Monday, 5 June 2017

Welfare card trial not wanted in Hinkler electorate - QLD

Suddenly a new trial of the much despised welfare card has been announced tor the entire Hinkler electorate in South East Queensland. Bundaberg to Hervey Bay and all the towns in between. 

It's hard to imagine the taking away of Australian's freedoms across a whole electorate like this. Needless to say there is much community opposition to the proposal, with plans for snap protest rallies when Tudge visits. 

The region consists of approx 18 towns across the electorate, with the focus on Bundaberg and Hervey Bay. It may be quietly expanded to include Wide Bay region next.

 Given the experience in current trial sites, it seems fair to conclude that our region does not want the card. It is paternalistic and disempowering. It brings division of our community and the segregation of people purely based on their economic circumstances. There is already enough shaming of people and constant media attacks on people not working or too sick to work.

 The card is not only cruel but also jeopardises local small businesses, the well-being of our people, their physical and mental health.

 Many are worried about being left homeless as Indue Terms and Conditions are not compatible with flexibility. The terms remove choices every other citizens enjoys.

 This LNP attack on our most vulnerable to relegate people on Centrelink to “steerage class” within our society is disgusting to say the least. Classism redundant since WW2 is re-emerging. Moreover, Indue and shareholders will profit from that same disadvantage.

 We are still the citizens of this country, we are human beings not commodities for non-elected billionaires and their mates to make more money from.

 This program is entrenching poverty and forcing people to become totally dependant on a system outside the Social Security sector.

 Privatisation of the Social Security Safety Net By Stealth (by exaggerating rates of addiction among those on welfare) is wrong. Welfare is set so far below the poverty line that feeding children is already a challenge. The Indue card which is tied to expensive supermarket chains, will not make that any easier. The AIM