Saturday, 30 July 2016

Greg Sheridan rips Turnbull gov a new asshole - The Rudd Affair

Greg Sheridan
Not that I make a habit of reading Greg Sheridan in The Australian newspaper, but this is certainly the most scathing piece he written about the Lieberals I've ever seen. More so as he's usually at the head of the Lieberal media cheer squad, with The Australian one of Murdoch's flagship bugles.

He actually does a very good job of ripping the entire Turnbull gov to pieces. One of the few times I actually agree with the man. The gov is paralysed. All of them are still shell shocked by the election. The last seat of Herbert after the recount shows Labor with it's nose in front by 35 votes with preferences to come, meaning the Lieberals would have a majority of only 1 at 76 seats. So much for the double dissolution eh Turnbull?
The Liberals under Malcolm Turnbull now resemble Labor at its worst in the Rudd-Gillard years — ill-disciplined, rancorous, incapable of producing or sticking to good process, making the wrong decisions for the wrong reasons, essentially paralysed. 

The bizarre decision by Turnbull to refuse to nominate Kevin Rudd for the position of secretary-general of the UN, and the appalling process that surrounded the decision, speaks entirely to the weakness and instability of his position within his own party. 

The first week and a half of the new Turnbull government has been a deeply unedifying spectacle of the complete breakdown of cabinet discipline. Minister after minister, from Scott Morrison to Arthur Sino­dinos, have publicly canvassed their views on the Rudd issue in advance of a matter scheduled to be discussed by cabinet within a few days. 

That even Sinodinos, the Cabinet Secretary, for goodness sake, engaged in this public airing of internal cabinet matters — including a truly unfathomable state­ment that Rudd as secretary-general would “seek to over­shadow the Australian govern­ment” — is testament to a chaotic government of all against all. The Australian
 I think the key word is paralysed.