Saturday, 29 April 2017

Cat report - heater cats, birdwatching kittens, cat love :)

The kittens Cloe and Casper are growing up fast. Here they are together brother and sister birdwatching. There was a bird on the washing line looking straight back at them.

Zac has been kept extremely busy with the kittens. He's not even had time to over groom himself anymore and so all his fur has grown back. I think Natasha the old girl has missed him a bit in all this, but we bought out the winter heater the other day for the first time this year and they were back together in front of their beloved heater. Natasha bought him up and he'll always be her boy. Natasha is 15 and Zac about two and a half.

Zac has his little girl Cloe new. Here they are sunning themselves in the cat box in the afternoon. Not long after this Zac was holding her down to wash her.

*Click to enlarge :)

Friday, 28 April 2017

Survivors of anti-gay Chechnya concentration camps speak - video

Gays tell of their ordeals in Chechnyan concentration camps. The gov of Chechnya says gays don't exist in the country and if they did they'd be killed. 

Meanwhile, a reporter has gone in to hiding and plans to leave Russia after radical Muslim clerics announced a jihad on journalists for breaking the story of the gay concentration camps.

A prominent Russian reporter who revealed horrific details of a crackdown on gay men in Chechnya has told CNN she is in hiding after receiving death threats.

 Elena Milashina, a journalist at the Russian-language Novaya Gazeta newspaper, said she abandoned her apartment in Moscow and plans to leave Russia altogether after Muslim clerics in Chechnya delivered a fiery sermon calling for "retribution" against her and other journalists.

"This is the first time we got that kind of threat, when 15,000 people got together in a mosque and announced jihad against all the staff of Novaya Gazeta," Milashina told CNN in an interview. "It will last forever until the last of us dies."

Speaking to a packed mosque in the regional capital, Grozny, the clerics adopted a resolution calling for the "instigators" of the reports to be held to account. The sermon was broadcast in full on regional state television in Chechen and independently transcribed for CNN.

The editorial board of Novaya Gazeta released a statement calling the sermon "an incitement to massacre journalists." Shortly afterwards, the newspaper received two envelopes filled with white powder CNN

Westpac Bank rules out funding Adani - Hooray!

Westpac rules out backing Adani coal mine - SBS
Thanks to a lot of action from the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC), Westpac has now ruled out funding the massive carbon bomb coal mine planned for Queensland. They are the last big Australian bank to do so.

Adani is now high and dry for funding, but there remains the Lieberal Federal gov willing to step in with $1 billion of taxpayers money to prop it up. The pressure will now be put on the gov fair and square not to do this. One wonders how the gov could allow the Australian car industry to die, yet prop up Adani's dirty coal mine?

From the AYCC email:

Together, we just dealt a massive blow to the Adani coal mine. Westpac has ruled out investing in new thermal coal basins, which means no funding for Adani’s coal mine. Together with our collective power, grassroots strength and refusal to take ‘no’ for an answer, we finally won!!

 This means that, because of you, every big Australian bank has now distanced themselves from investing in the biggest coal mine in the Southern Hemisphere. We are so much more powerful than we are led to believe.

 Right now though, the Adani coal mine has one remaining lifeline - Prime Minister Turnbull wants to set aside $1 billion of your money to fund this coal mine. Over the next fortnight, our Government needs to hear from thousands of people about why they should rule out funding this coal mine.

 With the Federal Budget in two weeks, and a decision expected soon, now is our opportunity to send the Australian Government a message they can’t ignore: young people don’t want them to use our money to fund this coal mine. There will be actions at MP offices, a big creative stunt in Canberra and we’ll flood social media with our message.
You can contribute to the cause here.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Put Australia first in US alliance - ex PM Keating

Ex PM Paul Keating has given a speech at the Lowy Institute calling for Australia to put it's own interests first in stead of just tagging along with every US action. Presently it seems that those in Canberra are too scared to speak out and disagree with the US over anything.
Speaking at the Lowy Institute in Sydney, the former Labor prime minister said the alliance with the US did not mandate slavish devotion to American demands “as the Uriah Heeps of this world” – a reference to Dickens’ fulsome character from David Copperfield.

 “The alliance, if we had no document anymore, we would remain friends with the United States into the future. We’ve been in every battle [alongside the US] since the first world war. We’ve got a whole lot of cultural and historical common ground but this idea [exists] that we, as a sort of client state, have to shape up all the time or ship out – a view that is pretty much ingrained these days in Canberra – we have to get along with them otherwise they’ll shoo us away.

“Look at the French attacks on the US over Iraq and yet France enjoys a normal relationship with the United States today. The Canadians the same.

 “This idea that we’ve got to be the Uriah Heeps of this world, dragging along behind them. We should be running an altogether independent foreign policy, with much more independence within the alliance structure.

 “Australia should be putting its interests first.” The Guardian

"Pulse Victims Got What They Deserved" pastor gets 35 yrs for child molesting - US (video)

What a lovely title that is above. Yes folks, karma. 

A straight christian pastor, who has in the past demonised gays as being child molesters no doubt and who said that the victims of the Pulse/Orlando nightclub shooting "got what they deserved", has himself been convicted and sentenced to 35 years for molesting children.

Yes folks, his inner straight child molesting desires were projected onto us LGBT, when really his hatred of himself was his own problem and not ours.

He professed his innocence until the end, blaming gays for having a vendeta against him.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Iran arrests 30 people for sodomy - will be subject to anal exams

Honestly, WTF is wrong with these people? This is just sick. If it wasn't for the west buying their oil that the whole place seems to be floating on I'm sure these religious nutters would still be riding around on donkeys in the desert. But don't expect the west to stop buying their oil out of moral outrage or anything anytime soon. More likely another stupid invasion to "free the people" there/control the oil. But that's another story.....  Roll on green energy eh?

Iran, apparently bound to an archaic and anachronistic religion, appears to have bypassed the enlightenment and chosen to put their heads in the zealot sands of Muslim extremism. It has arrested 30 people in a raid on a private party there, some of them allegedly identifying as straight. They have been charged with sodomy, the officials outing them to their families.

They will now be subjected to sodomy from Iran's medical people, or as they put it anal tests to prove they're gay. The courts in Iran can use "evidence" from these absurd medical examinations as evidence that they are in fact gay.

This despite the fact of course that in reality some gays don't partake in anal sex at all, or are "tops" and don't like to be fucked. Despite the fact that some straight guys like anal sex with their women partners. The anal test to prove being gay is completely absurd and condemned by medics in the modern world as being so. It's not the job of doctors to rape people with objects and thereby violating their charter to do no harm.

Iran has the death sentence for gays, and the judge can use "evidence" from these anal examinations in sentencing men to this death penalty. So Iran's doctors will take part in raping men with objects and them being sentenced to death. FFS.

IRQR received several reports in last few days and were able to confirm that police attacked guests and physically beat them. Police detained them all at the Basij (Revolutionary Guard Militia) Station and then transferred them to Esfahan’s Dastgerd Prison. A few people managed to escape and we received reports that there were several heterosexual individuals among those arrested.

 After a few days, all the families were informed by Basij that their sons were arrested for Sodomy. A special persecutor has been assigned to their cases and they were charged with sodomy, drinking alcohol, and using psychedelic drugs. It was reported that prisoners will be sent to Esfahan’s Medical Jurisprudence department for anal examination in order to provide evidence of homosexual acts to the court.

 According to the Islamic Punishment Code in Iran, homosexuality is punishable by death and a judge is able to sentence them based on valid evidence such as a medical report. IRQR

"Hurts" music video by Beautiful Ones

The video goes in reverse, starting at the end where an LGBT person has just run down his three attackers. It follows through the events that led up to this, again in reverse, where it all started in an LGBT safe space.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Chechnya’s leader wants LGBT gone there by May26th (Ramadan)

Tough guy Chechnian leader scared shitless of LGBT :s
In a gross display of Islamic extremism to Chechnyan LGBT people, the president of Chechnya has said that he wants LGBT people eliminated in the country by May 26th being the beginning of Ramadan.

This is genocide of a minority.

For whatever political or religious reason, this is a cowardly act to aim death and destruction at a helpless minority. Ramzan Kadyrov may appear to be tough by doing so amongst the homophobic nation that is Russia, but in reality he appears to be extremely weak by western standards in that he scared shitless of a few poofs. 

Us in the west can see his fear. Fear of difference. Fear of Muslim extremism that he might offend. To us he's a gutless wonder. Yet this gutless coward is waging war on our LGBT community that exists in Chechnya. Surrounded by his "manly" gov of scared fools.

The president of Chechnya has issued a chilling warning to gay men in the region.

Britain’s deputy foreign secretary revealed the terrifying threat from the Chechen leader while taking an urgent question on the situation in parliament.

 Sir Alan Duncan, Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, told parliament: “Human rights groups report that these anti-gay campaigns and killings are orchestrated by the head of the Chechen republic, Ramzan Kadyrov.

“He has carried out other violent campaigns in the past, and this time he is directing his efforts at the LGBT community.

“Sources have said that he wants the [LGBT] community eliminated by the start of Ramadan.” The minister added:

“Such comments, attitudes and actions are absolutely beyond contemptible.”

PinkNews has spoken to the Foreign Office, who verified that President Kadyrov had made the threat in local Russian language media, seen by the UK government.

Ramadan starts on May 26 this year, and is widely celebrated in Chechnya, which is a predominantly Muslim area. Pink News

Cashless welfare card add produced & distributed by card's creator :s

Good grief. How dumb do they think we are. The Indue cashless welfare card has a new add. However the organisation that put the add out has the creator of the card running it Andrew Forrest, and  it doesn't say so.

What's more, like the gov, it uses only positive stats and anecdotal evidence from the interim report released the other month. Of course now people are crying foul.

I dread to think if they demanded I go on to some stupid card like that. How the fuck would the rent get paid? Not to mention lack of choice and control over my life.

The mining magnate Andrew Forrest has been accused of lacking transparency after his philanthropic organisation, the Minderoo Foundation, launched an ad promoting the cashless welfare card that didn’t disclose his role as its chairman.

 Forrest is the architect of the card, and made it a key recommendation in a review he led for the federal government on Indigenous employment. Since the card was adopted by the government and rolled out in trial communities in Western Australia and South Australia, Forrest has been advocating its wider implementation.

The video advertisement is voiced by Aboriginal elder Ian Trust, who founded Aboriginal development organisation the Wunan Foundation in the East Kimberley. It uses animation to highlight the card’s success, and promotes data from the one-year evaluation of the card’s trial published in October.

 The ad says the card has led to a reduction in alcohol-related violence, but does not mention other findings from the report, including that 49% of those on the card said it had made their life worse. The ad states that children are “going to school more”, but does not provide the source of this data. The Guardian

Monday, 24 April 2017

End the US alliance - IPAN

Have never heard of IPAN (Independent Peaceful Australia Network), but this statement of theirs has been signed by some very influential people so far.

People in Australia are sick to death of gov's from both major parties here just following the US without question. 

The Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN) is campaigning to keep Australia out of wars being waged by the United States of America and says that the military alliance must be put to an end.

 Military alliance with the United States has “involved that complicity of successive Australian governments in US global military agendas, [and] undermines Australia’ peace, security and sovereignty,” a new IPAN statement says.

 The statement is now being circulated and has already been signed by John Pilger (journalist, author and film maker); David Bradbury (Australian documentary film maker); Julian Burnside AO (Barrister); Greg Barns (Past President, Australian Lawyers Alliance); Professor Peter Norden, AO, RMIT University Melbourne; Jeannie Rea (National President, National Tertiary Education Union); Trevor Monti QC; Colin Long (Secretary, NTEU Vic Branch); Prof. Richard Tanter; Robert Stary (Criminal Defence Lawyer); Geoff Hogg (artist); Medical Association for Prevention of War, Maritime Union of Australia, amongst many others. The Pen


When depression shrinks your world

Going to see the psychologist later today. Yesterday felt very low. Tired and sick. Literally.

Was feeling ill as often happens when your kidney's aren't going the best. Ill to the point of dizzy. The kidney's make a hormone that tells your body to make red blood cells, but if they aren't working so well the number of red blood cells reduces in your body, which are responsible for oxygen absorption. So your body ends up short on oxygen, hence dizzy. Aching muscles, and feeling generally off colour.

Which is what I was yesterday. Spent most of the day lying in bed as felt quite dizzy all the time when I got up. My world shrinks when in a mood like that. I feel closed in inside the house, apart from the unpredictable outside world past the front door. the walls of the house become almost like a fortress of safety. I hear the traffic outside going past, people walking past chatting, but I don't feel part of it. 

Depression does that though. It separates you from other people and you don't want to engage. The day can become an exercise in tasks being obstacles, not matter how small they may be. Even everyday things can seem insurmountable, like just getting up out of bed. I did get up yesterday and took my pills, then promptly went back to bed. We had a friend here watching some of our latest movies, but I apologised going back to bed. Felt horrible on every level.

Cripes dunno where I'd be without the 225mg of Efexor a day. But depression is an ongoing condition (well for me anyway) so it's logical to treat it. Plus the psychologist is part of that.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Aussie dad uses ute to support marriage for gay son

A previously homophobic father in Sydney, after his son came out as gay 12 years ago, has changed his thinking and now supports marriage equality. His reasons for doing so are simple logic - it's a human rights issue.

He has also plastered his near new ute with marriage equality signs.

“I spent nine years in the army, I’m a Vietnam veteran, I was a plumbing contractor,” he said. “I was conditioned to be homophobic, and then one day my son comes out to me.

“I had to ask myself the question – what is it about gays that I didn’t like? After that, I decided it was unfounded fear, ignorance and prejudice. Then I came to the view that my son wasn’t equal in law and that really got up my nose, so I became a very strong advocate for marriage equality.

“I’d had this talk with some people and I said, ‘Every man and his dog supports marriage equality’. And I thought, I’ll put that on my ute!”


“To me it’s a civil rights issue. It’s got nothing to do with religion, nothing to do with gay people having babies. In the 12 years I’ve been advocating for this, I’m yet to hear a reasonable argument against it.” Buzzfeed

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Blissful lap cat - pic :)

Natasha will be fifteen years old shortly, but she's still going strong. She likes to sleep on the bed with me when I'm not well, often these days long into the day as I've just been so tired with the kidney thing. Here she is sleeping on me as I watch telly with my feet up. Cat bliss :) *click to enlarge.

Chechnyan gay man tells of abduction and torture - interview (video)

A man who has fled Chechnya tells of being abducted, beaten, and suffering being electrocuted with equipment specifically set up for that purpose. Chechnya is mainly Muslim, it appears radically so.

The response from the leader of the area is that reports like this are rubbish as "no gays exist" in Chechnya. An entirely stupid argument as wherever you find humanity you will find gays, simple as that. The LGBT are and always have been part of what humanity is, no matter how inconvenient that truth is for some. 

Probably the saddest bit is the man saying that if his family found out he was gay then his own family would kill him themselves. More love from the religious....

Peter & Bon together 50yrs, presented with ceramic wedding cake (video)

Peter and Bon have been together for 50 years. Here they're presented with a ceramic wedding cake to celebrate all that time together.

They wanted to get married on their 50th anniversary, but alas are still waiting. One of them is in poor health and they doubt now that marriage equality will arrive before they're separated by death.

What a despicable and heartless gov this is.