suggested police contact Lyndon Monument, his childhood best friend at St. Alipius. As they grew up, they occasionally discussed their experiences at the Eureka pool, though they both say these days they aren't in contact and haven't been for a couple of years since well before Taskforce Sano detectives ever met them last July. Damian Dignan also told police he remembers playing the throwing game with George Pell at the Eureka pool. 

What would he do? 

DAMIAN DIGNAN: Grab you. Around the testes, around the anus. LOUISE MILLIGAN: How did it make you feel? 

DAMIAN DIGNAN: Scared. Oh, scared, but hurt. Ah, very forceful around the anus. 

LOUISE MILLIGAN: Could there ever be an interpretation that it just so happened that his hands slipped down there by mistake? 

DAMIAN DIGNAN: Fair enough, one time. It got to a stage where every time he picked you up, it was there. And, not much fun, no. 

LOUISE MILLIGAN: In his statement, Damian Dignan told police, "Father Pell was making me feel very uncomfortable when he was grabbing me on the penis and testicles and throwing me in the air. I never said anything to Father Pell when he grabbed me around the penis and testicles because I was scared of him. Towards the end, Father Pell began to hurt me around the crotch area when he threw me into the air. I didn't like it and I knew what he was doing was wrong." 

So what did that make you decide to do in terms of your attending the pool? 

DAMIAN DIGNAN: Ah, not really go there. Um, not swim there. ABC transcript