Thursday, 24 May 2018

Getting an MRI on my knee - extreme pain last 3 weeks

Tried to get to the doctor last week but could barely walk it was so bad. The old war wound has been playing up something bad. One of those ironic circumstances where you need to see your doctor but are too sick to see them :s

This goes back years ago to my working in printing for so many years. My job at the end of it was on a guillotine. This involved constantly lifting and turning, putting large amounts of paper into the guillotine to slice it down to A4 size (that's standard metric letter size for those in the US - 297mm by 210mm). 

The guillotine, paper on the right from off the press on the lifter, chopped paper on the left pallet lifter
Cripes that picture brings back a lot of memories..... The green plastic recycling bin on the right of the guillotine table was where the paper offcuts would go. The guillotine table has an air bed which squirts out air so the paper almost floats. The whole thing has a little computer where you can make and store up to 200 programs of specific jobs that would be repeated. Cut sizes, when the air bed turns off or on, etc.

It was my right knee that did a lot of the twisting in the lifting and eventually got so worn I ended up in extreme pain. They had me treated there on premises at their gym with the gym guy using that electric thing that relaxes muscles along with some exercises, and eventually it got better. But it was never the same after that. The human body just wasn't designed to be treated like this.

So now it's flared up and gone bung again. For three weeks now very painful. Saw my GP today who's been very good at diagnosing things in my experience. He wants an MRI done, but he thinks it may be a torn cartilage. I talked to David about it when I got home, him being a rehab nurse, who said the only thing to do with a cartilage is to wait for it to heal. Thank fuck no operation! 

Hope it is just a cartilage as suspected. It has been getting slowly better, but as the progress is so slow it can be almost imperceptible.

Booked the MRI for Monday afternoon, all covered by Medicare. Thank you Medicare :)

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Gov anti-gay RWNJ Paterson hangs himself defending religious freedom (video)

The face of those against us. What a privileged prick
The anti-gay Ruddock "religious freedom" review's findings are still with the gov to "frame their response" (whatever that means) and still hasn't yet been released to the public; that being David and I who would be most affected by any expansion of said freedoms. This of course is hot on the heals of the Catholic Archbishop of Adelaide being convicted for covering up paedophile crimes against kids in the 70's, delighting I guess in their "religious freedom" to do so?

So in this interview with gov RWNJ Paterson he tries to make it all lovely and nice, and there's nothing really wrong with religious freedoms increasing against gay people, and it's all sensible, and let's make daisy chains and that. And everyone is supposed to go along with this and help him polish a turd> *sheesh* 

However his facial expressions, body language if you will, gave him away completely. There was about 3 seconds where he gave this most vile utterly sarcastic smirk face, obviously thought no one would notice on a 2018 HD telly, or PC monitor. 

However I froze the video just at the right moment I think, catching the vile self absorbed sarcastic smirk (above). A look of a privileged upbringing that assumes the world should think like him. Exactly the same as the rest of the far RWNJ's in the gov, particularly Abbott and his entourage. 

This video has to be seen to be believed. I note that it's from Sky News with the interviewer treating Paterson with kid gloves. In reality however it appears the interviewer gives Paterson just enough rope to hang himself :s 

Yes folks, Even Australia's right wing media is turning on the gov asylum. LGBT rights have never been a left or right political issue to argue about in the national capital for points on either side. It's always been a human issue and should have always been exempt from political game playing.


Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Our gay hating neighbours turned our gas off out the front - cops now involved

Our neigbours in the shared part house that we both live in, who are from gay hating Bangladesh and have become Australian citizens in their time here, turned our gas off via the lever out the front on the meter tonight. 

I knew straight away what had happened when I tried to turn on the gas stove. It's happened about twice before over the 10yrs I've been here. Long before David and the neighbours were anywhere around. I guess as I'm openly gay had to do with it. I didn't think it was a big deal and it certainly wasn't to me. It's never been before.

This particular time however the gay hating neighbour husband was seen just before it was turned off. So this was different. A witness neighbour who didn't want to be named told us they saw him just before it happened.

David eventually decided to ring the police to see what they thought about it. All he wanted to do was to simply put it on record at the cop shop. However the police insisted that they should come and talk to us as messing with the gas was taken very seriously by them.

They were going to come around tonight but we're both tired. David's going in to make a statement shortly about it all. We honestly didn't know that messing with our gas would be so serious. But after thought it may be so?

We thought after that, what if they decided to turn it on again at some point just to mess with us? What if we had a roast in the oven and the gas was turned off, then turned back on? What if we had something on the stove and the gas went off and then back on? The oven probably would be OK, but but the stove?

It takes heaven and earth for me to snap. Unfortunately for them now I have. This is the limit. I will take no more. They're not leaseholders and have no rights being so. I am and have been here for 10 years.

"You can't pray the gay away" - hilarious US video :)

This came up recommended by YouTube to me. Oh my, they're getting to know me better and better. David and I haven't laughed so hard at a little ditty for zonks. But this one had my face hurting from laughing so hard. Apparently that's what happens at 56? Your body just gets the shits and says this is going to hurt? Meh :)  I've now subscribed to this hilarious channel! 

Good to see something coming out of the US under Trump that can relate so much to the outside world and make us laugh so hard! How encouraging :)

New vacuum cleaner died after 5 mins use - WTF?

"Look at me! Look at me!"
Evidently they just don't make things like they used to. I know quality suffers during mass production, but honestly this is bloody ridiculous.

Soooooooo, my sister gave us some money for a wedding present to get something for the house. As our old vacuum cleaner had died due to the plastic it was made out of gradually falling to bits and rendering it useless, we decided to buy a new vacuum cleaner. The dust has been building up and it doesn't help David being allergic to dust.

Upon looking online at The Good Guys we decided on the above vacuum cleaner pictured. A Volta brand one, which I'd never heard of but sounds sort of German, and we all know what good quality goods come out of Germany. So we paid the $159 for it (including the $10 delivery fee) which presently arrived the next day at our door.

At the time I was waiting for a download of David's to finish so I could use my PC (fuck this internet) so I did the deed, unwrapping it from kilometres of plastic (why do they do that - it's safe in a box and won't get scratched). I noted on the top of the box was an unbroken quality assurance sticker across the join. Looked very promising I thought.

After discarding all the plastic bags (that will most likely end up in landfill) and the cardboard holding the thing firmly in place inside the box (at least that can be recycled) I had assembled this magnificent looking thing that seemed to be very sturdy. At least all the joints that connected were. I was further encouraged. No more plastic bits falling apart!

David got home from the doctors and I ceremoniously turned it on, cleaning a bit of dusty rug on the corner to test it. It worked fantastically! OMG we were so impressed! It sucked like there was no tomorrow folks! Making very short work of the bit of rug we were testing it on. Quality assured! Multiple attachments! This thing was rocking! I think you may have to be gay to truly understand our joy here :)

And then it happened, after only 5 minutes. A strange noise came from inside it and the suck went right out of it. I couldn't believe it. We checked to see if there was any blockage anywhere and nothing. In the end I took the hose and all off and turned it on; no suction at all where the hose connected. I could have sucked harder passed out blind drunk. 

Yes folks, all that effort that had gone in to make this thing, put it nicely wrapped in plastic into a box, shipped to Australia from somewhere, and it finally gets to us the consumer, only to bloody cark it after 5 fucking minutes. 

What a complete failure of Capitalism and the whole idea of building something for the absolute cheapest price to give the shareholders more money, reducing the quality of the product, for it only to completely bellyflop after it just makes it over the finish line and then dies. Oh but don't worry, the shareholders have got their money....

Anyway, I rang The Good Guys and they were excellent. I explained we bought it online because we don't have transport to where the nearest store is. So they arranged a courier to pick it up today. They will test it to establish that it indeed has no suck left after only 5 minutes of use, and after that send us a replacement. Surely we couldn't get two of them in a row, both quality assured, that would cark it after only minutes? What are the odds?

To finish my outrage, this is yet another reason why the planet is being destroyed. How much greenhouse gases went in to making this product, shipping it from fuck knows where to Australia, only to have the thing useless? Not to worry though; the shareholders are happy with their money. Fuck the planet, who cares eh?

Adelaide Archbishop guilty of covering up paedophile offences

And these are the churches that are wanting more religious freedoms in the wake of marriage equality. The laws should be going the other way and giving them less freedoms to act behind closed doors. Just because they're a religion they think they're accountable only to themselves. Priests who hear of child sex abuse in the confessional should be required by law to go to the police, just like in any other profession in Australia.

So the Archbishop of Adelaide has been found guilty of covering up the crimes of a paedophile and so allowing him to continue to abuse children. Australia has no statute of limitations for such crimes, with this going back to 1976. The Archbishop Philip Wilson becomes now the most senior Catholic in the world to be convicted of such a crime. Good job! 

And all the time they were blaming gays.....
The most senior Catholic to be charged with concealing child sexual abuse — Adelaide's Archbishop Philip Wilson — has been found guilty by a New South Wales court, in a landmark ruling.

 The 67-year-old was accused of covering up abuse by priest Jim Fletcher in the NSW Hunter region in the 1970s.

 As part of its defence, Wilson's legal team tried to argue that as child sexual abuse was not considered a serious crime in the 1970s, it was not worthy of being reported to authorities.

 However, Magistrate Robert Stone cast that claim aside in a ruling that could have ramifications in courts around the country.

 There were gasps from those in the packed courtroom when Magistrate Stone handed down the verdict.

 People were crying and shaking hands after the hearing.

 Speaking outside court, abuse survivor Peter Gogarty said the verdict was "one of the most significant days in criminal law in Australian history".

 "I think this will now open the doors for other jurisdictions to start looking at trying to prosecute people who deliberately looked after their institution and, literally, threw children to the wolves," Mr Gogarty said.

 "On behalf of all of the victims — who have been abused in this country and elsewhere — I just want to say what an enormous relief it is that the people who let this happen are finally being brought to account." ABC

Monday, 21 May 2018

NZ first country in world to fly intersex flag at parliament

New Zealand has become the first country in the world to fly the intersex flag outside of it's national parliament in Wellington. Good on you NZ and good on you Jacinta Ardern. As a dual citizen I'm proud that she is our new New Zealand prime minister. Not afraid to turn left and take the country with her. The country glad she's doing so.

New Zealand, for now at least, has had enough of conservative trickle down Reaganomics, which has spectacularly failed in the last 35 years since inception. Under the Ardern Labour gov the people are coming first, not being slaves to failed economic theory. As such they are more leaders of the western world than the US could ever imagine being under Trump.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

The "small gov" gov wants to run our lives - Angry Aussie (video)

Angry gets down to it in this video about how the so called party of "small gov" have been setting about constantly to rule every facet of our lives. Particularly he uses the example of the "religious freedoms" review which as yet hasn't been released to the public. It appears Darth Dutton is trying to soften up the community for outrageous recommendations from the stitch up that the review always was, against the LGBT. He has called the recommendations "sensible", which boggles the mind given what he's doing to offshore asylum seekers.

Even during the marriage equality plebiscite, most in the conservative gov wanted to tell me and David what we were and weren't allowed to do with our penises to be able to get a human right. "Small gov" my ass. 

Latest stunning Jupiter photo from Juno spacecraft

Just when you think you've seen it all from Juno, it gets another amazing picture. This one is from it's latest close flyby in it's elliptical orbit around Jupiter. The last picture I found amazing was the one of the Great Read Spot, a storm that's been storming for hundreds of years and is so big it could fit three Earths in it.

This picture is from Juno on it's way out again after it's 12th close flyby of the planet. We're used to seeing the Great Red Spot on the lower part on photos, but this shows it in the upper part, showing that there's no up or down in space with zero gravity.

Never before Juno have we seen such spectacular images of Jupiter.
Juno took the images used to produce this color-enhanced image on April 1 between 3:04 a.m. PDT (6:04 a.m. EDT) and 3:36 a.m. PDT (6:36 a.m. EDT). At the time the images were taken, the spacecraft was between 10,768 miles (17,329 kilometers) to 42,849 miles (68,959 kilometers) from the tops of the clouds of the planet at a southern latitude spanning 34.01 to 71.43 degrees.

 Citizen scientists Gerald Eichstรคdt and Seรกn Doran created this image using data from the spacecraft’s JunoCam imager. The view is a composite of several separate JunoCam images that were re-projected, blended, and healed. Mission Juno

Saturday, 19 May 2018

The gay porn truth (video)

Finally Davey Wavey has posted a video on this particular YouTube channel of his that's clean enough to post on this here blog. For other Davey this channel video's you can go here. Many of them aren't family viewing :)

This one is an interview about gay porn, and how so very much it's not like real life at all. A performance, with correct lighting, and correct poses, that takes a long time to film even one scene.

I guess gay porn is OK if all you ever want to do is choke the chook watching gay porn, but honestly there's no comparison to making love to the one you love :)

Gov's "religious freedoms" review released - gov not releasing it to public, WTF?

The gov has received the report (chaired by gay hater Ruddock who inspired the 2004 Howard gov law specifically excluding gays from marrying) that it decided to instigate to placate the RWNJ's in the gov. That tried to get religious freedoms legislation included in the marriage equality bill in parliament. Which all failed miserably in the national capital. A few of them (Abbott etc) stormed out of parliament in disgust not even casting their final vote. This despite Abbott previously saying he would stick by what the people voted for.

The gov however is not releasing it "immediately" whatever that means. Why the secrecy? It should be released now for all to see, especially us LGBT who "religious freedoms" laws will most affect. In a democracy this is supposed to be "open gov"? Absolutely outrageous!

Meanwhile the gov is leaking bits and pieces of it via none other than Darth Dutton:

Greens Justice spokesperson, Senator Nick McKim has called on the government to release the full report, which he said was “clearly designed with the aim of making it easier to discriminate against LGBTIQ people.”

 “The Prime Minister needs to release this report in its entirety, rather than just let Peter Dutton strategically leak parts of it and talk about it without anyone else seeing it,” he told Junkee. “The whole review was a bone Malcom Turnbull threw to the fundamentalists in his own party, and has been a stitch-up from day one.”

 Prominent marriage equality advocate Rodney Croome has also called on the government to release the full report.

 “The recommendations of the Ruddock Review will have a direct and possibly damaging impact on the LGBTI community, so it is vital the results are released immediately.”

 “The devil will be in the detail and we deserve to see that detail straight away.”

 “The Ruddock Review has operated under a cloud of alleged secrecy and bias so the least the Government can do is be honest and upfront now the Review’s work is done.” Junkee
RWNJ James Paterson supporting religious privilege in a Sky TV interview 

Trump didn't know the difference between HIV and HPV - Bill Gates (video)

Bill Gates has spilled the beans during a gathering of the Gates Foundation recently, on what Trump was like in meetings with Gates (video below). At one point Gates described a meeting thus:
The Microsoft co-founder was telling the crowd about a meeting at Trump Tower during the presidential transition and another other at the White House in 2017, The Hill reported.

 "Both times he wanted to know if there was a difference between HPV and HIV," Gates said, according to the footage shown on MSNBC's "All in with Chris Hayes." "So I was able to explain that those were rarely confused with each other." Newsmax
Yes folks, not that we didn't know this, but Trump has proven himself yet again to be an ignorant buffoon. Just when you think there couldn't be anything else from this man that would shock you.....

BTW for those interested, the HPV vaccine was in fact invented in Australia by Professor Ian Fraser, who was able to see his idea in the 80's come to fruition and use across the world. He gave the first vaccine injection himself in Australia to a Queensland school girl. Australia was the first country in the world to include the HPV vaccine in it's vaccine schedule, and today they're even talking about the eradication of cervical cancer being possible in Australia. In 2013 the then Labor gov included boys in the vaccination too.

To me it was like a miracle vaccine. At one point my late wife had a small dose of cervical cancer which they caught in time and were able to treat effectively. But that didn't change that it was the big "C" word and all the worry and anxiety it caused at the time for the family. 

But I don't have to worry about my daughter now (27) who was immunised early on as a school girl. To think that the leader of the free world knows nothing about this beggars belief.

Friday, 18 May 2018

The new Murphy Brown trailer (video)

The new Murphy Brown trailer is here :) 
The new Murphy Brown has a combination of old and new cast members, including Nik Dodani, Faith Ford, Joe Regalbuto, and Grant Shaud. CBS has ordered 13 episodes.

 During CBS’ upfront presentation on Wednesday, the network screened behind-the-scenes footage which included Bergen declaring, “We’re taking on this world of alternative facts and fake news.”

Bergen explained there’s no footage because they didn’t shoot a pilot. “We wanted to stay really topical so we didn’t shoot a pilot because if we did we’d already be several news cycles and Stormys out of date,” she said. “[Cable news] is populated with all kinds, like the Hannitys of the world and actual journalists too.” Entertainment Weekly

Thursday, 17 May 2018

The Australian Conservatives are selling tacky merchandise online

Cori Bernardi's new Australian Conservatives party, recently joined by Lyle Shelton after he was turfed from being captain of the Australian Christian Lobby, is selling incredibly crappy Australian Conservative stuff online. All of which looks like it could very well be made in China, apart from the printed books I guess.

This is yet another hilarious chapter in what will be the enormous bellyflop of doom by the party at the coming federal election. It's like watching a trainwreck slowly unfold over time. Fascinating. 

You can find the crap here.

So, hard core conservatives don't drink any of that nancy boy wine folks, they drink beer

Yet despite their toughness and viscous anti-gay-ness, they're just big teddy bears at heart.

With lapel pins to poke out the eyes of lefties.

And spinning keyrings to while away those boring times when forced to listen to a leftie statement.
And most important of all, the brainwashing tools.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

6 months since the Yes vote won marriage equality (video)

It was the most hateful, lying, vindictive and negative campaign that I've ever seen in my life against any minority in Australia or New Zealand. LGBT predictions of a tsunami of hate and bile against who we are soon came to fruition on the campaign platform, with all manner of fringe dwellers given a reason to legitimise their bigotry under the banner of the No vote; it was "OK to say no".

Yet bruised and battered, we got through it somehow or other. Albeit I will look back at the postal vote as an extremely bad experience and one that wasn't needed. It felt like even that last metre of the fight for equality had been added a huge hurdle at the last minute, by the bitter and twisted white middle aged angry Catholic men in the gov. It was wrong and everyone knew it, not the least being us. But we had no choice but to participate; a No vote would have been devastating and allow the RWNJ's to delay marriage equality for years to come.

So the LGBT community mobilised and set about winning the Yes vote. It was a tough job as we were outspent 5 to one by the No side. Nevertheless Australian minds had been made up long ago, and no amount of campaigning from the No side was going to change that. The large turnout of 80% of registered voters taking part in the survey was telling; people were fed up with the gov blocking this year after year and had now been given the opportunity to tell the gov "FFS Yes! Now pull your finger out and just for fucks sake vote on it to pass!"

We now know the convincing victory we had. But a costly one. It'll take years for the LGBT to digest and deal with the venom unleashed by this gov during the survey. All because Turnbull didn't have the balls to call a free conscience vote against the wishes of the party RWNJ's. Our victory was very bittersweet. 

I think fair minded Australians's saw what the campaign was doing to us, and they stepped in having our back. Australians don't like to see people being bullied and will stick up for the underdog (well all the Aussies I've known and met would). It became clear that the gov was bullying us and giving licence for us to be demonised yet again. But on this occasion fairness prevailed.