Saturday, 16 December 2017

LGBT youth organisation attacked by conservative with "revenge porn"

A conservative has attacked the LGBT group Minus18 on her Facebook page, posting what Minus18 has called "revenge porn". It appears the feathers are still flying over marriage equality and the conservatives have been enraged. I guess that's to be expected, but attacking a group who are helping LGBT youth? Why attack a group that's looking after the most vulnerable?
In a post attacking and shaming the organisation’s events producer Delsi Moleta, Rancie shared and criticised photos from her Facebook page. 

“Sorry for the nudity,” wrote Rancie, of a now-removed selfie where Moleta’s nipples were visible through a mesh shirt. 

“This was her Facebook profile picture. She’s obviously comfortable with it. I’m not.” 

Rancie criticised the mild state of undress—including someone wearing a leotard and tights, and a single visible male nipple—visible in some event photos on Moleta’s page. 

 “Gone are the days of the police supervised blue light discos. Welcome to 2017! This is how we roll now. Like soooo progressive,” she wrote. 

“Hold on to your hats this is the start of a rabbit hole that is pretty sick and twisted to your average Australian family.” 

Minus18 issued a response on their own page, comparing the attack to “revenge porn”. 

“Today a right-wing anti-LGBTIQ page posted a personal, nude photo that a member of our team took,” they wrote. 

 “The narrative is too often the same—anti-LGBTIQ groups attempt to paint queer people as sinister or corrupt—and that you can somehow be taught how to be queer. 

 “The real issue here is the violation of privacy and consent—not someone taking a photo of themselves. 

 “We’re stronger than ever before and work to tirelessly support the LGBTIQ youth of Australia.” 

In Rancie’s “furious” response she denied being anti-LGBTIQ. 

“Speaking against this disgusting program is not hate speech,” she wrote. 

 “As for the threat of revenge porn, they called it that, not me. 

 “This person has access to our minors.” 

Moleta told Star Observer the attack from the conservative Facebooker has been upsetting. 

 “I don’t really know how to feel about it,” she said. “Initially I cried, then I laughed—this is ridiculous. But the more it gains traction and the more people say hurtful things about me, the more I feel concerned about the world. 

“If these are parents of young people, there’s a 10 per cent chance that their kid might be queer. What’s that going to be like for them?” 

Moleta said she will be reporting Rancie’s non-consensual sharing of her photos to the police. Star Observer 

Friday, 15 December 2017

Pastor charged with child sex crime over 10 years, US (video)

Another one bites the dust folks, and he wasn't even a Catholic priest.

This one is from a famous pastor in the US who, as well as pastor of his congregation was also one of the main organiser of the biggest christian music festival in the US. Now in his 70's he's to sick for jail and is in a medical facility under guard. One wonders if he is that sick how was he managing his pastor duties?

Yet his ilk point as us like we're the paedophiles. The vast majority of paedophiles identify as straight.
The man who launched America’s largest and longest-running Christian music festival has been “indefinitely suspended” from the ministry and his church following his arrest Wednesday on charges of child molestation.

Harry L. Thomas, founder of the Creation Festival and senior pastor of Come Alive New Testament Church in Medford, New Jersey, has been accused of sexually assaulting four children over a 16-year period between 1999 and 2015. The church stated that the alleged misconduct was “unrelated” to his leadership.

Thomas, 74, has been charged with one count of aggravated sexual assault, three counts of sexual assault, and four counts of endangering the welfare of children, according to the prosecutor’s office in Burlington County, New Jersey, where Thomas lives and where his church is located. Joe My God
 BTW, how the fuck is kiddie fiddling "not related" to his leadership role? 

Also, regarding churches and paedophilia, the five year long Australian royal commission into child sex abuse (set up by the Gillard gov) has concluded. The evidence is damning for religious institutions, but particularly the Catholic church. 60% of the thousands of cases investigated involved Catholic priests, with the commission finding that 7% of Catholic priests are paedophiles. If it was any other organisation on those numbers they wouldn't be allowed in the country.
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Masturbation will make you gay - leaked Mormon manual of homosexuality


In an hilariously idiotic manual from the Mormon church in 1981 on the subject of homosexuality, There's a whole section dedicated to masturbation and how to deal with the "dangers" of it; one of those dangers being the potential to make you gay. I kid you not. I have snipped the whole hilarious section below.

It's very funny reading today, but you do have to wonder about the poor young men and women who seriously believed this drivel back then. The guilt and lack of self esteem it must have created. Guilt about a normal bodily function and sexual expression, and self esteem when the inevitable happened as they jerked off.

Imagine being gay in such an environment. They'd think that it was there fault becausd they'd jerked off to much, further affecting their self esteem. Along with the church elders who they might have gone to for their evil gay making masturbation problem. But we all know how churches just love to make people feel guilty.  


Thursday, 14 December 2017

"Freedom of speech" my ass - christian "Life Site" banned me

Ever notice how the far right christians banging on about freedom of speech are the ones that want to silence us? This is yet another example of that.

Yesterday I responded to this ridiculous article at Life Site in North America. It claimed that a meningococcal outbreak in Australia's northern territory was a disease spread by gays. I posted about it in the last post before this one, but also made a statement in the comments under the article. I pointed the obvious that meningicoccal wasn't a gay disease but a human one, relating the experience of gays being blamed for HIV in the early days, and that to label another disease a gay disease is as ridiculous now as it was back then.

So I got another notification of a couple of replies so I went back to the comments to look. My whole post had been deleted and I'd been banned from the site. These are the people saying gays are a threat to freedom of speech. The only threat to said freedom of speech is them trying to conform everything to their religious world view and shutting out any diverse views.

Oh well, I've never been banned from a site before after many years online. It's a rather unique experience. I must have really set the cat among the pigeons! What a bunch of snowflakes :) 

BTW, this is there Twitter account.
I see I'm not blocked.....hmmmmmm..... 
Far out, 50k followers and only 38 likes? WTF? 


Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Meningococcal bacteria in Australia a "possibly gay" disease - christians (US)

Australian newspaper cartoon from the 80's, blaming gays for HIV/AIDS
The backlash against Australian marriage equality it appears is already starting amongst the far right christians, even in the US. Unbelievably they are now asserting that and Australian Meningococcal outbreak is a "possibly gay transmitted disease". 

This is the same accusation leveled at gays over HIV transmission 30 years or so ago. It's not a new perception, but a continuation of the notion that we are diseased vermin spreading disease through society and are therefore a danger to it. Of course we know now that HIV isn't a gay disease, it's simply a disease that can be caught by anyone. One only has to look at Africa to see how true that is. HIV doesn't discriminate, people do.

The same is true in this case, Meningococcal can be caught by anyone, it's doesn't discriminate. To blame gays for it's spread in 2017 is appalling and factually wrong. Yet it appears the US RWNJ's are drumming up prejudice and lies against us in retaliation for gaining (somewhat) marriage equality here. Once again American christians are exporting hateful lies about us across the Pacific.

Firstly, this is how Meningococcal is spread, directly from the US National Meningitis Association:
Meningococcal disease is contagious. It is spread through the exchange of respiratory secretions during close contact such as kissing or coughing on someone. Although meningococcal bacteria are very dangerous, they cannot live outside the body for very long. This means the infection is not as easily spread as a cold virus.

 About one in ten people carry meningococcal bacteria in their nose or throat without showing any signs or symptoms of the disease. These people can unknowingly transmit the bacteria to others. National Meningitis Association (US)
It has nothing to do with being gay. But don't let the facts get in the way of anti-gay hysteria. This is BTW at the end of a post raving the usual bla about the evil gays getting marriage equality in Australia. Pity it's a US article as if it was from an Australian site it would likely run afoul of our anti-discrimination/vilification laws. Remember a lot of funding for the No vote re the survey came from the US. The Yes campaign was outspent 5 to 1.
Meanwhile, a possibly gay-transmitted disease has spread to the point that the a public health warning was posted. 

The government issued an alert about an outbreak of a strain of meningococcal, a life-threatening bacteria infecting a growing number of men in the Northern Territory. The territory Department of Health advised all citizens to be careful, as the disease is spread only by “close and prolonged contact” with saliva, such as in deep kissing. 

 “Meningococcal can be fatal or leave people with severe disabilities,” a government website warned. In the last year, rates of the dangerous “W” strain of meningococcal tripled in Tasmania. 

As a result of the outbreak, the NT Department of Health initiated a vaccination program for indigenous Aboriginal people up to age 19. “This age group targets those most at risk of serious illness and those who are most likely to be carrying the meningococcal bacteria,” the government explained. Lifesite  

Milo Yiannopoulos's Australian troll tour (video)

Milo is like an online troll which shouldn't be fed, only he's come to real life and trolling in real life. So it was sickening to see the right wing media fawning all over this guy, giving him all the attention he wanted. This comedy piece is probably way more truthful about Milo than much of that media coverage. 


A Christmas song for those who hate Christmas (video)

It's been a shitty year with a lot of issues. So what better way to fix them all but with an Australian Christmas song :s 


Tuesday, 12 December 2017

The review into "religious freedoms" 2018

Phillip Ruddock, who was part of implementing Howard's 2004 reform of the marriage act to exclude LGBT people, has been assigned by Turnbull to conduct a review of "religious freedom" in Australia. Cripes knows WTF he's going to come up with at the end of it, but you can bet that the recommendations won't be good for us LGBT. There's not even LGBT representation in those taking part in it.

To me it just seems like another opportunity for the far right of the gov to resurrect their failed religious exemptions that they tried to get through with the marriage equality legislation. This is looming as the next big struggle for us against the likes of Abbott and Shelton. A struggle where we fight to keep discrimination laws that protect us being attacked and unraveled by christian RWNJ's, who after oppressing us for centuries now claim themselves to be persecuted just by our existing equally on the same planet as them.

Yes it's great that we now have marriage equality (well with some compromise's) and David and I are planning on a simple marriage next year. But we shouldn't make the same mistake as many LGBT in the US made. They just about went to sleep over there thinking that now marriage was won it was all over. Many didn't suspect or expect the viscous reaction from the extremist far right christians who challenged their equality and civil rights in various states over and over. And the RWNJ's have had successes. This all under the guise of "religious freedom", or to put it another way, wanting to be able to discriminate against gays on the basis of their religion. 

To give an example yet another group has opened up over there called Christian Civil Rights Watch, which has set itself up in a major assault on the LGBT. Their extremism is thus:
“Gay pride” necessitates anti-Christian hate. It must. “Gay marriage” and other “sexual orientation”-based laws do violence to freedom and truth. They are the hammer with which the postmodern left intends to bludgeon bloody religious liberty and the Judeo-Christian sexual ethic. The liberal viewpoint is that any viewpoint, save the liberal viewpoint, must be criminalized and prosecuted.

According to the unequivocal moral precepts of the Judeo-Christian tradition – explicit throughout both the Old and New Testaments – homosexual behavior is sin. Sin is evil. Homosexual behavior is the central, defining characteristic of so-called “gay marriage.” Therefore, “gay marriage” is evil. Christians are obligated to avoid sin – to “do no evil.”

It’s not popular to speak such simple truths in today’s politically correct world. But at CCRW, we’re not out to win a popularity contest.

 To homosexuals we say this: Yes, you are equal in God’s eyes. You are loved. These things are true, not because of your homosexual lifestyle, but, rather, they are true in spite of it.

 Most homosexuals know intuitively, we believe, that their lifestyle is unnatural and immoral and that the oxymoronic notion of “same-sex marriage” is a puerile farce. Thus, they must force others to affirm both their self-destructive lifestyle and their mock “marriages” under penalty of law. They must physically compel everyone to engage their “emperor’s new clothes” delusion, so they can feel better about bad behavior.Christian Civil Rights Watch
Sound familiar? The RWNJ's in Australia may not say that in so many words, but given the amount of opposition and angst to gay marriage here it's likely they're censoring themselves when speaking about it. Although we have had some shocking comments from various numbers of them in the recent years leading up to equality. Remember Abbott has spoken twice at the US hate group "Alliance defending freedom". Opposition to marriage equality has always been about homophobia and misinterpreting the bible. At least this US group is open about it, saying they're against us because the bible. In Australia they're rather more subtle, but it's the same thing really. A struggle between religion and secularism, pure and simple. The nutters don't seem to realise that Australia is a secular democracy, not a theocracy.

Religion in Australia already has a raft of "protections". A church or religious organisation can legally fire people because they're gay, or not hire them in the first place. That's today in Australia. What more religious privilege do they want? This from Australia:
We must not overlook the fact that the reforms introduced last week are already under serious threat, as a result of the Review into ‘Religious Freedoms’ announced by Malcolm Turnbull on 22 November. 

Former Liberal MP Philip Ruddock – the Attorney-General who oversaw the introduction of the ban on marriage equality in August 2004 – will spend the first three months of 2018 examining how Australian law can ‘better protect’ religious freedoms. 

As we all know, increases in special privileges for religious individuals and organisations almost inevitably come at the expense of the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex Australians (as well as other groups, including women). 

Despite this, the panel for the Ruddock Review does not include any representatives from the LGBTI community (with Ruddock joined by the head of the Australian Human Rights Commission Rosalind Croucher, retired judge Annabelle Bennett and Jesuit priest Frank Brennan). 

So, by all means spend the remainder of December celebrating our recent success. Because when 2018 starts we must stand ready to defend those gains, as well as protecting a wide range of other existing LGBTI rights, which will likely come under sustained attack. Alistair Lawrie   
As a final note, these are the organisations being targeted by the US Christian Civil Rights Watch. You will notice a certain theme going through them:

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Moving statement from equality campaign :)

Well after that last post this is something really positive. The Equality Campaign has released a statement about the events of the week. I really like the bit that no other LGBT Australian will have to go through what we have, particularly under the Abbott/Turnbull gov, ever again.


Retarded vile comment on my YouTube channel *sheesh*

So the above comment to a video of David's fish tank (which I posted about 6 months ago and has had all of four views) greeted me in my inbox this morning. Incredibly the user calls himself "Fat retarded conservative FOX viewer". His YouTube channel has one subscriber with no content. The video of David's fish tank that he commented on is here.

I'm just going to report the idiot to YouTube as you do for abuse. I do wonder though why someone would suddenly leave a comment like that on an extremely obscure video with only 4 views in 6 months? I've got a feeling it's probably to do with marriage equality passing into law here and the hater's feathers are flying over it. Seems like too much of a coincidence to me.

*Update: I've done the whole reporting thing from his channel where you have to give links and refer to the actual comment etc. In doing so he's been blocked. I've also taken down the comment from my video; not having anything of mine online being used as a platform for a hating troll. 

BTW for the record, I don't have AIDS and never have. My HIV viral load has been undetectable for all the years I've been on meds, making it impossible to pass on even in unsafe sex. 

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Turnbull and Abbott are losers re marriage equality - Angry Aussie (video)

Abbott flees the chamber to abstain from the last marriage equality vote

If you've felt angry and frustrated with Turnbull and Abbott during this whole marriage equality process then this is the video for you :)


Friday, 8 December 2017

Turnbull is taking the credit for marriage equality and it's sick & wrong

 We LGBT are finding Turnbull even more revolting than ever today. The sight of him on the media prancing around and crediting himself with the passing of marriage equality in the parliament is deeply offensive, not to mention his wanton praising of the postal survey as a good thing.

The fact is he has been a slave to the far right of his party for the whole time he's been prime minister. He's caved in  to their every wish because he needed their support to stay the PM. They had him over a barrel, hence all the policies he's supposedly come up with weren't because he was leading but because he was concerned for his political career. He capitulated on climate change, coal mining, and the rest of it, not the least being marriage equality.

The numbers to pass marriage equality have been there in this parliament since the last federal election. All it needed was for parliament to be allowed a free vote (John Howard had 5 of them during his tenure). But the far right that was running the show wouldn't have it. Instead of standing up for us he stood up for his own political ass and again gave them what they wanted; a postal survey on our existence and our relationships to decide our human rights. He threw us to the wolves for his own career. Many of us will be dealing with the hate produced by the survey for many years to come.

During that survey I vowed I'd never forget what he did to us for no reason other than the pleasing of the lunar right in his party. We became canon fodder in their culture wars and delusions about what Australians wanted and cared about. We were subjected to the most vile criticisms and lies about us in the public sphere very much so online, without the usual protections from the Australian Electoral Commission. The survey for many was nothing more than an excuse for those who despise gays to "have their say", and vote on us.

It should never happen again to any other minority in this country. To have Turnbull now crowing about it all after capitulating to those in his party against us time after time is beyond comprehension. It's like he's fucking us over all over again, again for the sake of his own political career.  


My VPN reckons I'm in Perth :)

Christians who promised to divorce if SSM happens, back down in humiliation

In 2015 a Christian couple in Australia vowed to get divorced if same sex marriage was 
passed in to law here. I remember they were very adamant about it, saying that marriage wouldn't mean the same thing if LGBT were included in it.

So the Daily Mail has caught up with said couple yesterday and they completely backed down in a humiliating defeat. They didn't understand the law in the first place, but you know ignorance of the law is no excuse. Especially when you're going on newspapers across the country announcing your intentions. To be divorced you have to be separated for ages or something. No shit Sherlock; marriage isn't a play thing to make some political point with. Assholes.

And BTW, eat shit Lyle. 

Nick and Sarah Jensen, from Canberra, sparked controversy in 2015 when Mr Jensen announced they would end their decades-long legal union if same sex marriage was legalised. 

 When legalisation seemed much more likely in November, Mr Jensen said he would wait to see the letter of the law before making a decision. 

 And after Parliament finally passed the law to cheers on Thursday afternoon, Mr Jensen announced his position in a statement to Daily Mail Australia. 

'My previous public comments regarding civil divorce never envisaged me separating from my wife, but rather our marriage from the State,' he wrote. 

'The legislation currently makes it untenable for us to do this under the law. 

'The point we were highlighting and that still stands however is the fact that a redefinition of marriage changes the agreement under which we were originally married. 

'We will be making no further comment'. Daily Mail  

Lyle Shelton caught in bald face lie - American catches him out online

It's official. Lyle Shelton is a liar.

Thing is he doesn't seem to get that his comments are viewable across the globe, including to those people who know intimately the subject matter he's lying about. In this case it was about the US cake shop owner case who refused to serve a gay couple because of his religious beliefs (ie. make them a wedding cake). The case is currently in the US Supreme Court I believe as a test case to see if the cake shop owner is in the wrong or not, possibly having implications for the unraveling of current anti-discrimination law over there.

However, true to form as in the postal survey, lying Lyle is very slippery with the facts. In this case outright lying about the case. I present exhibit A:

A casual observer may well think what he says is true, whatever his bigoted and delusional interpretation of it is. However due the the world publicity that Australia passing marriage equality has attracted, the above Tweet has gained the attention of none other than Joe My God, of the JoeMyGod US blog, who replied to Shelton pointing out his lie. May I say in a wonderful way :)

"Eat shit Lyle". He just a twisted lying asshol. The ACL even thought they would be fine writing a marriage discrimination bill for the federal parliament to pass. How the fuck do they keep their charity status? Anyone who lies like that surely must be a politician? I think he is; a failed one. So the boys have found him something else to do in connection with the National party.

GetUp - How far we've come (video)

As Penny Wong has said, "It's been a long ten years"....