Friday, 29 July 2016

The banning from The Oxford Hotel!

Coaster from the very gay friendly Midnight Shift

Our new default pub is now the Midnight Shift. The staff there are lovely. The redesign is brilliant, and it's $4 beers all day. Must be the longest happy hour in Sydney. What's more the bouncers are not the gestapo thought police.

Last night David took me out with his tax return money (I'm still waiting on mine) and we had a very pleasant time there. During which David went for a walk to see if there was any dancing happening - I can't dance myself and generally end up as the table guard keeperer. 

There wasn't much happening was the report, but he also reported that he went into The Oxford to see what would happen. Strangely there were no bouncers on the door despite the hour (has the pub sacked them?) so he walked straight in. To one of the particularly nasty power mad bar persons there who pointed at him and yelled "out!"


If I'd have been there I'd likely have given him a Hitler salute and said "Zig Heil!". What a nut. 

Seriously though, the pub owes David and I a groveling apology, yet they respond by banning him (and I guess me too but I couldn't be bothered to find out to be honest). Since sending the complaint the other day they haven't even bothered to reply, which is disgusting behaviour in itself. But to be called a fag by one of their bouncers is just unforgivable.

I don't see how the Oxford is going to last long term. I remember when it was standing room in the main bar only, but now hardly anyone goes there. The word is out around the place that the new management has turn it into a straight bar, illogical in the heart of gay Sydney. And now they've had that homophobic thug at the door. Not exactly welcoming. The beers are over $6 too after they did those ghastly renovations with wallpaper that looks like it's from a demented artist from the '60's. The food is restaurant priced as well. The management there just doesn't seem to have any idea. Most of the locals that drank there are now down at The Shift.

I've also sent off the complaint to Alex Greenwich, the gay independent NSW MP citing the broader issue of over policing on Oxford St in general. Cripes, how dangerous can a bunch of poofs be? The most we might do is throw a Molotov glitter bomb.