Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Finally the US ditches the TPP - Hooray! (video)

Trump did it but I don't think he can take full credit for the demise of the Trans Pacific Partnership, as there's been years of sustained opposition to it in all countries involved. In fact here there's of late been a big push by those opposed to it to get the senate to kill off ratification of the thing even if the gov did pass it in the lower house.

What we have now is somewhat ironic. The main criticism of the TPP on this side of the Pacific at least has been that it was exporting the worst of US social failures; that being corporate rule of it's society and the untold damage done to the US population as a result. Now without that influence, even if Australia and some of the other Pacific rim nations want to get another trade deal going, it's unlikely to have that same corporate influence as with the US involved.

Of course the TPP was Obama's attempt to limit China's influence in the Pacific. Now that aim is in tatters. Australia already has a free trade agreement with China and they're not being as unfriendly on trade as the US is now. Indeed it appears the US is shutting itself off from the world at the expense of trade.

Sydney 2nd most housing unaffordable city - Int. study

The 13th Annual International Demographia Housing Affordability Survey has been released for 2017, and the news isn't good for Sydney housing affordability. Out of the countries involved (Australia, Canada, China (Hong Kong), Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom and US) Sydney has come out the 2nd worst affordable city for housing, only behind Hong Kong.

Yet the gov has done nothing to address the problem, with increasing homelessness and budgets stretched well beyond any reasonable limits. Negative gearing continues to suck gov coffers dry and has given Sydney the world's 4th worth housing bubble in all the countries surveyed.

Sydney is again Australia’s least affordable market, with a Median Multiple of 12.2, the same as last year, and ranks second worst overall, trailing Hong Kong. Consistent with the experience in other overly expensive housing markets, Sydney is experiencing substantial domestic out-migration.

In 2004 (the first Survey), Sydney’s Median Multiple is 7.6, and has risen 60 percent since then. Sydney’s 12.2 Median Multiple (in the last two years) represents the poorest housing affordability ever recorded by the Survey outside Hong Kong. The UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index rates Sydney as having the world’s fourth worst housing bubble risk. The 13th Annual International Demographia Housing AffordabilitySurvey 2017

Monday, 23 January 2017

Putin mocks Trump's crowd turnout - Sat Night Live, US (video)

Tractors FFS! Just why? How very Russian :s
Has Trump tweeted about it yet? 

Saturday Night Live's latest lampooning of Trump features Putin annoyed that Trump isn't off to a good start with the inauguration. First because of crowd sizes, and then because he so obviously lied about crowd sizes.

BTW, that press bloke of trump's who went bananas at the media claiming it was "worldwide" the biggest audience. WTF? I don't know anyone here who even bothered to torture themselves with Obama's long inauguration let alone Trump's. Who wants to see tractors crawl past empty stands FFS? *pfffft*

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Trump's sad inauguration - Angry Aussie video :)

One look at the picture above says it all. Trump left, Obama's inauguration right. 

And WTF were tractors in the parade all about?

Trump attendance becomes national joke
Trump inauguration

Women's march
Women's march in the Antarctic

Another One Nation homophobe - WA

One Nation line up for Western Australia electio

Where is she digging up these people?

So there's already been two examples shockingly homophobic social media posts by One Nation candidates, one so bad as to be booted from the party. However beyond that it seems Hanson is just burying her head in the sand and not wanting to know.

The latest homophobe off the starting block is in WA, who's come up with this completely ignorant statement showing he knows absolutely nothing about us.

Several of Ms Hanson’s other picks for WA seats have raised controversy as well, including Murray-Wellington candidate Ross Slater, who has been consistently outspoken about his opposition to same-sex marriage.

“Redefining marriage will shatter the natural family structure, society’s moral code and affect everybody, because it’s only the beginning,” Mr Slater said in a letter to the Bunbury Mail in July last year.

“Same-sex couples entertain hetero bashing by suing people who refuse assistance with their “wedding” or condone their lifestyle.

“Bible quoting, introducing adultery decoys and continually referring to the shining sun disguises devious attempts to dismantle a sacred institution gay couples are neither eligible for, nor respect.” Mandurah Mail
Lovely :s  Isn't it amazing how those who know the littlest about us are always the first ones to object to us having the same human rights as them?

Who says we're not eligible for the human right of marriage? Or are we to have out human rights decided by those who hate and oppose us? Who know so little about us as to assert we don't "respect" marriage? Obviously an idea dreamed up in the mind of a hater.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Trump now president - ironic graphic

The above is a snip from my home page. The two stories were one next to the other. I think it says it all.

How someone who shits in a golden toilet has sold himself as representing the common man.....  

Friday, 20 January 2017

The gov assault on us poor and vulnerable...sick of it...

There comes a time that even the strongest of the weakest find the going hard. I'd say robo-debt has well and truly done it's job of demoralising us. Well done Turnbull et all, you've accomplished your goal. You've punished us and made us feel powerless; even more than we feel already trying to deal with a world we can't cope with.

You don't realise our dilemmas, and that suicide is a very real option for many of us. But why would we try and tell you this for the hundredth time? You won't listen. Never have and never will. You simply want to attack us, deeming our unfortunate position in our lives our own fault from "bad life choices".

But this is more than the usual anti-poor rhetoric. Way more than a gov trying to make political points over a bit of rhetoric and a gesture at some big "clampdown". Indeed there's no need to go too far with anti-poor rhetoric, just as long as you get a point or two in the polls it's all good. Gov attack on us over. Mild demonisation, meh, whatever...

This is far and away a long way past that. This is a violation of Australia's democracy and freedom. The fair go is turfed out the door to the gods of the far right extremist Lieberals. They want to punish us. Make us an example of supposedly how not to be a good Australian.

We are citizens of Australia just trying to live our lives however unfortunate that may be. We just want to survive and love, that's all. They won't even let David and I get married after a close 4yr relationship.

They won't even do that. They make us crawl in humiliation to Centrelink, almost begging for money whilst they leave us hanging. Telling us to see a charity in the meantime. 

What more do they want from us? 

Cow scat pastor - gay inclusive mag same as ISIS :s

US pastor Swanson, most well known for preaching maniacally during the US presidential campaign that if his son got gay married he would stand outside the church in sack cloth and ashes and cover himself in cow shit. Hence he was thereafter referred to by me as the "cow scat pastor". I even put together a little graphic for him (above).

Well he's back with more outrageous jumping of the shark stuff. This time he reckons a kids magazine that is soon to publish same sex parents along with it's usual stuff, is worse than ISIS.

I bet he voted for Trump too?

Troye Sivan new "Heaven" video

In time for Trump's homophobes to take office, Australian Troye Sivan has released a new video of his single "Heaven". Think it's about my favourite from the album 👬 

Further cracks - 2 Lieberal senators criticise Centrelink robodebt,

Turns out a member of Abetz's extended family has gotten a fake debt letter from Centrelink, causing senator Abetz to openly criticise the Centrelink robodebt system.
The Liberal senator Eric Abetz has also weighed into the debate, telling ABC radio in Tasmania that a member of his extended family had been targeted with a bogus debt.

He said the automated system had caused a lot of “unnecessary consternation”, which he said was “something to be regretted”.

“People should not be put into the situation where unfair demands are being made of them,” he said. “Having said that, similarly as a government we do have a duty to ensure that, if people are paid too much under the welfare scheme, then that money should be repaid.”

Abetz was asked whether the social services minister, Christian Porter, and the human services minister, Alan Tudge, were out of touch for insisting there were no problems with the system.

He replied: “Ministers often rely on what the department advises them and clearly the minister has now acknowledged that things need to be changed, and that is where things need to move forward.” The Guardian
Now another Lieberal senator has come forward to do the same, Jonathon Duniam.
Meantime, Liberal senator Jonathon Duniam has joined his senate colleague and fellow Tasmanian Eric Abetz in criticising the robo-debt push.

Senator Duniam has written to the Human Services minister, Alan Tudge, to express concerns about the system.

"The debt recovery process has clearly caused unnecessary angst for people," Senator Duniam said on Thursday.

"I've written to the minister expressing the concerns raised with me and seeking an urgent fix to this situation." Sydney Morning Herald
GetUp has set up an easy to use site that can guide you through what to do if you get a debt letter here. Interestingly, it's called "Fraud Stop".

Meanwhile, next on the chopping block are old aged pensioners and those of us unfortunates on the Disability Support Pension. Is this where I brace myself or something?

Incidentally, mine might be an interesting case should the computer dummy spit me a debt letter, as the Australian Financial Security Authority has deemed me not required to make compulsory payments to the Bank/creditor as part of being in bankruptcy. How then might Centrelink over rule that? See below.

This is how debts are properly managed, a stark contrast to the Centrelink fraud and extortion they're engaging in now.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

GetUp accuses gov of Centrelink fraud - whistle blower reveals all in letter

Update: full whistle blower letter here.

Another whistle blower has come forward, by way of which they have sent a long letter to GetUp, the claims being verified by other whistle blowers that have gone to The Guardian. 

The letter reveals that management of the system includes telling staff not to fix errors even when they can see it in front of their faces, and to only take action when the error is pointed out by the customer. This indicates the gov is engaging in fraud on the Australian people.

From the email:

A Centrelink whistleblower has exposed a massive government fraud inflicted on tens of thousands of Australians -- in a letter sent exclusively to GetUp.

The media's already reported on dozens of cases of everyday Australians receiving clearly false debt claims from Centrelink. But that's just the "tip of the iceberg," according to the courageous Centrelink compliance officer, who's risking his job to expose the truth.

His explosive 8-page letter details exactly how the Turnbull Government's automated debt program is systematically fabricating claims. Most shockingly, Centrelink staff "are told … we must not make any attempt to fix the error[s] or our work will be returned as wrong."

Key claims in the letter have been independently verified today by The Guardian.

The Turnbull Government can no longer run or hide from this colossal fraud. We need to turn up the pressure, tightening the screws on all sides, to get them to dump this cruel system.

Here are five of the key frauds exposed in the whistleblower's letter: 
  • Doubling Income. A person's entire income from the same employer is doubled up, or specific income – like leave and termination payments – are duplicated. 
  • Non-Assessable Income. Items like expense reimbursements for petrol and paid parental leave payments are wrongly counted as income. 
  • Fictitious Payments. The system generates debts based on payments that Centrelink never even made. False Recovery Fees. Recovery fees are applied when they shouldn't and can be much larger than the set fee of 10%. 
  • Corrupted Review. Compliance officers are directed not to fix these errors, even when they have the evidence. On appeal, errors will only be corrected if the person specifically identifies them, which can be nearly impossible. 
From The Guardian:
But many other claims in the letter are new. The whistleblower said compliance officers were being expressly told not to fix errors generated by the automated system, even when they could prove the debts were wrong.

The whistleblower alleges that the teams were told they should only correct errors if they were identified by customers, who were rarely in a position to understand the complex factors behind their debt.

Compliance officers have also been told they cannot consider evidence the customer has already provided, including documentation to prove they were not working, or payslips previously provided to Centrelink.

“Within the organisation it is well known that that there are errors in the program and compliance officers are directed to ignore incorrect debts without being permitted to correct them,” the official said.

“When we report errors, it falls on deaf ears or we are told that the issue is already known and we must not make any attempt to fix the error or our work will be returned as wrong and we will have to cancel the corrections.”
This accords with the story of a separate compliance officer, who spoke to Guardian Australia last month. The Guardian
You can send a letter in protest to your MP here via GetUp

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Green Day's new video - "Troubled Times", feat. Trump :)

An excellent new video out from Green day. The portrayal of Trump is something to behold. I love it!

ACL has hissy fit over sexy new sneaker add - Dunlop Volleys (video)

Personally I think Volley's were better when they were made in Australia. Since they started making them in China the soles of them have become very thin and they wear out a lot quicker. But that's beside the point with this new add. 

Yes, Volley has gone the sex thing in their new add campaign, but much more than that they've made it a safe sex message too. What's more the add has a gay couple in it the humanity). You can find it all on their website here

Well you can guess what happened over at the Australian Christian Lobby. Yes, it's director Wendy Francis took to Twitter to defend the children and all that. It didn't go down well at all though, with I reckon 99% of comments solidly against her. I've posted her Tweet below, you can click on that to view the comments on Twitter.

All in all she's don't Dunlop Volleys a huge favour in creating much publicity about the add and the safe sex message. Much to the chagrin of the ACL I'm sure. Well done Australia! Great to see the ACL put in it's place on Twitter 😁

Following her tweet, the self-confessed campaigner for the innocence of children, faced a pointed barrage of online attacks and a personal thanks for from Volley.

"Oh honey, this isn't the 1920's. None of those pics are R rated. Wake up, homosexuals are all around you and we like shoes," Twitter user 'James' wrote.

"You are right #shocking can't believe what good value they are!" wrote Mark Savage.

"Parents be aware your kids are going to bang and should be taught safe sex practices, thanks Dunlop," Jill Valentine wrote.

Undeterred, Ms Francis continued her online rant: "Volley sandshoes ads are defended as fine for our kids. I'm ridiculed for concern. I'll cop the ridicule and keep fighting for kid's innocence."

However, it would appear Ms Francis' outrage is doing more for Volley that she might have hoped, with the photographer behind the campaign, Marisa Taschike, adding her own two cents on the matter.

"Big shout out to Volley Australia's number one fan Wendy Francis and the Australian Christian Lobby. You've helped spread the message behind grassroots. Your ignorance and hate has helped educate more Australians about safe sex," she said. nine finance

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Nigerian comedian makes fun of a gay being sexually assaulted (video)

Meet Nigerian comedian "Ogusbaba" who on this video points out he's about to embark on a comedy tour of Europe and the US. However he's come under fire and scrutiny from the west now over a particular comedy sketch he has placed online. In it he makes fun of gay sexual assault. An assault where the gay person says he'll not be gay anymore if he's not assaulted, being forced to deny his sexuality.

This is comedy in Nigeria apparently, where licence is given by comedians to go and fuck up gays. I know some may find the implements used in the clip as fascinating and would be delighted to try them, but even if that was the case with a person it's still a sexual assault/violation/threat of more violence bla.

I left a comment below the video in case the guy doesn't actually realise Nigerian gay attitudes aren't going to cut it in the West.

Even the stereotypical portrayal of gay people as effeminate is offensive. I wonder how this guy would go with a few gay muscle bears in his audience?

Hot cat on a hot day - Natasha :)

Very much on the hot side in Sydney today. Opened the bedroom window after getting up and it was a hot breeze coming in, even though we're near the water.

Natasha found the top of the computer chair where I sit a bit too warm even, and plonked her big body right on the window sill. Stretched out as far as she could and went to sleep. As she's a big older cat and the sill a bit narrow for her, she's fallen off a couple of times today. Very quick reactions though, was left hanging on to the sill by her front claws and I lifted her back up.

Where she is is a good spot. The bricks on that side of the house are on the south side and never get direct sun all day so they remain relatively cool. The wind that comes in the window often feels quite cool. Not so much today though.👎