Monday, 24 July 2017

Liberal party Doctor blames HIV on "man's love"

HIV doesn't discriminate, yet this appears to have escaped a doctor in Bendigo, who is also a recruiter for the Liberals.

Yet another connection between the party and extremist far right christianity.

In a wide-ranging speech that argued against abortion, dying with dignity and marriage equality, Dr Stratov also spoke about his experience treating patients with HIV, explaining lapsed moral judgment was to blame for the disease’s spread.

 “I studied a disease called HIV; thirty-five million people have died from that disease because they all decided they were going to make man’s love, not God’s love,” Dr Stratov, also a former Family First state election candidate, said.

 “Look at what’s happened to them.”

 Victorian AIDS Council chief executive officer Simon Ruth, whose organisation runs Bendigo-based HIV service VACountry, said the medic’s claim was symptomatic of the stigma faced by the LGBTI community and people living with HIV.

The blood-borne virus could affect anyone, Mr Ruth said.

 "Gay, straight, men, women, trans and gender diverse communities, and people of every race and religion – including 2.6 million children worldwide,” he said.

 “HIV does not discriminate and to have a registered medical practitioner assert otherwise is repugnant.” Bendigo Advertiser

Sunday, 23 July 2017

I got instagram spammed on twitter :s pissed off

Bloody hell! What a pain. I'm really pissed off.

So I clicked the link, silly me as I'm usually very cautious of doing that. But it just looked like a legit twitter notification. Well it was really, it was the link on the twitter message that did the damage. 

Suddenly all my twitter followers got the same message as me, like I'd written the message to them and sent it. People asking why I sent it in reply, or saying it my account was compromised. I made me feel really bad that I'd been so stupid. One person even said it crashed their PC. 

The link though didn't seem to go anywhere except to the main Instagram sign in page. WTF was the point of it all then? Just to piss off people? Why do idiots sit around dreaming up this bullshit? What do they even gain from it?

I'm not even on Instagram!

Friday, 21 July 2017

Amazing latest pictures from Mars (video)

*click to enlarge
Brilliant collage of latest pictures coming from Mars. I found the most startly ones were from the surface taken by the rover.

Half world HIV patients now on meds - first time

A milestone has been reached in the fight against HIV/AIDS, with now half of those infected with HIV across the world now taking medication to treat the virus. 

The flow on effects are obvious, with treatment stopping HIV spreading. However concerns remain over the ongoing ability of health care systems in some countries to keep up the funding for HIV treatments, particularly with Trump's US considering slashing UN contributions that fund the HIV health care.

As always cutting funding to HIV/AIDS programs is a false economy, with the cost of treating new infections down the track being much more expensive. HIV drugs are expensive, and you have to take them for life to survive. However they make it very hard for the HIV virus to be passed on. The whole idea of ending HIV is to get everyone on meds and massively reduce new infections. Even the bean counters should understand that. 
For the first time in the global AIDS epidemic that has spanned four decades and killed 35 million people, more than half of all those infected with HIV are on drugs to treat the virus, the United Nations said in a report released Thursday.

 AIDS deaths are also now close to half of what they were in 2005, according to the U.N. AIDS agency, although those figures are based on estimates and not actual counts from countries.

 Experts applauded the progress, but questioned if the billions spent in the past two decades should have brought more impressive results. The U.N. report was released in Paris where an AIDS meeting begins this weekend.

 “When you think about the money that’s been spent on AIDS, it could have been better,” said Sophie Harman, a senior lecturer in global health politics at Queen Mary University in London.

 She said more resources might have gone to strengthening health systems in poor countries.

 “The real test will come in five to 10 years once the funding goes down,” Harman said, warning that some countries might not be able to sustain the U.N.-funded AIDS programs on their own.

 The Trump administration has proposed a 31 percent cut in contributions to the U.N. starting in October. AP

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Low NBN speeds due to high charges from NBN to ISP's (video)

Continuing the infrastructure disaster that the Lieberals have turned the National Broadband Network into (to the detriment of their election chances) we now have reports that people transferring to the NBN after it's rolled out to their premises are finding no difference in speed as when they were on the simple ADSL.

What a Lieberal disaster. What a lemon.

We BTW in the middle of eastern Sydney are still on ADSL2+, with no sign of the NBN roll-out until late next year. The internet is getting slowly worse and worse here as Sydney residents sign up more and more for streaming pay TV. It constantly drops out and we have to reconnect by rebooting the modem/router thingo. Often this will happen in the middle of my posting here and I have to save the post to Word and reboot everything. That's how bad it is.

Yet the new whiz bang NBN sounds no better.


Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Lyle Shelton (ACL) was political advisor to Barnaby Joyce

It's been very obvious in recent times the links between the federal Lieberals and far right loony tunes christian groups. We've had Scott Morrison speaking at the Australian Christian Lobby conference last year in Sydney, along with Tony Abbott speaking at Alliance Defending Freedom in New York. Notably both organisations are vehemently ant-gay.

Well another link has emerged between the Lieberals and the Australian Christian Lobby extremists. Thanks to an announcement of the ACL leader Lyle Shelton in a country news outlet about an upcoming visit, it has come to light that Shelton spent time as a political advisor to our current deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce.

After a role as political advisor to Queensland senators Ron Boswell and Barnaby Joyce, Mr Shelton became the Chief of Staff at the Australian Christian Lobby for six years. He was appointed managing director in 2013.

 The dinner — to be held on Monday, July 24 — will cover a range of topics, including the controversial issue of marriage equality.

 Mr Shelton will chat about the implications of allowing marriage equality in other countries such as Canada and Sweden, and the potential consequences should it be allowed in Australia.

 Safe schools, freedom of speech and transgenderism will also be topics of discussion. SOUTHERN RIVERINA NEWS

Monday, 17 July 2017

George Takei - YouTube statement on Chechnia gay genocide

Civilised people can surely not stand by as the Chechnia gov proceeds with genocide against a minority. In this case it's gays. In the past it's been Jews (along with gays mind you). 

Once they go after one minority, which one is next?

Latest HD pictures from Pluto - New Horizons spacecraft (video)

Absolutely stunning. It boggles my mind that these images are coming back in such clarity and colour from the very outer reaches of our solar system. What a testament to man's ingenuity. 

I watched it in HD BTW, even though it stopped and started with Turnbull's internet it's not the sort of video that that would bother you.

Don't let go - Greg Guild (music video)

Australian singer Greg Gould (who's gay) and got his start on Australia's got talent, has a latest song about the difficulties of homophobia in a gay relationship.

David really likes this one as it expresses the way his mother hasn't ever accepted him being gay.

Alliance Defending Freedom castigated by Southern Poverty Law Centre - US

Right Wing Watch reported on Abbott going to ADF

The anti-LGBT US hate group Alliance Defending Freedom is currently in an online war with the US Southern Poverty Law Centre. I've been reading about it in recent days and the events are like this:

1. Southern Poverty Law Centre has listed the Alliance Defending Freedom as an anti-LGBT hate group.

2. The US ABC reported on the US attorney general Jeff Sessions after he had a closed door speech to the Alliance Defending Freedom. The ABC reported that the ADF was "allegedly" a hate group.

3. The Alliance Defending Freedom went bananas at both the ABC for reporting them as a hate group and the Southern Poverty Law Centre for listing them as a hate group. From the linked article there apparently butter doesn't melt in the ADF's mouth.

4. Which brings us to the present, of which the Southern Poverty Law Centre has published a scathing attack on the Alliance Defending Freedom, stating categorically that the ADF is in fact a hate group completely against anything LGBT.

This week, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions lent the credibility of his office to a group committed to legalizing discrimination against the LGBT community.

 In a major speech to Alliance Defending Freedom at the group's "Summit on Religious Liberty" in Dana Point, California, Sessions expressed sympathy for the group's contention that its religious freedom is jeopardized by laws and court rulings that protect the rights of LGBT people.

 SPLC President Richard Cohen noted the irony that the attorney general "would suggest that the rights of ADF sympathizers are under attack when the ADF is doing everything in its power to deny the equal protection of the law to the LGBT community."

 The ADF is, in fact, not about defending freedom, as its name says. Rather, it's a hate group that cloaks itself in religion as it spreads demonizing lies about the LGBT community in this country and seeks to criminalize it abroad. If the ADF had its way, gay people would be back in the closet for fear of going to jail.

 The group supports the fraudulent practice of gay-to-straight conversion therapy. Its first president, Alan Sears, has argued that pedophilia and homosexuality are "intrinsically linked" (a dangerous falsehood long employed by anti-LGBT hate groups). In 2003, its lawyers argued against the eventual U.S. Supreme Court ruling that said sexual conduct between consenting adults is protected by the Constitution, a decision that struck down state laws criminalizing gay sex. Southern Poverty Law Centre
The ADF gained attention in Australia when our ex-prime minister Tony Abbott went to New York to speak at one of their meetings, in which he spewed his usual bile about gays and marriage equality. Much to the chagrin of his lesbian sister I might add.

The article goes on to question Jeff Session's commitment to civil rights after making a speech at the ADF. Surely something that would also apply to Abbott after his speech at the hate group.

85% of DSP applicants are rejected

Wow, I didn't know it was that many. And this article is a year old so has it gotten worse? I dunno, but it seems like they want to make it so hard to apply that people will end up trying to work when they aren't able to.

For anyone who thinks that Centrelink magically throws money at you upon walking in the door, or that recipients on the Disability Support Pension are dastardly bludger types engaged in ripping off taxpayers, then surely these numbers will quash that suggestion.

Only 15% of applicants for the DSP are successful, as of June last year. Meaning that a whopping 85% are rejected. On top of that the application process can take months with the applicant left in limbo.

I applied the other year and the process went surprisingly smoothly so I guess it's because of all the staff cutbacks at Centrelink for the delays now. It was still a difficult process for me though.The forms are daunting. If you could call them "forms". It's a book, and inside is another book. And there's another book of instructions on how to fill out the two books. 

It was also after the Gillard gov bought in the points system where you had to get enough points to be deemed disabled. As I have a number of issues  I didn't have a problem with that. Evidently I'm really fucked up :s

I can't imagine what I would have done however if the application was delayed for months. WTF was I supposed to do? Rent and all has to be paid. The only reason I didn't get fired from my last job was because I'd been there for 13 years. I was having so much time off I doubt I'd have stayed employed for long at a new job. Plus in printing it's hard physical work. I just couldn't do it anymore. 

It has never been tougher to make a successful claim for the Disability Support Pension (DSP), new Government figures suggest.

 Hundreds of thousands of people who are unable to work more than 15 hours a week rely on the payment.

 But statistics from the Department of Social Services obtained by the ABC indicate only about 15 per cent of current applicants are granted the DSP.

 The vast majority are rejected. ABC   

Sunday, 16 July 2017

When Magda Szubanski came out as gay (Aussie videos),- Babe movie star :)

I didn't realise it was so recent as 2012. I guess there's a lot of pressure when you become such a celebrity!

Here she is coming out in 2012:

BTW, she got her start here in Australia on the channel 10 show "Fast Forward"; a comedy show:

"Why should we ask permission to be married?" - gay Aussie mother alongside son (video)

It appears this is the direction I'm going tonight; why the fuck won't they let David and I get married?

This video is back in 2014 under Tony Abbott as PM (still calling the shots from the backbench BTW). In it the son has written by hand a letter to Tony Abbott questioning why Abbott won't allow his mum to get married in Australia. The mother at one point asked the poignant question, "Why should we ask permission to be married?" 

This was way before the Lieberal plebiscite idea, so that question I think was directed at the Abbott gov. Yet after the plebiscite fiasco it's almost a prophetic question ...... 

Christian anti-LGBT freak show - Australian senate opening statements (video)

Yes, in the first guys opening statement against marriage equality he actually equated the LGBT with Hitler and Stalin. Seriously, no joke.

How in the hell these fringe dwelling nutters get a voice in the Australian senate is beyond my comprehension. They represent the most extremist views of christianity, hence they don't at all represent the main stream of Australia's christians.

I always have to wonder though, where are the moderate religious voices disagreeing with them? Surely it's not up to us LGBT alone after getting called fascists to be the only ones appalled at this? As Australians we all need to stand up against extremism and those that express views that are so vile and convoluted as this?

The video was posted in late Jan this year.

Interview of Aussie gay couple on marriage equality (video)

I have to give credit to YouTube for suggesting this video for me to watch. Evidently YouTube is getting to know me very well. Surprises me a lot how it somehow manages to dig up videos that I'd not have a chance of finding myself.

This is an interview of an Australian gay couple who were married in New Zealand, the interview done about 6 months ago. It's still pretty up to date though apart from some details. Like Cory Bernardi has indeed pissed himself off from the Lieberals because he thought they were too leftie (FFS:s ).

Australian marriage equality remains in the same limbo the Lieberals have put it in 6 months ago; being the plebiscite or nothing doctrine. Designed to appease the far right of the Federal Lieberals so Turnbull can keep their support and stay prime minister.

One of the strongest points made during the interview is that the far right should look beyond their personal sphere of people and at the bigger picture. I would use the example of Tony Abbott in this, saying that not to have a plebiscite is a "betrayal of trust" to those that voted Lieberal. Who is he talking about exactly? It's certainly not the majority of Australians. He must be referring to his own circle of contacts that of course think as he does.

The interview also shows what the delay in marriage equality means on a human level. These are real people with real lives. To have our lives so politicised over our issue of human rights is just an insult.