Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Convicted rapists murderers can get married in jail - David and I can't

Big headlines from New Zealand today about a convicted rapist who was married in a maximum security jail to his former lawyer. 
Corrections Minister Louise Upston is "revolted" disgraced former lawyer Davina Murray is allowed into prison to marry her former client, convicted rapist and murderer Liam Reid.

 The pair tied the knot at Auckland's maximum security unit at Paremoremo Prison today - six years after Murray was caught smuggling an iPhone, cigarettes and a lighter to Reid in prison.

 "I just find it revolting," says Ms Upston. "I find that particular marriage absolutely distasteful, and I think most New Zealanders would too."

 Murray was acting as Reid's lawyer after he was sentenced to a minimum of 26 years for the 2007 murder and rape of Christchurch woman Emma Agnew.

 Sources have told Newshub that Reid's best man was a convicted killer and sex offender, and a drug smuggler was among the guests.

 It's understood that the prison chaplain officiated the ceremony, and the prison kitchen provided catering at the expense of the bridal party.

 "I'm thinking of Emma Agnew's family because they won't ever get to see her get married," says Ms Upston.

 "For her family, it will be an absolutely tragic day for them because they know they will never see their daughter get married." ninemsn
Whatever your opinion is, the fact remains that it's within NZ law for inmates to marry in jail.

So what you may say? Surely that's not the case here? Well it is:

Corrective Services NSW believes that incarcerated persons should not be deprived of the right to enter into marriage. Marriage may take place unless there is a legal restriction. Marriage in correctional centres will not entitle the inmate or spouse to any additional privileges other than those available to other inmates. The General Manager may decide not to give approval to a marriage taking place in the centre if the guidelines are not satisfied by the parties involved. Corrective Services NSW
Yet David and I, never jailed, good citizens worked for many years, I even bought up my daughter whilst caring for my late wife before the end, cannot get married in Australia. Even after ten years of polling saying that Australians are fine with us doing so.

What a disgrace, what a failure this gov has been in stalling the inevitable. Outrageous.