Monday, 25 July 2016

"I'm not letting that fag in" - bouncer at The Oxford Hotel

David and I are boycotting The Oxford Hotel after our experience with one of their gestapo type bouncers on Sat night. Once a very gay friendly pub, I don't know WTF they're doing having a bouncer like this hot head on their door at night.

What's more the bouncer all down Oxford st are linked, so if one nutter makes a decision about someone, all the bouncers on every pub there are informed and the person is then barred from all the puds for that night.

What other area in Sydney has such an extreme level of policing/security? You have to wonder what's going on with the powers that be. I mean it's almost anti-gay.

In any case I have just emailed a rather lengthy complaint to The Oxford Hotel, of which I've pasted below.
We wish to make a complaint as long time customers of The Oxford and the treatment we received by the bouncer on the door Sat night. 

My partner David and I had approx 6 beers at the Midnight Shift and decided to visit The Oxford before going home. The bouncers at the Shift didn't consider either of us a problem or felt the need to cut off drinks. Upon arriving at the door of The Oxford the bouncer considered myself to be drunk and refused entry to me, which was no biggy as we'd have just gone home. However he used the word "fag" referring to me which is the issue. 

His exact words were "I'm not letting that fag in". 

We walked away and thought about just getting a cab home from there, and in doing so chatted with the other bouncer at the door of the pokies room who David has known for years. However the bouncer who called me "fag" was watching threateningly from the other door. A shouting argument enshewed between David and the other bouncer over his use of the fag word, with David calling him a homophobe as I moved him further down the street away from the pub. 

Suddenly the bouncer left his post at the door and charged down the street at David. The second bouncer at the pokies door was forced to intervene, by way of which he stood in the way of the charging bouncer with his hands raised. I don't mind saying I feared for David's safety. After that we left walking down the street and away from the pub. Shortly after we purchased a few beers at the bottleshop on the corner and got a taxi home. 

This behaviour by the bouncer was completely unacceptable and unprofessional. One would have to ask what a homophobic thug is doing on the door in Oxford St? In the past The Oxford has been extremely friendly to the LGBT community. David and I met there nearly four years ago. 

The bouncer also said that the pub was "under new management". What that has to do with anything I don't know, unless he was hinting that The Oxford Hotel is no longer going to extent the same friendship to the LGBT as it has in the past? We certainly won't be going there again and will be telling everyone we know of our experience on Sat. It's a small community and word gets around.

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