Sunday, 10 July 2016

Labor concedes defeat - sort of

It's debatable as to whether one could consider Labor's performance in this election as "defeat", but insofar as it's clear Turnbull will form some sort of gov (however wacky it is) then that is a defeat on technical grounds.

Nobody thought Labor would get this close. The media and even pundits had written them off as some sort of upstarts, simply just not believing the polls. Indeed the Lieberals have been scared shitless for the last week, biting their nails, with voters cutting a large swathe through their hard right rump that was running the show. It doesn't feel like defeat to me, or dare I say Labor.

Whatever Lieberal sort of gov rabble they scrape together, be it minority gov or the barest majority, it will be a shaky one almost paralysed. Something far far removed from the Victorious Team Abbott we all jeered at in 2013. The hard right will use the election disaster to put pressure on Turnbull to follow their policies more closely, yet it is the hard right policies that saw the gov's popularity crash time after time. Voters are disappointed in Turnbull not because he's too leftie, but because he abandoned middle ground Australia to become Abbott lite. 

Same sex marriage will become again an issue of deep disunity in the party as the dwindling right tries to fend it off, against a parliament that overwhelmingly is for it. At least 80 ministers now are for it in the lower house, easily enough to pass the legislation in a free vote without the need of a $500million plebiscite.

An in all of this, the Lieberals will be looking to replace Turnbull after this disaster. How is the gov supposed to govern with all that going on?
But he added the ALP would be sticking to its guns on key issues such as Medicare. 

"I expect them to do nothing less than to keep their promises they made to the Australian people," he said. 

"And as I said, I wish Malcolm Turnbull well in what the future holds. But we also have a mandate to stand up for Medicare, to make sure schools are properly funded and to prioritise Australian jobs." ABC
I just can't see Team Turnbull clusterfuck lasting three years.