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Abbott has spoken against gay marriage to those who vandalised inner Sydney gay murals

Abbott speaks against gay marriage at Lebanese Maronite Catholic mass meeting
There's more information that has come to light in regard to the Facebook group "Christian Lives Matter", who have been threatening violence against the gay community in the inner west of Sydney and have defaced gay murals in that area. They are a group of people from the western suburb block of 12 No voting electorates and part of the Lebanese Maronite Christian community. 

From The Stirrer:
Both were vandalised by a group of young men from Christian Lives Matter, apparently in response to the country voting overwhelming to let LGBTI marry. Now, I know little about them, but I understand they are from the Lebanese Maronite Christian community, and claim to be ‘defending their religion’. The Stirrer
I've never heard of them, and likely very few people in the eastern suburbs have either, certainly not within the gay community here. Despite us not having the faintest idea who they are, or them having the faintest idea who we are, they have chosen to judge our relationships as being wrong because the bible. Going so far as to commit vandalism in our community to art they don't approve of.
From "Christian Lives Matter" Facebook page

I guess it's understandable, as religious zealots never take no for an answer to something that "the bible says". Just typical really. Of course the worry here is of the threats of violence from these people via Facebook to our community, where they don't live and obviously know nothing about. If they want to have delusions about an invisible sky man and talking snake they so be it, they have every right to do that, just as much as me following the Flying Spaghetti Monster. But they have absolutely no right to vandalise innocent law abiding people's property because of their religion, or threaten violence.

The Stirrer article goes on to encourage dialogue between the LGBT and the Maronite Christians to increase understanding between our two groups, that we're no threat to their religion and there's no need for them to feel they have to threaten us. I totally agree. Getting to know us as just people like them has been the thrust of the whole marriage equality campaign for years. Ignorance is the enemy.

There's no doubt that this could get right out of hand though if they keep coming in to our community and vandalising it. We LGBT won't be putting up with their bullshit. Tempers will flare and confrontation could unfortunately end in violence, which nobody wants to see.

Lyle Shelton and Miranda Devine have already been called out by the mayor of the inner west of Sydney for stoking the fires, supporting them in their vandalism of artwork. Surprisingly though it appears there's been another person guilty of this, albeit perhaps unaware? As an update to The Stirrer article it has come to light that at the beginning of the postal survey Tony Abbott attended the Lebanese Maronite Catholic group in western Sydney to drum up support for a No vote against gay marriage.

Take it as you will, whether you blame Turnbull for this whole postal survey and the hate it's inflamed, Tony Abbott for using the survey for inflammatory words against the LGBT community, or both. It's definitely very wrong in hindsight, virtually lighting the match IMO. The media said Abbott wasn't campaigning against us but that was obviously wrong. From The Catholic Weekly:
Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott addressed a packed hall of Maronite Catholics in Punchbowl on September 2, urging them to make their voices heard in the upcoming plebiscite on same-sex marriage. 

Speaking before an audience that included the Maronite Bishop of Australia, Bishop Antoine-Charbel Tarabay, Mr Abbott lauded the contribution of the Maronite community to Australia, praising Maronite families, workers and business people for their exemplary citizenship. 

 “A silent majority that remains silent ceases to remain a majority,” Mr Abbott said. 

“You love our country; that’s what today’s meeting is all about … trying to have the very best country that we can.” 

The family was the bedrock of the communities that make up Australia, Mr Abbott said, and marriage was fundamental in protecting children and families. 

 “Yes, love is so important. But in the end, marriage is about the welfare of the kids; it’s about the protection of the family. 

“And that’s why it’s so important that we don’t do anything to water (marriage) down, (that) we don’t do anything that would lead to reduced respect and protection for the families of Australia.” The Catholic Weekly
There's so much coded language in that. "Family" is always used by No people as code for hetero families as the only real families. He brings in patriotism to Australia, even suggesting voting Yes would be unpatriotic - "If you love our country...."  And WTF is "protecting children" supposed to mean, that gays are paedophiles? That's certainly a dog whistle. He even goes on to say "marriage is about the welfare of the kids", another dog whistle. And of course "protection of the family", meaning LGBT don't really have families as they're not straight.

The most audacious is at the end where he says it's important "we don;t do anything that would lead to reduced respect and protection for the families of Australia" WTF? What about rainbow families? What are they Martians? What about what the postal survey and Abbott's drumming up of hate did to them? And now look at the result; we have vigilante Christians coming into our community with the intent for vandalism and violence.

Abbott with Maronite youth leaders
ACL article header

Header for "Christian Lives Matter" Facebook page

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Natasha has a new "Grasshopper" - pics :)

Natasha, younger than we thought she was at only 13, has a new student. Little Cloe is such a sweet little thing Natasha has taken her under her paw. Even to the point of letting her cuddle up on their favourite sleeping places.

It's a real surprise because Natasha can be a real bitch when another female is in her space, but not this time. They just get on really well.

Bottom picture is another night of The Bird. Same magpie keeps coming around at about the same time every evening. Cloe is still pouncing and ending up stuck on the screen.  


Fringe dwelling Lyle Shelton has close ties with "Christian dominionist" theology - historian

QLD election Toowoomba 2006
Chrys Stevenson is an historian and has in 2011 written an article that goes very deeply into the history of both the Australian Christian Lobby and Lyle Shelton. He traces the influences that shaped Shelton as he grew up and embraced them. It's clear that Shelton adheres to Christian "dominionist" theology; the idea that Christians must infiltrate all levels of gov to make laws according to their strict conservative religious views.
If this sounds like some kind of extreme left-wing conspiracy theory (and I'm well aware that it does!) take a look at the website for the NACL where the dominionist rationale is clearly laid out:

"Either Christian morality or Humanist amorality will prevail. Christians must be in positions of leadership to decide which it will be. Said one Christian politician, 'I didn't believe Christians should impose our traditional moral values and ideals on those that opposed them, so I did nothing, and they in time imposed their immorality on me ... If we do not support the legislation of Christian morality, we allow the legislation of humanist immorality."

When Yates stepped down as the ACL's chief of staff, the role was taken on by Lyle Shelton. The ACL could hardly have found a candidate with a finer dominionist pedigree.

Lyle Shelton is the son of Ian Shelton, pastor of Toowoomba City Church, a "transformation" ministry which grew out of the now defunct Logos Foundation, a cultish group closely associated with dominionist and reconstructionist theology.

Apparently, Shelton Snr joined Logos in the early 1980s when Lyle was in his pre-teens. When the group folded in the wake of its leader's sexual indiscretions, it was resurrected by Shelton in the guise of the Toowoomba City Church. Shelton Senior's vision is for Toowoomba to become:
"a transformed city where all the spheres - sport/arts/leisure, welfare, health, media & information, law/police/judiciary, politics & government, business & commerce, education - ... come under the lordship of Christ."
Prior to joining the ACL, Lyle worked with Summit Ministries Australia, an offshoot of an American organisation headed by Christian dominionist, David Noebel.

 In the 70s, with the communist threat fast diminishing, Noebel was among the first to employ anti-gay rhetoric as a new focus for fundamentalist fear-mongering - a strategy put to good use by the Australian Christian Lobby. According to Noebel in The Battle for Truth:
"[G]overnment exists not so much to create laws as to secure laws, to apply God's laws to general and specific situations ... False law-making - such as 'concessions to the majority' as a basis for the legalisation of abortion, homosexuality, pedophilia or incest - will not be tolerated by God."

 Summit's clearly stated goal is to "prepare tomorrow's servant leaders to engage and transform our culture."
For some years, Summit Australia held a "biblical world view conference" in Australia. Far from distancing himself from this den of dominionists, Jim Wallace, managing director of the ACL, was on the programmes for 2006 and 2007 along with David Noebel and Darrell Furgason. Shelton was recruited from Summit to the ACL in 2006. ABC
Stevenson observes even back in 2011 the undue influence Shelton and the ACL has over the Australian Federal gov. In doing so he points out that if this were Muslims demanding religious laws of their own be passed by gov there'd rightly be outrage. One such radical Muslim was even banished from the Lakemba Mosque for demanding just that. That it's time the Australian gov saw the ACL and Shelton for what they really are; extremists who don't deserve to be part of the democratic processes in Australia, let alone given the voice and influence they have. 
The Australian Christian Lobby is so intimately linked with dominionist theology it beggars belief that it does not subscribe to its aims. Nobody denies that, in a democracy, all citizens have a right to have their voice heard in the public square. But, the privileged role accorded to the ACL by our political leaders must now be questioned. 

Just as responsible Muslims have distanced themselves from the lunatic ravings of Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon, it is time for the leaders of Australia's mainstream Christian churches to publicly disassociate themselves from the right-wing, extremist, divisive dominionism of the ACL. 

Perhaps, in their intimate association with the ACL, our government is conforming to the maxim, "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer." But, as citizens of a multicultural, multi-faith, multi-denominational, secular, democratic society, Australians - of all faiths and none - should "beware the enemy within." ABC  
Remember he's talking about the Labor Gillard gov back in 2011. Yet this gov is even more intimately linked to the ACL and Shelton. Almost tied at the hip, to the point where the ACL even drafted a marriage discrimination bill. 

After all Shelton did run for the National party in the QLD 2006 state election and became an advisor to Barnaby Joyce after failing to get office. The ACL seems almost a branch of the National party rather than an independent body. Jobs for the boys? 

Monday, 20 November 2017

Senator Dean Smith, Christine Forster and Polly at the Stonewall Hotel (Video)

For those who may not realise, The Stonewall is a gay pub on Oxford St in Sydney. Polly has been part of Oxford St for decades, Christine Forster is Tony Abbott's gay sister, and Dean Smith is the gay Liberal senator from Western Australia and author of the consensus marriage equality bill presented in the federal senate last week. Quite a thing for them all to be together like that.


Lyle Shelton praises christian vandals destroying art inner west Sydney

Both Lyle Shelton and Miranda Devine have been called out by the Mayor of Sydney's inner west for supporting the christian vandals that are attacking art work around the inner west.

Called "Christian Lives Matter" they are religious extremists who won't accept the results of the national postal survey, coming from the 12 seat block in western Sydney that voted No to create trouble in Newton, a big gay area of Sydney.

Shelton and Devine should absolutely be ashamed of themselves for supporting a group that is threatening violence to LGBT in the inner west. 


Fuck you western Sydney

Westie idiots religious nutters censored this, painting it black
I'm angry. I'm fuming.

I have stood up for minorities all my life. If you persecute and hate them you may well one day find yourself in one. Old people who get discriminated against and can't get a job because they're either old or disabled. Young people being trashed by this gov in work-for-the-dole slave labour when there's no job's. Muslims when the gov demonises them for political gain. Asylum seekers who they've labelled as criminals.

In such a case I think it would be only natural for fellow minorities to support us LGBT minority. But in western Sydney, not even that far from where I live in the east, you didn't. You fucked us over in western Sydney in a cluster of 12 seats voting up to 74% No against David and I's love. 

Fuck your bible. Fuck your Koran. Fuck your stupid "cultural" excuses. Australia has comprehensively rejected them all. What you need to do now is get over it and get over yourselves. Australia is a place of multiculturalism and diversity. If you can't accept that then why did you come here? I'm from New Zealand and an immigrant too BTW. I didn't come here bringing religion and prejudice.

Western Sydney has long been a thorn in the side of gay Sydney in the east. You've ruined Oxford st making it into what is probably the most policed area in Sydney. You come in here time after time, making trouble and bashing us as we leave gay pubs. The result is over policing, the gay pubs getting a reputation for violence because of your misbehavour, and leading to the lockout laws that have fucked up everything. 

Fuck you. You lost homophobes. Suck lemons (being polite there). Drag you knuckle dragging heads into this bloody century. 

And don't come come in to our space and censor our legal art. Just fuck off assholes. 

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Gay mural painted over in black by religous No people (video)

By artist Scott Marsh
 Update: A man has been charged by police for painting over another of the same artists murals :) 

The people who painted over this with black paint weren't even local to Sydney's Newtown district, which is one of the biggest gay areas in Sydney. They accuse it of being "porn" even though the artwork has been shown in full in news reports with no pixelation at all (including the one below). So they used rollers to paint over it in black paint.

The irony that the No side were the ones carrying on about freedom of speech escape them. Here they are censoring art because religion.

They also were still banging on that it's wrong for two men to be married because the bible. They don't seem to realise they lost the debate in the survey fair and square. They need to just get over it.


Canavan says ignoring the electorate on gay marriage is "principled"

Talk about a sore loser. Canavan should grow a spine and accept defeat. Even Abbott has said he will now support marriage equality, along with dopey Dutton. Both have been stalwarts against gay marriage for decades, with Abbott even traveling to the US on two occasions to speak against it at the hate group Alliance Defending Freedom.

Canavan however just won't give up.
Matt Canavan, a Queensland Nationals senator who opposes gay marriage, argues listening to constituents is unprincipled, after a $122 million postal vote survey showed 61.6 per cent support for redefining matrimony.

'You’ve got to be genuine and hold to your convictions,' he told Sky News on Sunday.

'This idea that somehow you should change your fundamental principles and views because a majority of people in your electorate may not agree with you, I find that diminishes the credibility of politicians. You’ve got to be authentic.' Daily Mail  

Saturday, 18 November 2017

The ACL drafted the conservatives marriage discrimination bill

Shelton's worst nightmare gets ever closer :)
Yes you read that headline right. The Australian Christian Lobby (ie Lyle Shelton) drafted the conservatives marriage discrimination bill that Paterson was planning to bring before parliament for debate, opposing the consensus Dean Smith bill. Yes, this is how fuckin low the RWNJ's in the gov stooped. Desperate to produce their own bullshit for same sex marriage, they turned to the unrepresentative fringe dwellers of the ACL 

Said fringe dwelling extremist of the ACL don't even represent mainstream Christians let alone mainstream Australian's. Unless they've had a major hiring drive they'd still only have the same amount of full time employees as last year, being only eleven. I assume Shelton's influence over the gov stems from him once being a National party candidate in Queensland and a political advisor to Barnaby Joyce. 

In any case such a drafting of legislation by an extremist group such as the ACL says volumes about the far right nutters in the gov. Not to mention it being completely inappropriate and wrong in a secular state. You can't have a religious body of whatever ilk writing legislation in a country such as Australia. Un-fuckin-believable!
In the dying days of the campaign, when it became increasingly likely that “Yes” would triumph, one of Abbott’s mates from the Institute of Public Affairs, Senator James Paterson, gave flesh to the sort of political correctness they wanted to reject. And that is the political correctness that says it is unacceptable and illegal to discriminate against anyone on the basis of gender, race, religion or sexuality. 

MPs who worked with Paterson on the committee looking at section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act say he is a zealot in wanting to abolish all safeguards against discrimination. His libertarian world view sees it as nanny state intrusion. So while claiming he voted “Yes” in the survey, he came up with a bill, prepared for him by the Australian Christian Lobby, that would dramatically extend “freedom of religion” into a much broader “freedom to discriminate” against homosexuals. 

 The bill came up with a new concept of “relevant belief”. You don’t have to be even a minister of religion or an adherent of any religion, providing you have a conscientious belief that gays should not have the same rights as everybody else. It was that bad. Even for Paterson, the penny dropped – at least it did after a meeting with Turnbull. Late on Wednesday afternoon he gave up trying to introduce his bill. He will now attempt to heavily amend his colleague Dean Smith’s bill. Apart from time-wasting it will be a doomed undertaking. Turnbull and Bill Shorten won’t be alone in resisting any winding back of Australia’s anti-discrimination laws. The Saturday Paper  

Congratulations to the Yes campaign

We didn't want the postal survey but we stepped up to give it our all. What a wonderful testament to those dedicated to equality and to our LGBT community that fought so strongly for our rights.

Friday, 17 November 2017

The HIV Undetectables (video)

The other day I came across a Tweet by a No campaigner who was asserting that gay marriage would mean more people would "catch AIDS". Such has been the sheer ignorance and lies from the No side.

I replied in the usual manner to such ignorance; that you can't "catch AIDS" as it's a condition that develops without taking meds, and that I'd been HIV undetectable for years which means I can't pass it on even in unsafe sex (yes that's right in study after study).

So for people who still stigmatize us with HIV then this video is for you.


RWNJ's caving on Dean Smith's consensus marriage equality bill

Well well well. It seems the RWNJ's have been rather stunned by the strength of the Yes vote in the postal survey that they designed to fail. I suspect many of those who went on the electoral role just to vote in the survey were doing it out of sheer frustration at the gov continually blocking LGBT equality. The resulting Yes vote was nothing less than a huge slap in the face for the RWNJ's in their delusional world where they think the majority of the public supports them.

Now they appear to be slowly giving up on throwing a spanner in the works of the Dean Smith bill by putting up endless religious protections and are instead in favour of a completely separate bill for religious exemptions to be put up next year. It looks like even they realise their support against marriage equality never existed as they imagined and it's now untenable tor them to block and delay equality after the public voted yes in the survey the conservatives demanded.

There was no "silent majority" of those against marriage equality. It was nothing more than a figment of conservative imagination.
Leading conservative cabinet minister Peter Dutton has intervened in the debate about same-sex marriage laws, slapping down calls for sweeping changes to senator Dean Smith's proposed legislation but suggesting a new "religious protections" bill may be introduced in 2018. 

And Treasurer Scott Morrison has also indicated he would also back a new "religious protections" bill, telling Fairfax Media that "right now we should deal with same-sex marriage, but wherever there is a chance to back religious protections, I will do so". 

Senator Smith, one of the architects of the same-sex marriage law that Parliament began debating on Thursday, suggested amendments designed to offer legal exemptions for religious groups and organisations may better fit elsewhere in " the legal architecture of our country". 

The comments from Mr Dutton and Mr Morrison, two senior conservative figures in the Turnbull government, who both supported a "no" vote, suggest opposition to same-sex marriage is evaporating. Sydney Morning Herald  

Why western Sydney voted No in the postal survey - The Feed (video)

Whilst Australia celebrates the yes vote winning the postal survey on marriage, people are asking WTF is going on in western Sydney> Out of 17 electorates across Australia that individually voted No, 12 of them are in western Sydney. The electorate of Blaxland being the highest No vote in the country at 74%. Eastern Sydney on the other hand voted nearly 84% Yes. 


Thursday, 16 November 2017

Australia says Yes - Angry Aussie (video)

Lyle's worse nightmare closer to reality
Angry gives his take on yesterdays marriage equality postal survey results, which was a resounding Yes from Australians.

Those in the failed No camp have already started raving on that you can't ignore the 38% of people who voted no. If so WTF was the point of having the survey in the first place? The survey that they wanted. I know for sure if the Yes vote only got 38% to the No's 61%, the No camp would definitely be ignoring us.


Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Smith introduces marriage equality bill to parliament - conservatives cave & abandon theirs (video)

Gay Liberal senator of WA Dean Smith has wasted no time and introduced his consensus marriage equality bill into the senate today (transcript of his speech below).

At the same time the conservatives marriage discrimination bill (that would have seen David and I being refused service by commercial businesses, against current state anti-discrimination law) has been abandoned for lack of support, even within the Liberal party itself. The anti-marriage equality brigade now favour putting up amendments to the Dean Smith bill. Such amendments would be subject to parliamentary debate and scrutiny, and any such amendments that transgress anti-discrimination law would be extremely likely to fail. The far right may have Turnbull by the balls but they don't have the parliament, particularly the senate where the gov is in a minority. 

The resounding Yes vote has been a huge blow to the RWNJ's in the gov and they now have no choice but to capitulate to the verdict of the postal survey that they demanded of us. The pressure is on by the leaders of the gov to get marriage equality over and done with and out of the way as a pending election issue. Turnbull is even saying against the wishes of the right that it will happen by Christmas. Has he finally found his balls? 

No, I'm not at all thankful to the Liberal and National party coalition for this. This has been far far far too long in coming with David and I's life being used by the coalition to address their internal problems of entrenched homophobia. The LGBT have been put through the wringer over years, repeatedly attempting to get the parliament to act only to have our efforts shot down in flames. Yes Labor rejected marriage equality too a few years back but at least they've learned and modernised their position. This gov has been the most recalcitrant and hardline opponents of gays in decades.