Wednesday, 29 March 2017

U2 "Stuck in a Moment" - what I needed :)

This was also recommended by YouTube for me., and it perfectly fits my mood right now. I don't care what people say about U2 who don't like them. Much of their music has been there in very dark times and I'll never forget that. The way they can express human emotions is a gift to us all.

Graham Norton re-enacts Alien scene - hilarious (video)

YouTube has been recommending this to me all day. I finally watched it and it's absolutely hilarious! It was the actual way they did it as it was before CGI.

Gay AIDS patients should pay for hospital treatment - Christian Democratic Party candidate

One of Fred Nile's mob, but even Fred and the Christian Democratic Party (CDP) itself is distancing from the comments of their ACT candidate, saying it's not the policy of the CDP. One wonders then if the candidate is making such outrageous propositions on social media, then why is he even a CDP candidate? Surely he should be dis-endorsed?

So, Rev Dr David Kim (above left) has made an extremist comment about LGBT people who have AIDS (a rarity these days BTW with modern medication). On a Facebook post about Safe Schools, he came out with this little gem:

The LGBTI patients of AIDS should not be freely treated at the public hospitals Hack
I note he uses the word "AIDS" and not HIV. This so annoys me as AIDS has been deemed no longer a public health risk in Australia. If someone presents to hospital with AIDS they get given HIV meds which reverses the condition and gets the HIV virus under control. Yes, AIDS is no longer the killer it once was and is now considered a reversible condition. 

Dr Kim goes on to say in the article thus:

Dr Kim confirmed to Hack that he wrote the post, but said it was part of a broader discussion on sex education in schools.

 "I don't want to judge one group of people," he said, admitting that the subject was "sensitive".

 Dr Kim said treating AIDS cost the public purse "really big money" and that LGBTI people have a "very high chance of getting HIV", the virus that leads to AIDS.

 According to the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAO), nearly seven out of ten new infections of HIV occur in gay or bisexual men.

 Excluding gay and lesbian AIDS patients would ensure that "ordinary people" have access to public funding in the future, Dr Kim said.

 Increasing the financial burden on patients may limit the spread of the disease, he said.

 "We don't want to encourage [gay sex]," Dr Kim said. Hack
Lovely :s The very last comment is the telling one. Because of his religion he doesn't like gays having sex. The inference in this case being that gays are a disease carrying burden to the rest of society and should be singled out and punished for it.

I worked thirty years hard labour in the printing industry, raised my daughter and looked after my sick wife until her death, paying full time tax through all of it often through the nose. That of course including the Medicare levy which funds the health system. To assume I'm now a burden on society because of a specific illness is offensive in the extreme, and victim blaming. How typically christian.

Perhaps the churches should start paying tax like everyone else. Why should taxpayers have to carry them? 

Trump budget proposal goes backwards on HIV/AIDS

NSW campaign to end HIV
Here in New South Wales the Ending HIV campaign has been going for a few years now. It's aim is early treatment of those infected with HIV to make them undetectable and therefore unable to spread the virus. This is done through a campaign of education, amongst other things. For example the NSW gov (conservative) has made HIV meds free in the state by paying what the patient would otherwise have to pay through the PBS.

Trumps proposed cuts however would put this in reverse for those affected by the cuts. It's nonsensical, as there will be an increase in infection rates.

According to a new White House document distributed to congressional appropriators, Trump is calling on a $1.23 billion cut in funding to the National Institutes of Health, a major biomedical research facility under the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

 Of that $1.23 billion, the hardest hit program would be a $300 million cut to the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), which aims to eradicate HIV/AIDS and treat those affected by the disease.

 Bloomberg reports that this would be done by reducing the number of patients accepted into the program, and defunding “low-performing countries.” Queerty

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Druggie parent murderers object to lesbian couple adopting their kid - Catholics (Australia)

This story is gob-smacking. 

So, a straight couple who are drug fucked, the mother spent time in jail for the death of one her kids after the 7 month old boy was given morphine and benzodiazepine by the parents. Poor kid, was probably crying from neglect. The mother had a long history of being drug fucked.

The girl left was taken away by social services after the death of the boy, and has since been looked after by a lesbian couple since she was six months old. The lesbian couple now wish to adopt the girl as their own. The law was changed in New South Wales in 2010 allowing them to do so as a same sex couple.

Unbelievably, the fucked up straight parents objected to the daughter being bought up by a same sex couple. Why? Because the parents were "practicing Catholics" and didn't "feel comfortable" with same sex parents in charge of her daughter for religious reasons.

WTF? What sort of practicing Catholicism allows a parent to be drug fucked to the point  of killing a seven month old baby boy with their own drugs? What sort of practicing Catholicism allows someone who's done that to feel they have any sort of moral authority over a same sex couple (who are both university graduates)? A straight birth parent who is demonstrably not capable of raising a cat let alone an offspring.

Thankfully the magistrate granted the same sex couple their wish in light of it all, but my heart goes out to those two women who were dragged through the courts for nothing more than religious bigotry.

The NSW Supreme Court heard the birth mother was "a practising Catholic and she is not comfortable with the placement of CJD with the proposed adoptive parents because of her upbringing and religious values".

 The lesbian couple, who are both university educated, have been in a stable and loving relationship for almost a decade. However, they told the court they couldn't raise CJD as a Catholic given the religion's longstanding opposition to homosexual relationships.

 The birth father told the court he was from a Catholic family and wanted his daughter to be raised in that faith.

 He said if the birth mother wasn't granted care of the girl, he wanted to, because he was "deprived of the opportunity to be a father" when the child was taken away by social services.

 Justice John Sackar found both the mother and father, who has significant mental health issues and learning difficulties, were incapable of caring for the girl, who has some behavioural challenges, likely caused by her mother's drug use in pregnancy.

 He said while the law required cultural and religious ties to be preserved "as far as possible", those concerns should not predominate alongside the child's best interests.

 "Religion of course is only one of a multitude of factors the court is to consider in determining CJD's best interests," he said.

 "While the birth parents' religious beliefs must be respected, the proposed adoptive parents' attitude to the Catholic faith requires equal respect."

 The adoption agency Barnardos, acting on behalf of the Department of Family and Community Services, submitted it wasn't in CJD's best interests to be baptised or christened because the adoptive parents "would not be able to facilitate her involvement and development with Catholicism due to their sexual orientation".

 "They do not want to go to church, stand up and commit to raising CJD as a Catholic when they could not commit to doing so," the agency said.

 Justice Sackar said most concerning was the birth mother's refusal to accept responsibility for her son's death. She was granted parole after 3½ years but returned to jail after failing drug tests. Furthermore, the birth father did not accept his former partner was a risk to their child. Sydney Morning Herald

Cats cats cats! (pics)

Natasha watching birds in the afternoon sun out the back door
The kittens (Cloe and Casper) are growing fast and even the old cat Natasha is liking them now. 

We're still getting used to having 4 cats. Yesterday I opened the curtains in our bedroom and the morning sun was streaming in. It's still warm in Sydney, in the mid 20'sC and not cold at all over night. I lay down after taking all my pills. 

First Zac bounded in like he does and sat on top of the air conditioner in front of the open window, watching the passing traffic and birds. Next came kitten Cloe who jumped on top of the windowsill watching outside, almost imitating Zac. Then came kitten Casper who went to the sun on the floor. Lastly Natasha came in onto the bed next to me in the sun and lay down on the fluffy pink woolen blanket (cat heaven). I was surrounded :s

Zac has developed sort of a cat strut now. He's taken on the role of daddy cat to the kittens I think. Proud father sort of thing. He  looks out for them too. If one meows upset about something he's right there to make sure they're OK 💓

Casper loves my PC chair
Cloe has her tongue out for this pic. "Yum, cat food!"

Monday, 27 March 2017

Feeling vulnerable and anxious - psychologist visit

Quite often I don't get through the whole session hour as there's been no major catastrophes of late. This time however had only 5 minutes to spare before I ended it.

Discussed the obvious state of mind recently thanks to the ongoing kidney scare. Noticed in summery that I'm exhibiting classic depression behaviour; everything seems to be an effort, find it hard to be interested in much, sleeping absurd amounts of time. This was obvious to me upon self analysis and I told him about it all. There's been days when I can hardly bring myself out of the bedroom as getting up and starting the day seems all too hard and depressive. 

Given what's happening with my health he advised that feeling this way was understandable. The collapses/faintings I've been having, the severe dizziness, the disoriented vision, the severe muscle pain, has all contributed to me feeling vulnerable and anxious. 

Indeed at times I've stayed in bed because I've felt dizzy getting up and felt it was safer just to lie in bed than risk another collapse. Some days I've not even been able to do the dishes in the morning because it's too painful to stand leaning over the sink, or I've been so dizzy  I've had to do them a bit at a time. David does so much looking after me I don't want him doing the bloody dishes as well!

It's been a few visits since the psychologist has asked, but this time he asked if I'd had any thoughts of suicide. That question was a standard one for quite some time in the past, but in more recent times has become less frequent. Such has been the nature of my mental health that suicide was a very real option for years.

I explained that I was describing to him my behaviour and the conclusion I'd drawn from it was that I was very depressed, but no I'd not thought about the last resort escape from it all 😎 

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Trump Russian sex video - claymation version (NSFW)

This has to be seen to believed :)  Someone has made a claymaytion version of the Trump piss tape. The results are truly mind boggling!

Short film "Heavy Weight" - two boxers

Only one of them is gay, but the other one finds their first kiss disturbing being "straight". 

I found it interesting the angry reaction by him to the kiss, and the violent boxing in the ring by him. Much the same as in life, when people react angrily to gays they're very often disturbed by their own gay feelings.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

"You can't govern from the hard right" - Trumpcare fall-out

Now that Trumpcare has abysmally failed the recriminations and analysis have begun. Here a Democrat leader in the senate is interviewed about what happened. 

At one point he states "you can't govern from the hard right". A statement stunning in it's simplicity and reality.

There's a lesson here for Canberra and the Lieberals. Govern for the common man or face electoral  suicide.

Bill Mayer destroys Trump over Trumpcare failure :)

Not a big fan of Bill Mayer as sometimes he goes into nuts-ville, but he does have his moments. This is one of them 😀

I wonder how the Trum-pets are going with all this Trump "winning"? Are they sick of all that winning yet? 😋

Christian prediction falls flat - god will pass Trumpcare :s

Christian televangelist Pat Robertson predicted that god would intervene and give the votes to pass Trumpcare. As we all know now, Trumpcare when down in a screaming ball of flames and didn't even get to a vote. A total humiliation for Trump and the Trum-pets. 

I honestly don't understand anyway why christians would think it would be OK to have millions chucked off health insurance. Not exactly caring.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Idiots on TMZ talk HIV criminalisation (video)

This is so fuckin bad. People who know nothing about living with HIV or the advances in medications making judgments about people with HIV. Mostly that transmitting the disease knowingly when you have HIV should remain a "felony". In other words, severely criminalised.

This has been the subject of many studies, and always the results of criminalisation is that it drives HIV+ people underground. Less likely to get tested and treated, meaning the person remains infectious. 

Recent studies have concluded that when an HIV+ person has an undetectable HIV viral load on treatment, that it's impossible to pass it on. These studies monitor gay couples over time in a sero-discordant relationship (only one of them HIV+) where the couple has unprotected sex. Results have shown no incidence of transmission of of HIV to the negative partner. Not one. This isn't an "argument" as stated in the video, it's a scientifically proven fact. 

There's also the thing that safe sex isn't just the responsibility of one person. It takes two to tango. The person receiving in a casual encounter should always insist on condoms, if for nothing else than avoiding the much more infectious sexually transmitted diseases around. Like for instance a new super strain of gonorrhea immune to all antibiotics. Ack!

At one point the lady host asks how do you know if you remain undetectable? Saying you may have been "6 months ago" but what about now? Oh FFS! The stupidity and sheer ignorance! You get a quarterly blood test every 3 months to check that.  I've had an undetectable viral load for a few years now. The meds I'm on suit me well. Get tested and treated. The thinking now is that you go on meds as soon as you're diagnosed to become undetectable. All part of a responsible approach to maybe ending HIV.

The lady commenter that says getting HIV is a possible death sentence is so exaggerated. If you take the pills you don't die anymore.

In short such punitive measures revolving around HIV+ sex are completely outdated and reflect early HIV hysteria. If we're to end HIV the answer isn't to criminalise it, but to treat us as human beings like everyone else. We're not murderers.

Three new marriage equality adds (videos)

Australian Marriage Equality has two new adds just put up on YouTube an hour ago. They feature a gay doctor and a lesbian nurse who both do their jobs serving the public and asking why can't they get married?

As always, it's the personal stories and getting to know us that changes people's minds on marriage equality.

Update: this the latest one posted on the YouTube channel. An army bloke who put his life on the line for Australia, but can't marry the one he loves.

Life on welfare - Jacqui Lambie (video)

One of the most heartfelt and passionate speeches you will hear from any politician. Jacqui Lambie attacks the gov's heartless cuts to welfare by relating her experiences of being on the Disability Support Pension for 7 years with two kids. The reality of which is poverty that most people have little idea of in mainstream Australia.

She says that welfare is not a choice but a necessity through no fault of your own.

BTW she's totally pissed off with Pauline Hanson who voted with the gov cuts to welfare. So much for Hanson being for the battler.