Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Modern bloody technology! - Grrrr!


So I went to the doctors earlier as I have nearly run out  of my HIV medication. You know how it is, so sick of going to the doctor I put it off for as long as possible. Only have a few days left.

Turns out my doctor is on leave until next month. So I have to arrange to see another one in the centre. I tell the receptionist on the phone that it's an HIV prescription I need so I get a doctor who can prescribe it. Last time this happened I was sent to a young doctor who couldn't.

I don't like seeing other doctors, but I thought this would be fine just a prescription. I get in there and he's confused as my file can't be opened on his computer with a massive curvy wide screen. Someone in Brisbane has locked it or some shit say the massive curvy screen. I say it's only two prescriptions. He says he can't do a prescription without opening my file! WTF?

The days of a physical file on the doctors desk and a prescription pad next to it before all these computers took over, suddenly seemed like a very fond memory.

The doctor buzzed one of the receptionists who came into the room and decided to ring Brisbane. Turns out the Centre has another centre up in Brisbane. Shortly she buzzed back through with the explanation.

Over the years of going there I've taken part in a number of research studies to do with HIV. One of the researchers at their Brisbane centre had my file open doing something with the data. They apologised and said they'd soon be finished. What are the odds?

So the doctor saw the next patient whilst I waited again outside his office. In the end I was there over an hour just for two prescriptions, despite getting there just 10 minutes before my appointment.

Yes folks, this is one of the wonders of modern technology. Where someone in Brisbane can open my file and me in Sydney can't get a prescription until they close it. Just bloody marvelous isn't it :s