Sunday, 31 July 2016

Labor wins last seat of Herbert by 37 votes! - Hooray!

Cathy O'Toole, conquering hero
Lieberal feathers are flying all over the place folks, as the recount has ended with Labor's Cathy O'Toole taking the seat by 37 votes, thereby unseating Lieberal Ewen Jones. This now leaves the Lieberals with a majority of only 1 in the lower house.

Given the fact that the lot of them appear to be at each other's throats, how long will it be before it all comes crashing down?

The Lieberals are still in election shock/denial. Surely this can't be true? They may even take court action over it, whatever that means. If they did that then the whole election should be run again as some booths ran out of bloody ballots FFS in Queensland and people couldn't vote.
The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) finished recounting votes in the Queensland seat on Sunday, after the first count put Ms O'Toole eight votes ahead of sitting LNP MP Ewen Jones. 

In a statement the LNP said it was "examining a number of issues reported to the party to determine if all Herbert electors were given the opportunity to vote". 

"As soon as it is possible, the LNP will decide its next course of action," the statement said. 

Ms O'Toole said Mr Jones had congratulated her on her win and was not worried about the possibility the LNP would ask for another election in the seat. 

"Ewen has assured me that they will be out of the office as soon as they possibly can, the fight starts immediately to ensure that we are getting what we need in our community, I will let others worry about any so-called challenges," she said. 

"It is 20 years since Labor has held the seat of Herbert and I am the first woman that has held this seat, that is an enormous celebration for the people in this community." 

The result is expected to be formally declared early this week but earlier AEC spokesman Phil Diak confirmed Ms O'Toole won the recount. ABC