Saturday, 10 December 2016

Tom of Finland drawings have been animated (video - NSFW)

Oh my....... Really not at all safe for work darlings.....

So Tom of Finland drawings that ooze sexuality and somebody has now animated them in a short sexual clip. I think it's because it's drawings that you don't quite expect it to be quite so full on. But well it is Tom of Finland drawings after all.

You have been warned.......

DJ Hell - I Want U (Official Video) from Gigolo Records on Vimeo.

Friday, 9 December 2016

US will lose world power by 2020 - professor sociology Norway

With the election of Trump, a professor Galtung  in Norway who has modeled how other Empires have fallen, predicted:
Galtung’s biographer credits the sociologist and mathematician with correctly predicting the 1978 Iranian revolution; China’s Tiananmen Square uprising in 1989; the collapse of the Soviet empire in 1989; the economic crises of 1987, 2008 and 2011; and the 9/11 attacks.. Raw Story
He's not talking about a bit of a collapse here and there either, but such a collapse as to affect borders and politics across the world of the same magnitude as the collapse of the Soviet Union last century.

 Rising tensions between America’s Judeo-Christian majority and Islam and other religious minorities created cultural contradictions, which are further sharpened by social contradictions between the so-called American dream and the reality that fewer Americans can achieve prosperity through hard work. 

The decline of the U.S. as a global power would probably rip apart its domestic cohesion, Galtung said, which could potentially reshape American borders. 

“As a trans-border structure the collapse I am thinking of is global, not domestic,” Galtung said. “But it may have domestic repercussion, like white supremacists or even minorities like Hawaiians, Inuits, indigenous Americans and black Americans doing the same, maybe arguing for the United States as community, confederation rather than a ‘union.'” Raw Story
My first reaction after seeing Trump win was "It's the end of Empire". I see no reason to change that view, and that in fact it's been happening for some time now.

Albeit the soon to be Emperor has no clothes, ugh..... 

In hindsight I put the beginning of the end down to the humiliation of Vietnam, followed by just a few years later the election of Reaganomic trickle down as the god of society and the market. A nonsensical ideology that redistributed wealth out of the common man and gave it to a very few at the top. 

40% off new fridges funded by NSW gov - for pensioners, health care card & Vet's

Before - the old 27yr old fridge

It's TV's as well as fridges actually, but we only needed a fridge. Our old one was 27 years old, about a year before my daughter was born. I bought it after I met my late wife as she had one of those Sherman tank ones all curvy corners and leaking everywhere. So this came at a very good time.

You can find out all about it here, with the Appliance Replacement Offer from the NSW gov's Office of Environment and Heritage. It's to help people on low incomes in NSW to purchase new appliances that use less electricity and are cheaper to run, and they teamed up with retailer The Good Guys as the outlet to sell them through. I guess the gov pays for the 40% and we the rest.

After, new fridge, cost $395 including delivery

Sea Shepherd sets off to defend the whales (video)

The Steve Irwin falgship will be defending whales again this year

This is the eleventh time Sea Shepherd has been down to the southern waters to protect the whales in their breeding ground.

There is also a Japanese fleet of ships going down to kill over $300 wales there in the southern waters. The international criminal court told Japan, last year I think, that their whaling operations were illegal. So what did they do? Invented another "scientific program", allegedly to study whales. Weird how every whale they "study" ends up dead.

So now, yet again for another year, the only thing standing in the way of the harpoons is Sea Sheppard and this seasons operation to save whale lives.


Trump's conga line of deplorables - Keith Olbermann (video)

Keith Olbermann  of The Resistance goes through the list of Trump appointees, giving examples of their big past stuff-ups with each one. He shows how inept and far right crazy they are.


"Echoes of WW2 in Trump" - George Takei (video)

Star Trek's George Takei has a scathing swipe at Trump, speaking of his time in a Chinese/American internment camp being locked up there for 4 years with his parents. His parents were both born in the US, as was George Takei was. They looked the same as the Japanese and hence were labelled "Enemy Aliens" and shipped off to US internment camps. Yep, all this in the land of the free, home of the brave.


Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Centrelink sends out letters threatening jail for overpayments

Oh FFS why can't they just leave us alone? My back's been aching all day to the point of anxiety, the anxiety follows on to a mild panic attack and dizziness where I've had to just go back to bed and try and breath properly. I finally wander to the PC to see what's happening in the world, to be informed that Centrelink has a new wiz bang computer program (we all know how the Centrelink wiz bang computer programs work out) that supposedly catches people red handed getting overpaid by Centrelink.

Hence the threatening letter below sent to specific areas threatening jail for overpayments. FFS haven't we all got enough problems with everything without having to argue with a mindless Centrelink drone hell bent on finding us guilty of something?

I've only ever been overpaid by Centrelink once when I was on the sickness benefit with my kidney failure. As it was only $300 a week I forced myself back to work, complete with the central line still embedded near my heart. As I was at work it was impossible to stay on hold for up to an hour on the phone, and the line was too long by the time I got there after work to get through it by the time Centrelink closed. It took me two weeks and a day off to finally get in to see them, by which time I'd been overpaid by $600, which I promptly paid back.

Now there's letters going around threatening jail for that? Oh just fuck off.It's nothing more than the gov trying to get blood out of a stone for their budget; targeting us for their ineptitude. 
Australian Council of Social Service chief executive, Cassandra Goldie, criticised the repeated threats to welfare recipients, saying the overwhelming majority of people receiving payments did the right thing. 

“It is appalling that the minister for human services is telling people on the lowest incomes three weeks before Christmas that if they have a debt with Centrelink they may go to prison,” Goldie said. 

“This is false, highly irresponsible and risks causing a huge amount of unnecessary stress and anxiety amongst people who are already doing it tough. 

“We are not a police state and people should not be made to feel like they are doing the wrong thing by claiming a social security payment.” 

Only a minority of welfare recipients are found to have intentionally committed welfare fraud each year. 

Last year just 0.018% of those receiving payments were investigated for fraud, while 996 cases were referred to prosecutors and just 29 cases resulted in indictable charges, according to Acoss. The Guardian 


Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Trump runs headlong to international catastrophe - The Resistance (video from behind the wall)

The Resistance with Keith Olbermann tears Trump another asshole in this video. Trump's cavalier approach to the dynamics of world politics will end in disaster. Trump is simply a buffoon in a China shop. 

He may appear smart to be able to manipulate the media, but he just has no idea. Way out of his depth, he'll soon be in control of the largestmilitary machine this world has ever seen.


Tim Wilson gov MP on Tyrone Unsworth's death - too little too late

After his gov spent the year pushing back against us and demonising, accusing us of all sorts of evil political agenda's and the like, ultimately gutting the Safe Schools program set up to help young LGBT with their issues going through high school and defunding it nationally next year (the Victorian Labor gov decided the state would fund it for their schools), and along with all the rhetoric involved coming from parliament, now Tim Wilson reckons something's very wrong to have a gay 13 year old suicide because of bullying in school over his sexuality.

Tim Wilson is gay BTW and can't marry his partner because of his party. I don't personally know how a gay person could be in such a vile party as is the Lieberals.

No doubt the lead from the top found it's way into our school yards, the hate and the rhetoric against us not only with the Safe Schools debate but the marriage equality plebiscite as well all came together. Tyrone ended up feeling like an outsider in school with nowhere to go, claiming that everyone there wanted him dead.

For Tim Wilson to get up now after his own party has been so demonstrably cruel to our community and hard nosed uncaring, be outspoken about us is appreciated but too little too late. Tyrone is dead now. 

Where was he when Bernadi and Christensen were using parliamentary privilege in a witch hunt against us, claiming we were on some agenda to reshape society in our own image or some bizarre crap? Why wasn't he speaking up then? Why did it have to take Tyrone's death to get him to be supportive of young LGBT? Why didn't he make a big fuss at the prospect of Safe Schools being demonised and gutted? Why didn't he resign the party over it?

It's not like he didn't know. During the plebiscite debate we LGBT made it very clear on no uncertain terms that a debate about our lives would likely cost lives. Much of the gov dismissed it as political posturing and that it was crap that anyone would kill themselves over a vote. Where was Tim Wilson then? Why wasn't he shouting from the rooftops like the rest of us?

Why do most Lieberals think we're in some sort of political battle? We just want our human rights, and on occasion our lives not to be lost. What did they think was going to happen? They were literally  playing with our lives.

You can watch the report at the link, this bit is from the Transcript: 
TIM WILSON, LIBERAL MP: And for all young LGBTI children who are experiencing bullying and harassment, we should work to stop it and encourage resilience, because your life will be incredible. 

I was moved to give a speech because, firstly, I don't think such a horrific act should go unnoticed, particularly when it reflects a broader challenge in society around bullying of young kids.


TIM WILSON: LGBTI kids often don't have reference points or role models that they can see where their future lies. 

And they might void themselves, because of the negative messages they get from others, to the point where they no longer have confidence in themselves. 

And I say that because that was my experience throughout my teenage years. ABC
Negative messages from others. How on earth could an LGBT in any way be associated with this?:


Monday, 5 December 2016

Blog just passed half a million views :) *faints*

Top ten views for the last 7 days
BTW, I missed out on getting my school certificate in English by about 4 points I think. Flew through the technical subjects, Maths, Drafting/tech drawing, geography, and another one I can't quite remember at this moment it's been so long ago. But how's that eh? Didn't pass English and now have half a million views on my blog. Without advertising. Albeit it has been going a few years now.

I had not the faintest idea when I started this thing. I'd had experience online with message boards and the like so I knew how to upload pictures and that. I did have to research to get the HTML to where it is though. I hated Facebook and it's complete conformity, that I was supposed to express myself into this tiny little box in the middle of the screen and every post looked the same. It just wasn't me darlings. So I imported an HTML wide screen thingo and there it was, I had the whole bloody screen to work with.

I used to keep things pretty small for those unfortunates still using just about square screens, but I found it very restrictive and gave up in the end, going wide and letting it all hang out. Felt much better since. I mean I know Australia internet is stone age, but we do have wide screens so just like get with the program people! 

Most of my audience is overseas, but there is a core group of Australians that keep the local views up. I don't know who you all are as I only look at the blogger stats and it doesn't identify any people, just the stats and mostly for just the top ten views, but I'm glad you find my life and political struggles of the LGBT in Australia interesting. The LGBT have no borders. 

Cat in a basket :)

This is Natasha's latest choice of bed :)  At least now I can have the PC chair back, although we may get some cat fur on our clothes :s

Saturday Night Live's mocking of Trump - video :)

This is the video from Saturday Night Live over there, that Trump spat the dummy over in a Tweet fit of anger. Apparently he doesn't like being made fun of.

It's just come up overnight I think on YouTube so it's watchable now in Australia.



Lieberals considering carbon tax! *faints*

Abbott campaigning against carbon tax - "Ditch the witch" and Gillard "Bob Brown's bitch"
Lieberals celebrate carbon tax repeal during Abbott gov
Update: Backbench forces Josh Frydenberg into climate policy backdown

My my, how the practicalities of gov change people's minds. This one though is one of the most spectacular, right up there with Howard's "Never ever" GST.

Abbott based the Lieberals whole 2013 election campaign on Julia Gillard's carbon tax, and getting rid of this evil dastardly tax that was going to wipe whole towns off the face of the earth and make lamb roasts cost $100 each. Instead he decided on "direct action" which meant planting a few trees and the like, hopelessly ineffective. But global warming was "crap" anyway according to Abbott.

As soon as the Abbott gov ditched the carbon tax the big polluters emissions increased. Direct action was always just a token gesture to the greenies that was never going to work.

Now the Lieberal gov has ditched the direct action and guess what? Is planning to implement a carbon tax.
The Coalition will consider a form of carbon pricing for power companies as part of a long-awaited review of Australia's climate policies, Environment and Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg has confirmed. 

The review of the Coalition's direct action policy will focus on electricity price rises, energy security and cutting greenhouse gas emissions but will also look at whether to introduce an emissions intensity scheme for electricity generators – a type of carbon price different to the abolished scheme brought in by the Gillard Labor government. 

The possible resurrection of carbon pricing is likely to trigger intense internal debate within the Coalition once the review gets under way next year, while environment groups and the federal opposition are likely to claim the terms of reference for the departmental review lack ambition, given the threat posed by climate change to the planet. 

Those terms of reference, released by Mr Frydenberg on Monday, also include consideration of a long-term emissions reduction target for beyond 2030 and the use of international carbon permits created through emissions cuts overseas. Sydney Morning Herald  
Abbott launches his "direct action" of tree planting

Gay video censored by YouTube for bulge

The video has since been reinstated after the artist, Mykki Bianco, appealed against the decision. likely the initial banning of the video has simply created more publicity for it.

The picture/freeze frame above is the reason, and honestly it's just a flash on the screen for barely half a second. If you weren't looking for it, it'd be easy to miss.

Bianco comments on Billboard:
According to Blanco, who posted a screen shot of the "image in question," YouTube took down the video because it shows a man's "bulge."

As Blanco and others were quick to point out, there are many videos on YouTube that show just as much or more explicit material but are acceptable because they align with heterosexual standards of sexuality.

"Why is Queer sexuality censored & policed but images for a Cis male gaze of sexualized women are not ?" Blanco tweeted.

Blanco also said there had been a "social media produced comment thread" where someone said the video had an image of a male "scrotum" -- an erroneous claim.

"Our society grants hetero privilege to parade overly sexualized images of women for a cis male gaze yet Queer imagery is policied, demeaned," Blanco tweeted.

Now the video is back online but with a "content warning" that requires viewers to sign in to confirm their age before viewing. Billboard

   Compare that to Kylie Monogue's "Slow" for instance:


What about Kylie's "All the lovers"? She's a straight friend of gays, but she's straight. 

Kylie Minogue - All The Lovers (2010) from bibitoto xue on Vimeo.


Sunday, 4 December 2016

Nearly all paedophiles are straight- studies

"...a disgrace to humanity!"
I posted this video the other year here, but with the continued demonisation of the LGBT around the marriage equality debate I thought it would be good to re-post it. 

I had an online discussion with a christian yesterday and of course the slippery slope to paedophilia was mentioned as a reason for not allowing marriage equality. Yes it's a tired old irrelevant argument. Marriage equality has nothing to do with paedophilia, any more than straight marriage does.

But there's also the long held belief by some that gays are paedophiles, something that just isn't true. In fact the studies show that most paedophiles identify sexually as straight. I don't know where this lie came from that our community is full of child molesters, and there's people around today who still believe that.  It's a terrible slur on our community that we don't deserve.