Friday, 15 July 2016

Labor is on fire! - shadow jobs bloke goes bananas (video)

Yes folks, the Lieberal carcass gov, Team Turnbull, I would suggest is in it's death throws before it's even sworn in.

This interview with the shadow employment minister is a sight to beyond. He's fired up, intelligent, and even the reporters sound excited. Indeed Labor has stayed in election mode. 

They smell political blood. A paralysed and incompetent gov has just gotten over the line, a leader bullied by far right extremism entirely unpopular to Australian voters, likely an election will be forced long long before a three year term has passed.

The knife is put in. The sword. And twisted for pain and damage. He's actually right down the line with my own thinking. Amazing. I abandoned Labor some time ago as the Greens have a much better social policy. This from Labor now is a great surprise to me, and a pleasing one.

It appears Labor is now addressing the modern problems that workers and the poor face, and in doing so are moving back to their roots.

It's that fuckin asylum thing that turns me off is all. I can't vote for a party that does that to refugees in any sort of good conscience. It's not me and I never want it to be.