Sunday, 22 July 2018

Trump/Putin press conference, in cartoon form (video)

You know when you watch a cartoon and it's more real than real life? 

This is one of those cartoons :)

Saturday, 21 July 2018

Will Trump Baby go on a world tour? (video) Resist Trumpism!!

With the dire possibility that Trump may be coming to visit Australia before the end of the year, us Aussies have found hope and possibly a saviour in the now legendary Trump Baby. 

Trump Baby is now raising funds for a world tour to save us all under threat from Trump infesting our shores. I don't have the money, but you can contribute to the crowd funding here

Trump Baby, please come to Australia's rescue! Australia needs you in this dark time of dire need! Our piss weak gov will be sucking the fuck out of Trump's ass, making the entire nation vomit in unison. This cannot be just a run of the mill visit from a US president. This simply must be a protest against Trumpism's infestingness! 

Help us Trump Baby! You're our only hope!
US President Donald Trump appears set to visit Australia in November, according to reports.

 Mr Trump, along with other world leaders, is expected to make stops in Australia as part of a tour that will take him to the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation leaders’ summit in Papua New Guinea on November 17 and 18. One option being considered is Mr Trump visiting Sydney, Canberra and Cairns, but nothing had been “locked in” yet, a US government source told The Australian.

 Mr Trump could also fly into Brisbane, an expected entry point for leaders on their way to PNG.

 It would be Mr Trump’s first Australian visit as president.

Said hello to granddaughter today :)

*click to enlarge
David and I had coffee with my daughter and husband today, along with my new granddaughter. So I had the first hold of her with her being barely a month old. Had forgotten how small newborn babies were. Both daughter and husband very hands on parents, with me noting to husband about his new ability to eat with one hand and hold baby with the other.

Very well behaved. However daughter and husband were worried about her vomiting. They're in the process of getting the feeding regime right. But babies chuck up, it's just what they do. Along with parents doing washing everyday. 

Of course if she spewed that was time to hand her back :)

But they ain't seen nothing yet. I told daughter about her projectile spewing as a baby and toddler, particularly one time a full on spew standing in the cot. It was all over the curtain next to the cot, on the carpet below, dripping down the side of the cot all over it and the cot bedding. Nothing on her though. I walked into the room with my jaw on the floor.... 

To this day I'm a spew cleaning up expert. The cats chucking up a furball are chicken feed to that. What you need is a good long handled toilet brush (as the toilet is where the spew is going) with solid bristles on the end. Not one of those silly useless round bristled things. Along with that a small brush and shovel for cleaning up bits and pieces inside the house. You don't use the brush with the shovel though, you use the solid toilet brush.

The initial spew cleaning off a carpet for example is to brush the spew into the shovel with the toilet brush, getting all the main lumps and fluid into it to flush down the toilet (sometimes this may take more than one time to do it all). After that is scrubbing the carpet with the toilet brush with much effort, getting the bristles to do their work. Whatever bits of spew left that it picks up go into the always ready shovel nearby to be flushed. And viola.

So granddaughter still very young but very nice. Looking forward to seeing her grow up :)

The very proud parents
Me doing a photo bomb, ha ha. The one below is better

Thursday, 19 July 2018

"Liberal Redneck" unloads on Trump with both barrels (video)

"Liberal Redneck" is sort of the US equivalent of Angry Aussie. Here he gives it to Trump over his love affair with Putin :)

Portrait of Diana painted with HIV+ blood, to combat stigma

Artist Coner Collins has created both an amazing piece of art as well of a wonderful description of how HIV stigma affects those with HIV, and the community as a whole with new HIV infections.
Wrote Collins: “The world was shocked when Diana held hands with a patient with HIV. Decades later, HIV stigma is still rife. We should know the facts. You can’t get HIV from kissing. Undetectable means untransmittable. PREP and PEP work. However widespread HIV stigma, homophobia, racism and transphobia only serve to make new HIV infections more likely. The latest data in the UK, reported last year but from 2016, is that 93% of those diagnosed are now undetectable and do not pose a transmission risk to sexual partners.”

 Added Collins: Despite this, people with HIV are twice as likely to commit suicide, particularly in their first year of diagnosis. The shame has to stop. The stigma has to stop. No one should be driven to this. When Princess Diana held the hand of a man dying of AIDS, few would have imagined that today treatment would exist that would see HIV-positive people living full, healthy, loving lives. When diagnosed and treated early, life-expectancy for someone with HIV is unchanged.”

 Concludes Collins: “We all deserve to be loved. We all deserve to be treated with dignity. HIV is a virus. It has no conscience. It is without colour, without creed, without gender or sexuality. It is incapable of judgement. Stigma however is a choice. The HIV epidemic is fuelled by this stigma, shame and ignorance. Science can treat the disease, but it is love, compassion, respect and understanding that will finally stop the epidemic.” Towleroad

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

WTF is going on with my blog views? - Russia vs US :s

For three days now Russia has had more views than the US. This has never happened before in the history of this blog. WTF is going on? Is it some kind of weird metaphor?

"Boy Erased" trailer - with Troye Sivan (video)

Boy Erased is an upcoming movie due for release in November, about a teenage young man in a Bible bashing family who is gay. The family puts him into conversion therapy to try and convert his sexuality to straight.

The movie stars Australian Actress Nicole Kidman as the mother, Russell Crowe as the father (BTW who's a New Zealander by birth). The son is played by a Lucas Hedges, who I don't know anything about. 

However most interesting is the debut appearance of Troye Sivan in his first ever acting role. Good grief is the guy even 20 yet? I dunno. Anyway he plays another person sent to the gay conversion therapy along with the son. It looks like it's going to be a very interesting movie. 

Sivan's music also features in the film.


Drag queens who protested Trump's UK visit (video) plus crop circle protest The Last Leg - and more :)

A short documentary on a group of drag queens who protested against Trump visiting the UK. They give the reasons as support for diversity and Trump's policies against LGBT in the US.

Also, Adam Hills on The Last Leg comedy show shows a crop circle protest The Last Leg did against Trump over his comments about disabled people. 

Adam Hills has only one leg. 

The crop circle was placed where the president's helicopter would fly over, footage confirming the flyover later in the day.

An image of huge proportions 

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

A worrying test ordered - mystery mass in abdomen

It's probably nothing but it was pretty strange how getting a CT scan of my abdomen came about to be ordered. I saw my kidney specialist at the medical centre last month, which was a largely uneventful visit. He looked at the test results for that visit and said for me to come and get checked again in 4 months.

Now a month later he's ordered a CT scan of my lower abdomen, strangely out of the blue with no warning. One of the medical centre staff rang me yesterday asking how would I like the referral to be sent out for the scan.

After reading it in the email, it refers to an ultrasound I had done months ago of my liver and surrounding organs. It picked up some mysterious mass near my spleen. So he wants a CT scan of that to see what it is. 

Probably just being cautious, but it just seems weird that he's order the scan now. The ultrasound results were sent to him months ago and he didn't think anything was worrisome. I have to see my GP at the same medical centre soon so I might ask him about it. I guess it's possible my GP may have followed up the ultrasound results with my kidney specialist.   

Sunday, 15 July 2018

The aftermath begins - Trump's visit to the UK (video)

Well what a couple of days it's been. I've spent much of the time that I've been online laughing my head off at the hilarious protests coming out of the UK for Trump's visit. 

If the US didn't know before just how much the public outside of the US despises Trump, they should certainly do now. Much of the reason Trump was elected was because an inward looking population decided the rest of the world no longer mattered. It was all "America first", and fuck the rest of the world with their evil people wanting a better life in the US.

But alas for that view, the US isn't an island able to separate itself from the world with a wall. Especially after spending decades interfering in other countries politics for the sake of their "exceptionalism". Indeed Trump gave new meaning to interfering in British politics with this visit. With an ally like the US currently, who needs enemies?

Trump was a bull in a foreign policy china shop. He smashed his blundering way through the whole visit, even walking in front of the Queen FFS! I don't care less about her but the disrespect was horrendous! Not to mention his insulting of prime minister Theresa May, before bumbling off in his helicopter to escape once again to a golf course. The man is a complete and utter buffoon. Facebook has a lot to answer for. 

Saturday, 14 July 2018

London, we have lift off (video) - thank you London so very much :)

The moment the Trump blimp was launched in London. Complete with a countdown from the crowd.

Good on you London! With Trump possibly coming to Australia later this year I hope us Aussies can come up with something equally glorious :)

Beck remix of U2's "Love is bigger than anything in it's way" (video)

Described as "beautiful and poignant" the Beck remix of "Love is bigger than anything in it's way":