Sunday, 10 July 2016

Man threatens BLM protestors with gun - US (video)

Extraordinary video of a man who pulled out a loaded gun at a Black Lives Matter protest in the US. He was loaded up with ammunition and a live round was in the chamber. He has since been jailed and faces 40 years jail over it.

He's a Trump supporter.
At his arraignment today at the Multnomah County Courthouse in downtown Portland Strickland was hit with two felony counts of “unlawful use of a weapon,” as well as misdemeanor charges of menacing and disorderly conduct. 

The hearing took place on the same block where Strickland pulled a Glock 27, swept the gun at the crowd while yelling “Get the hell back!” He subsequently outfitted the gun with a large capacity magazine. 

At the scene, Strickland said he was only armed in self-defense. But the Multnomah County District Attorney revealed in court that Strickland had six magazines of ammunition on him. 

In videos of the incident, Strickland also appears to be far out of the range of any protesters when he menaced them with his gun. Some protesters can be seen facing Strickland with their hands up and urging him to put the gun away and to leave. Raw Story