Monday, 25 June 2018

Trump doesn't want refugees to "infest" the US vs Darth Dutton (video)

Australia's Darth Dutton (real picture BTW, not altered)
Accurate comparison of Dutton's mental capacity

Are Trump and Australia's Darth Dutton setting about to outdo each other? With the vile rhetoric coming from both of them this last week you'd think so.

The week saw our Darth Dutton warning us not to have compassion for refugees he's locked up offshore in jails for the audacity to flee persecution by boat. This is despite them suiciding and dying in his jails. Professing himself to be Christian, he's using them as a supposed deterrent to (allegedly) stop more people coming here on a boat. 

"It's essential that people realise that the hard-won success of the last few years could be undone overnight by a single act of compassion in bringing 20 people from Manus to Australia.

 "The boats are there, we are scuttling boats, we are returning people and we are turning around boats where it is safe to do so. The boats haven't gone away and if there is a success defined by an arrival of a boat in Australia then the word will spread like wildfire." SBS
Using this logic, he's even been refusing a dying lung cancer refugee to be flown to Australia to die relatively better in palliative care and pain control. He finally capitulated after outrage from sane Australians and a petition of tens of thousands of signatures, including medical representatives and groups.

The same week we've had Trump banging on like a lunatic over there about evil refugees fleeing for their lives across the US border. Calling refugees "illegal" is not a thing (we've had all that rhetoric here in Australia). Seeking asylum isn't illegal, nor is fleeing for one's life. So Trump or Dutton using the phrase "illegal asylum seekers" or "illegal immigrants" would just bring a groan of disgust from most sane Australians now, so long have they attempted to ram that lie down our throats.

But what made my jaw drop was one tweet from Trump where he described refugees/"illegal immigrants" as infesting the US. This is wrong on so many levels that I'm wondering how long it will be now before Darth Dutton starts using the same language? He's probably pissed off he didn't use it first.

Watch George Takei's comparison between the US Japanese descendant interment camps set up in WW2 (of which his family was locked up in) to what Trump is doing now in the US.

I've become a grand dad :) *faints*

*click to enlarge
My daughter and husband's first child was born on Sunday. By cesarean due to 2 days of labor and worries about this and that. But both are fine now. Minimum 3 days in hospital after a cesarean before they both go home. I think the top picture with all three of them looks the best of all she emailed. Proud parents with firstborn.

Not to mention that I've now become a grandfather, with David becoming a step grandfather. He was aghast at the very thought at first but is really getting used to the idea now.

Granddaughter looks very angelic, probably because she didn't go through the birth canal and get the head squashed thing (takes babies time for their heads to regain normal shape after a natural birth). Until she reaches those dreaded teenage years of course. The proverbial parental nightmare :)

She was a very big baby at just over 4 kilos (nearly 9 pounds); a real belly full of arms and legs. Cripes no wonder there was difficulty with birthing her naturally! 

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Seeing gays refused service at shop - "What would you do?" (video)

It's interesting to see what would actually happen with bystanders present, if a gay couple were refused service at a shop because they're gay. This is a video from the US but it's certainly relevant to the "religious freedom" debate in Australia after the passing of marriage equality here.

Believe it or not, amendments were put up for debate in parliament (getting voted down) for just this sort of thing happening in the video to happen here in Australia. The Paterson alternative bill put up as a possible replacement to the bill that passed, was so bad that it allowed even a taxi driver to refuse to take you to or from a gay wedding.

As far as I know the findings of the gov's inquiry into religious freedom in Australia still haven't been released to the public.

Trump cartoon from 1941? - history repeats.....

An amazingly accurate depiction of present day US under Trump, even down to the slogan "America first". My how history repeats itself. Found on Facebook.

Saturday, 23 June 2018

Trump may be coming to Australia - Argh! (video)

Yes fellow Australians. Just when we thought Trump had built his tariff wall locking the gate behind him, and we thought we were safe from his sniveling demented dribble, we have had our sensibilities attacked yet again by this pathetic excuse for a human being. It is with grave concern for our mental well being that I say that Trump may well be planning a trip to Australia. It may well be time to run for the hills.....

Just the thought of this vile being even stepping foot on Australian soil makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. But to think that he'd be given air time on Australian TV for little more than an ego massage of his is just beyond the pale. Also the sight of Turbull/"Trumbles" sucking right up his ass with all smiles at every press opportunity borders on insanity.

It will be a very dark day indeed for Australia if this visit does go ahead.

Friday, 22 June 2018

Cat city :)

*click to enlarge
Sometimes walking through the lounge room requires some navigation.

NSW has strengthened it's anti-vilification laws protecting minorities

This would likely be illegal under NSW's new laws
New South Wales has significantly strengthened anti-vilification laws here, and they now cover all LGBT people. Including those of us with HIV. Some of the hatred directed at us during last year's postal survey would now be illegal in NSW.

There's also a push to remove the right of religion to discriminate against gay people.

The new legislation will create a new offence in the Crimes Act of publicly threatening or inciting violence against people on the grounds of race, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, sex characteristics or HIV/AIDS status, including a maximum penalty of three years imprisonment and a fine of $11,000.

 This means that any form of communication or conduct observable by the public, as well as the distribution or dissemination of any matter, will become illegal if it vilifies those groups.

 NSW GLRL [NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby] said they are encouraged by the new reforms and congratulated the Attorney General on progressing the work.

 The group called it a welcomed step in the right direction for many communities in New South Wales, and noted that the legislation will now provide protection for bisexual people and people with intersex variations, bringing the state into line with the Commonwealth and other states and territories.

 However, they said that exemptions relating to discriminatory acts that are permitted or necessitated by legislation still remain in the state’s anti-discrimination laws.

 “NSW GLRL believes that the groundswell of support is moving in the direction of removing the last bastion of remaining discriminations against LGBTI Australians in New South Wales,” said Foy.

“We also note the hurtful, vitriolic debate regarding the survey on changes to the Marriage Act (Cth), the contributions of some religious bodies to the No debate, and the negative impact that this debate had on LGBTI Australians living in New South Wales.

 “NSW GLRL support the proposal to hold all people, including religious bodies, more accountable for their actions and the effect that their actions have on LGBTI people living in New South Wales. Star Observer   

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Scott Lively eviscerated by Colbert - running for election (video)

Yes folks, believe it or not, Scott Lively is running for office in the US midterms. The same Scott Lively that is well known by human rights organisations as an extremist against gays, asserting that the Nazis were controlled by "militaristic" homosexuals. 

He is also well known for his inspiring of the current anti-gay laws in Uganda which gays face a 14 year jail term for being who they are. The first draft of that bill included the death penalty for "serial offenders" but didn't make it into the final law. Of course Lively denied any responsibility for this.

Shortly after Mr Lively’s visit, Ugandan MP David Bahati introduced the first draft of the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill, which included the death penalty for “serial offenders”. Mr Bahati is a member of The Family, a secretive evangelical group based in Washington DC, whose ranks include current and former US lawmakers, and which also has a close relationship with President Museveni. The Independent
But he does take credit for the anti-gay Russian "propaganda" law against any gay visibility in public.

Now that he's actually running for office in the US mid terms, Steven Colbert rips him a new asshole :)

Finally got a date cataract surgery - 1yr on NSW waiting list!

New South Wales has the longest waiting times in Australia, according to the opposition Labor party here, particularly for cataract surgery.. It seems the NSW Liberal gov is too interested in tearing down stadiums and rebuilding them for the hell of it and bashing themselves up in cafes, to worry about hospital waiting lists. 

And of course Turnbull's tax cuts for the wealthy passed the senate today, thanks to the Xenophon asshole turncoats and ("working man's" representative) Pauline Hanson and her one person no notion party, caving in and voting with the gov. $140 billion worth of tax cuts over the next seven years, the great bulk of it going to the very wealthy who earn over $200,000 a year. Further starving our hospitals of funds. I only hope Labor can take the coming election and reverse the insanity. 

I went on a waiting list last year in August 23rd. Lately I've rung admissions asking about it 3 times in as many months. Finally yesterday I rang and was given a date, August 14th of this year. Pretty much a full year waiting. I've got a feeling she booked me in then as she said she'd send a letter telling me bla. One year is the maximum time the hospital allows people to be on a waiting list, so I barely made it.

Meanwhile it's been quite an experience going completely blind in my left eye on a waiting list. Even when they did the test to measure the eye I had to go to three different places to get it done as the cataract was so dense they couldn't get a proper measurement. In the end it was a private clinic in the private part of the hospital who were successful, who BTW didn't charge me anything either.

Things like just getting around in a shopping centre I'v had to be aware that there might be someone standing/walking to my left that I couldn't see. So I've had to turn my whole head around before walking in that direction. Or getting on a bus, I've made sure I get in to the left so there'll be no one there that I'd bump into (which happened a couple of times to my embarrassment). One time getting off a bus I nearly got cleaned up by two cyclists going along the footpath who I just didn't see to my left. I've had to turn my old faithful cat clawed lounge chair to the left a bit so I can focus my right eye on the screen through my glasses.

Having no depth perception is another one. Enormously frustrating at times. It's hard to judge just where things are in space. Putting things on a shelf in the kitchen it's easy to end up with them dropping on the floor. Or knocking a drink over (which I did at a pub once) because I didn't judge right where the glass was. Crossing the road at night is bad too as it's hard to judge how far away the car lights are.

Needless to say even looking at this PC screen and reading articles. I've had to use the zoom function to read things properly without being only centremetres from the screen.

But hopefully all will go well and this will soon be over. Will have to get new glasses after the surgery as the eye's focus will be different.   

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Catholic church not above Australian law - victims of Catholic paedophile abuse (video)

And all the time blaming the gays....

With South Australian archbishop Philip Wilson being found guilty of covering up child sex abuse crimes, he has since stepped down from the position but has not resigned, awaiting the sentencing verdict on June 3rd in New South Wales where is crimes were committed. His defence is arguing that the poor dear won't go so well in jail because bla.

Contrary to this though are two sisters who were abused by another priest and who initiated the whole dominoes into Wilson eventually being convicted. They want the guy to do jail. Involved in this is the recognition that by the state finding Wilson guilty and to soon sentence him, that the Catholic church's days of being above Australian law are over.

ANTHEA Halpin and Denise Laverie are sisters whose complaint to police about being sexually abused by one of Australia’s most notorious Catholic priests, their uncle Denis McAlinden, started a process that led to Archbishop Philip Wilson’s conviction for concealing another priest’s crimes.

They stood on the steps of Newcastle Courthouse on Tuesday and sent a message to Australian bishops who continue to argue priests should be exempted from reporting child sex allegations disclosed during confession.

 “That really upsets me, that anyone could place anything above protecting children, after all we know about what the church has done,” said Mrs Laverie.

 “That has to change. And if the Catholic Church won’t do it then governments have to. The community demands it.”

 Mrs Halpin, who recently revealed her part in Wilson’s conviction, said she was disgusted to read of cases where priests had committed crimes, been absolved by priests and had gone on to commit crimes against more children.

 In an opinion piece on the weekend Chrissie Foster, whose two daughters were sexually abused by a priest, highlighted the case of Queensland priest Michael McArdle. In a sworn statement in 2003 he said he confessed to sexually assaulting children 1500 times to 30 different priests over a 25-year period.

 Mrs Halpin said the case was shocking, but it was even more shocking to think of the number of priests who might have used the “sanctity” of the confessional to hide their crimes.

 “If priests know about children being sexually abused that seal of the confessional should be broken, or the crimes continue. The rest of society seems to understand that. I don’t understand why the church seems to think it’s entitled to be treated differently, and I don’t accept it. It’s pretty clear a lot of Australians don’t accept it,” Mrs Halpin said.

 “They place their own rule above protecting children. Politicians should be making sure that doesn’t continue.”


Mrs Halpin and Mrs Laverie said they will be in court on July 3 when Newcastle magistrate Robert Stone sentences Wilson.

 “We’ve waited a long time for this day. I’m happy he’s been found guilty. It means a lot. It recognises they’re not above the law,” Mrs Laverie said. The Herald

2008 LGBT protest against Catholic world youth day, Sydney.... Emma Foster (my pic BTW)

It's OK to be sad and not doing well - it's part of being human (video)

Long times readers here will know that this is something I've taken on from the very start of this blog. This is me venting, crying, unhappy or happy, warts and all (not talking anal warts there BTW). People have been surprised over the years at how direct I am. Well that's me as an Australian/Kiwi, we're direct people. No beating about the bush, just straight to the point. 

I think it's why some northern hemisphere-ians find us a bit much to take online. If we think something is BS we'll just come out and say so; "That's fuckin bullshit!". Or if we think the US president is a fuckwit, we'll also say so: "Trump is a complete fuckwit of even a buffoon!".

But yet we still, if someone asks us through the day, how are you? the automatic response in daily life is I'm good or some such thing. I think it's a social norm to say so in general conversation. For me though when I'm at home or with a friend, I'll be honest about how I'm feeling. David is the same. Either of us might get up from bed saying bad dreams, woke up depressed, bla.

I've learned in dealing with severe depression, post traumatic stress and suicidal ideation lasting years, that you simply have to be honest about how you feel. On a daily basis, even if it's just with yourself if there's no one to speak to immediately about it. And to feel not the slightest guilt or remorse for the way you feel, recognising that feelings and emotions are all just a part of being human. It's just as human to feel sadness, grief, loneliness, as it is to feel happiness, elation, and companionship. There's nothing good or bad, right or wrong, about any of those. They're simply human feelings.

Yet we have this societal pressure on us to succeed. In western capitalism that's often about being successful financially or with your profession. But what about success in other ways? Like with love, or contribution to society unrecognised by capitalism? There's so much pressure to perform in the capitalist world that when failure inevitably happens we tend to say "I'm good", even to our closest friends and family, when inside we could be planning our suicide. 

We need to get past the shallow world view we often have of success. As far as I go on the regular success scales I'd be a complete failure. My working career (if you could even call it that) has ended prematurely, I've fallen into a number of permanent illness's, and at 56 I'm a bankrupt pensioner getting by on a pittance. 

Yes that can be depressing, and of course I've got help and medical treatment for that. Personally though I don't look at success in the way a lot of society does. I actually don't mind being poor as long as it's do-able. I consider success in other ways; like surviving the illness's and adversity that life throws. Like finding love twice in one lifetime when many others don't even find once, despite their apparent "success". Like being able to contribute to society in a way that doesn't register on the main stream scale of "success". 

Like feeling OK with feeling terrible.... to me that's success..... 

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

NSW Liberal party violent brawl, Sydney (video of the brawl itself) - "I thought he was going to die"

By stranders filming had their phones smashed

Violence erupted at a New South Wales state Liberal party meeting last night in Arncliffe, Sydney. The meeting was organised at a cafe owned by a Liberal party member in the middle of Arncliffe's busy shopping centre and across the road from Arncliffe train station. 

However before the meeting even got started there was a big punchup between rivaling factions. One man was taken to hospital after being punched and kicked, and even a police officer was assaulted before the man ran off around a corner. An elderly lady innocently entering the cafe was pushed to the ground, and bystanders trying to film the incident had their phones smashed.

There's been no arrests yet but police are appealing to the public for images or footage they may have taken, being that it was in such a busy area. 

Welcome to Malcolm Turnbull's Liberal party, 2018:

One witness, who did not want to be identified, described the situation as an attempted "hostile takeover" of the branch.

 "Just before the meeting started, there was an altercation where some people were intimidating and swearing and pushing and shoving of the others who belonged to the meeting," he said.

 "Others outside were blocked from entering the meeting."

 The man said an elderly lady inside the cafe was "trampled on", and a man who tried to intervene was "ganged up on".

"They started bashing him … they took him outside and started kicking him.
"To be honest I thought he was going to die." 
The man also said some people tried to film the incident, but their phones were taken and smashed.

Police are yet to determine how many people were involved in the incident and are appealing for anyone with vision of the incident to come forward. ABC (video below  of witness)

Monday, 18 June 2018

56 RWNJ's arrested when protesting gay pride march - Ukrainne (amazing drone video)

Those eastern Europe countries are known for how anti-gay they are, but in this case the police had no time for a group of far right extremists who'd gathered in an attempt to block the gay pride parade being held in Kiev.

The drone footage below is to be seen to be believed. The nutters had no chance.

After all the arrests, hundreds attended the pride march without incident.

Rainbow pride flags will be at England's 1st world cup game

The Three Lions Pride flag from England

The English world cup team has been granted the rights to display it's pride flag within the Russian stadiums for the world cup, and it's doing so in it's June 8th vs Tunisian game. The pride flag of England's team has been designed for the world cup as part of showing LGBT inclusiveness in the sport. It will be waved by a Di Cunningham, who is organiser of the English LGBT group Three Lions Pride. An LGBT group of football fans. There will also be three other LGBT footy fans there also with flags to wave. They have the full support of the relevant authorities.

All well and good, but it doesn't take away from why the fuck did FIFA decide to have the world cup hosted by one of the most deeply homophobic countries on earth? I dunno if it's changed since Sochi, but back then over 80% of Russians thought gays were mentally ill and needing treatment. 

From my understanding Russian law doesn't technically make same sex marriage illegal, but it is against the law to show any display of being gay in public, being the "propaganda" law; no kissing, no holding hands, I guess not wearing anything that looks like the rainbow flag, etc. Rainbow flags have only been allowed in the confines of world cup stadiums. Which I suppose the waving of won't be broadcast on Russian TV so as not to break the gay "propaganda" law.

Guess where the next world cup will be held? Qatar FFS, where being gay is illegal :s 

But an FA spokesperson made it clear that the organisation was in support of LGBT visibility from England fans in the Russian stands.

 “We have been building links with LGBT+ fan groups by using England home games as a focal point,” they said. “We continue to support their good work, and back their use of a Three Lions rainbow crest at the England games at the FIFA 2018 World Cup.”

 Cunningham said that the flags would also make it clear how they felt about FIFA’s decision to hold the most important tournament in world football in a country which has seen anti-LGBT hate crimes double since the introduction of a law banning gay “propaganda”.

 The 2013 legislation, which prohibits “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relationships” towards minors, has been condemned by the European Court of Human Rights.

“How can you disenfranchise this set of supporters by siting this prestigious tournament in a country that is hostile to the LGBT community?” she asked.

 The next 2022 World Cup is set to be held in Qatar, where homosexuality is illegal.

 LGBT activist group Pride in Football revealed before the competition that it had been sent death threats saying that any gay fans going to the World Cup would be hunted down and stabbed.

 And a gay France fan was hospitalised before the tournament kicked off, with the victim, named as O. Davrius, suffering a brain contusion and open craniocerebral injury, as well as an upper jaw fracture, after a brutal beating in St Petersburg.

 Despite the dangers, however, she praised Agapov for waving a rainbow flag during Russia v Saudi Arabia.

 “It’s an amazing image,” said Cunningham. “Here is a Russian man holding a rainbow flag and not being penalised, among other Russian fans and stewards. Agapov really tested the RFU.

 “So, it seems to be the case that it’s safe in stadiums, but LGBT fans don’t live in stadiums. They have to get to and from stadiums. They have to eat, take public transport, and travel in cabs like the French guy who was attacked.”

 Cunningham said that her plan to take a brave stand for LGBT rights aside, “tiny numbers” of LGBT England fans had felt safe enough to travel to Russia.

 “I could find you hundreds of supporters who said they didn’t want to go,” she added.

 “They were really nervous, massively so. That’s been terribly vindicated by the attack on that French guy.” Pink News

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Rainbow flag at Russian held soccer world cup :)

After reports of a gay world cup fan being beaten and suffering brain injury, and dire travel warnings being issued to western gays attending events, it didn't bode well for world cup events. However, I guess for the sake of the world cup, Russian authorities have said that the rainbow flag will be allowed at the world cup games. This despite Russian law itself prohibiting the flying of the rainbow flag under it's gay "propaganda" legislation.

So taking advantage of this, the head of the Russian LGBT sports federation Alexander Agapov attended a game in Moscow waving the rainbow flag. Surprisingly it went OK, and nobody was arrested.

Alexander Agapov, the president of the Russian LGBT Sports Federation, held up the rainbow flag — a symbol of the gay rights movement — during Putin's speech at Luzhniki Stadium before Russia beat Saudi Arabia 5-0 on Thursday.

 "I believe you should practice what you preach and, if I'm telling LGBT football fans to be visible, then I should do it myself," Agapov told The Associated Press. "Each time the Russian team scored a goal I was waving the rainbow flag ... I was showing my support."

 Agapov said security staff had no problem with the flag but he did receive abuse from another spectator outside the stadium, who said "I don't want that kind of world."

 Agapov's federation holds sports events for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender athletes but he said he can't advertise them without hiring security because of the risk of attacks.

 Russian officials have said the rainbow flag would be allowed at World Cup venues, even though a 2013 law bans so-called "propaganda" of homosexuality to under-18s. In practice, it's been used to stifle debate or to prevent people from displaying symbols of gay identity in any public context where a child could conceivably see or hear. New York Times