Thursday, 14 July 2016

Church's should pay reparations to the LGBT - "Essence of thought"

It sounds radical. It sounds sort of out there for churches to pay tax. But why in the fuck shouldn't christian churches make some sort of reparations to the LGBT community for the centuries of hate and demonisation? 

Honestly, at least get them to admit many of their wacko priests are paedophiles without having to drag them into a bloody Royal Commission where they deny it all anyway and claim innocence?

Homosexuality is part of nature. However for the last 2,000 years christianity (by biblical interpretation I might add) has declared it as unnatural and evil. All because of the myth of the invisible sky man that apparently doesn't like natural people. 

The struggle for gay equality I would suggest is nothing more than the continuation of The Enlightenment. It's still going on. When Rome fell the church took over, giving us nearly 2,000 years of mumbo jumbo hell. Science and logic bought us out of that. Let such things continue, as humanity goes past religion to basic facts.