Saturday, 23 September 2017

Jim Parsons (Big Bang Theory) relates love and marriage (video)

He and his partner have been together for 15 years and have recently married. Parson's speaks of what it's like falling in love and what marriage means to him and his partner as a gay couple.

This is of course what we're fighting for in Australia.


Tough week

This time last Saturday I was being carted off to Emergency in agony, the pain on the left side of my stomach and shooting up to my shoulder was unbearable. I gave it a ten out of ten on the pain scale. 

I was home later that night as they'd settled the pain with some super stomach medicine and they gave me an outside prescription so I could take more stuff at home for it. In hindsight I probably should have stayed in overnight as they gave that option, but I just hate being in hospital.

Anyway the pain is still there now in my stomach but much less. Panadole helps it a lot. I tried taking the pills prescribed from the hospital but for some reason they kept me awake and almost speeding, and the symptoms I experienced on the Maraviroc came back; weak and sore muscles, couldn't walk any distance without being out of breath and so weak I'd have to sit down for a bit. Ended up stopping the tablets and it was like coming down FFS. The next day I slept 16 hours straight, just couldn't wake up.

Am due to see my HIV GP anyway so will discuss all this with him. He wants a blood test to see how the switch to the new HIV meds is going. 

Friday, 22 September 2017

"You need a bullet in the head" - YouTube comments "Australian Conservatives"

The last comment even shocked me. This is on the YouTube channel of "Australian Conservatives", the fringe party started by Cory Bernardi after he left the Lieberals saying they weren't conservative enough.

I posted most of this the other day, but the last comment has just popped up.

These are the sort of people who support Bernardi and the sort of hate Bernardi is stirring up by his constant rhetoric against the LGBT. 

Thursday, 21 September 2017

From country Australia, vote Yes (video)

In the lastest couple of videos from Australian Marriage Equality comes this one. Again, another personal story. This is about a gay guy who grew up in country Australia where him and his family remains. The family all supportive of him, asking why one son could get married a year earlier but the other one can't. Simply because he's gay.

Vote yes so he can be married like his brother.


US based "push polling" enters Australia against marriage equality

"Push polling" is polling that seeks to impose information onto the person being polled, rather than getting information from them about how they'll vote.

This push polling has surfaced in the media here after a Liberal MP in favour of marriage equality was robo called by it. What's more it has no authorisation as to who was responsible for it or who funded it, which is now illegal after the gov tried to patch up the postal survey's massive flaws.

The robocall, unbelievably, was from a US based organisation that was involved in Ted Cruz's US presidential campaign.
A Liberal MP, phoned by a robo-call claiming that same-sex marriage will lead to “radical gay sex education”, has labelled it push polling designed to “mislead and deceive” the Australian public. 

The robo-poll from WPA Intelligence, a Republican-aligned research company in the United States, first appeared on Tuesday last week and is now the subject of a complaint by the Equality Campaign because it does not say who authorised it. 

 The call asks a series of neutral questions before re-testing support for same-sex marriage after the proposition it “may lead to negative consequences such as radical gay sex education being taught in school, threats to freedom of speech and freedom of religion”. 

The Liberal MP, a supporter of same-sex marriage, said he received the call, which he described as a “push poll” because it “made ridiculous allegations that a change in the Marriage Act would lead to radical gay sex education”. 

 “It was clearly an effort to mislead and deceive the public,” he said. “It had no authorisation and didn’t disclose who was funding it ... I don’t think anyone would be surprised to see these deceptive phone calls aligning very closely to many of the no campaign messages.” The Guardian   

Vote Yes so these three couples can marry (video)

As always it's the personal stories that change minds and enlighten the issue. These are three LGBT couples telling their personal stories of why they want to be married.

These are people who aren't out to destroy society or the religious freedoms of fellow Australians, They don't have an agenda of "political correctness" or to reduce freedom of speech. They just want to get married.

To deny these people marriage would be cruel in the extreme. Please vote Yes so they can marry.


Wednesday, 20 September 2017

How to survive the postal survey - Anthony Venn Brown (video)

Anthony Venn Brown is well known in Sydney's gay community. He was a Pentecostal preacher with the Assemblies of God but ended up not being able to hide his sexuality. He came out to the church and was summarily booted from it. The book he wrote all about it is called "A life of unlearning".

Here he gives tips on how to keep yout head above water in this whole postal survey bullshit.


Roger Corbett's cringeworthy interview against LGBT marriage (video)

Corbett is the former manager of Woolworths in Australia and is promoting the No vote in the postal survey. This interview was on the ABC's 7:30 report which goes nationwide across the country.

It has been generally described as "embarrassing".

But what would you expect? The No case has no logical argument against David and I marrying. When they do try to muster together something akin to an argument they end up looking completely stupid. As in this case.

His notion that marriage is only for straights and that gays should have their union called something else but with the same legal standing is bullshit. That's not equality.

I also noticed he said he was scared. Of what? Same old irrational fear of gays = homophobia. 

All in all his arguments are nonsensical and built out of his fear of us. No wonder people say the interview in embarrassing  😄


Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Shelton supporter calls LGBT "a disease" (snipped comments)


*Update: I received one last message after politely saying goodbye to the phobe, of which I've posted the last bit of exchange below:

This an example of some of the online abuse being directed at us because of Turnbull's postal survey.

In an ABC interview with Lyle Shelton posted on YouTube (Shelton hung himself badly in it BTW it's worth a watch) I got in a discussion with a guy who was posting about the video in the comments supporting Shelton. I've posted much of it below in the snip. Note the not so subtle reference to my HIV.

So these are the sort of people who support Lyle Shelton; people who call the LGBT a "disease".

Thanks Turnbull. 

 Oh I just noticed another YouTube notification. This was a short comment I made on a Cory Bernardi interview. Note the responses from the No side. They have no argument, just nasty personal abuse.


Gov MP says "No" isn't looking down on gay relationships - Q&A (video)

And he had to audacity to say that to a gay couple in the audience. 

He also says that voting No doesn't mean you're a homophobe.

The very definition of homophobe is "a person who fears or hates homosexuals and homosexuality" The simple fact that a straight person doesn't want gays to have the same rights as them shows they're fearful of us doing so. That's why they keep banging on about "the consequences" argument to play on the fears of people in the electorate that if LGBT people get married that children will be corrupted by gayness, and that because gays are accepted in marriage then they'll be more accepted in other parts of society. Oh the humanity! That would mean society would pressure them to be more accepting as well. The stuff of homophobic nightmares folks! 

The truth is they do look down on our relationships. They don't want ours to be equal to theirs. For MP Sukkar to say he doesn't when he doesn't want our relationships equal to his in law is nonsensical and an outright lie. Not that a politician has ever been known to lie before 😁

BTW, I thank Turnbull for more of this drivel coming out of the No side.


Monday, 18 September 2017

Yes vote "on the wrong side of history" - Bernardi at "No" campaign launch (video)

It's OK to be bigots apparently
The No slogan is "It's OK to vote no", and it's really creeping seeing a whole crowd of people salving their conscience at being bigots with that slogan. As I posted the other day by Angry Aussie, bigotry is the only reason to vote no. But call out bigots and they deny it, hence the slogan I guess.

But the most bizarre part of the video is Bernardi shouting that the Yes vote is "on the wrong side of history". What planet is he on? Does he think if an unreliable survey such as this produces a No vote that we're just going to go away? Labor has already said it will introduce a bill for marriage equality in it's first 100 days if they win power, no matter what the survey says.

Sick to death of these hysterical voices claiming the sky will fall if David and I marry. Surely these extremists have held sway for far to long in Australia. They've stood in the way of LGBT people every step of the way with lies and prejudice. There must at some point when a watershed moment comes and Australians say they've had enough of these raving lunatics. A big yes vote would really stick it to them.


David and I's postal survey has arrived -Oh joy :s

So this is it. This is where it's come to. Our human rights to be decided by Australia Post, with every nutcase in the country being able to "have their say" in David and I's relationship. Only this gov could dream up something so vile and cruel.

As I've said we've both decided to vote, even though it's a complete insult, if nothing else but to stick it to the gov with a big yes vote.

I scanned it for posterity. The time when LGBT human rights were put to a vote, not by parliament but by the general population. Turnbull and this gov will forever own the vile hatred that this has unleashed in the community against us.

BTW if anyone is interested, as I worked in mailing for years, there's an identifying code on the left of the voting form. Just underneath the bottom fold. I blotted most of it out (as well as erasing the identifying bar codes) but at the very end of that code is the count number from the laser machines running the job. My one is over the 1 million mark in the 16 million run. 


Sunday, 17 September 2017

Another traumatised trip to Emergency

So yesterday the pain in my stomach came back and there was no choice but to ring another ambulance. Have never experienced such intense pain as that. Worse than broken ribs and worse than my back tooth needing a root canal. It was like being stabbed in the stomach every time I moved and breathing I had to do very shallow as taking in more air was agonising. Because of where the pain was in my stomach meant it was connected to my shoulder nerves, and it felt like someone was drilling into my shoulder as well. Ambulance had to take me in on the stretcher as I could barely walk.

Anyway after much prodding, blood and urine tests, a chest x-ray and the usual interrogation of my medical past, they tried some super duper anti-acid liquid. It numbed my throat on the way down I guess doing the same in my stomach and intestines. Doctors said it was Gastritis; an inflammation of the stomach lining'

So now I have yet another pill for that, that can be taken up to three times a day. Stomach down to the bottom of my tummy is still very sore and tender today, I'm exhausted and weak standing up can only stand for a minute or so and have to sit or lie down again. Makes even going to the toilet a challenge. Talk about a hellish time. 

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Agonising pain today

Have had a bit of a pain in my left side for a couple of days. A bit uncomfortable but not that bad. However I woke up this morning and the pain was excruciating. I could barely move. At various points it was so intense I was having trouble breathing though it. Went from my left shoulder down past the left side of my belly button.

David rang an ambulance after a bit as it was so bad. However in the time it took from ringing it the pain dropped off considerably. The last thing I wanted was another stint in Emergency. I rang and cancelled the ambulance explaining the improvement. The lady was really nice and said if I had problems later on to not hesitate to ring again.

So I've been a bit shell shocked today. The pain is still there but appears to be reducing. Nothing like it was. Have never felt pain like that before. Of course David has ordered me to go to hospital if the pain comes back like it was. 

The anti-gay marriage adds just got worse (latest video)

Posted on YouTube just 6hours ago, this add is the latest in the Australian Christian Lobby's efforts to stop David and I being married. Unbelievably they use the lying woman from the first add in the whole thing.

Lyle isn't just evil, he fucking stupid. To think that he used to be political advisor to Barnaby Joyce beggars belief. To think Barnaby Joyce is now our deputy PM and currently in charge of the country even more beggars belief.

The add is ridiculous. I think it's even worse than the first clusterfuck add. Here Lyle backs up his notion that parents can change their offspring's gender identity, just like they can apparently change their sexuality. 

As if anyone can change somebody's gender identity. A school program certainly can't. A parent certainly can't. The child certainly can't. They are who they are, and to try and change who they are is nothing short of child abuse and psychological torture.

This add is disgraceful. Obscene. Vile and LGBT-phobic. Protect your kids from their sexuality? FFS!

Why does this Australian Christian Lobby with only 11 full time employees able to have such an unrepresentative and hateful influence in Australia? Is it because Lyle Shelton used to be a political advisor to Barnaby Joyce?