Monday, 26 June 2017

Lieberals implode again over marriage equality (video)

The festering sore that the Lieberals have made for themselves over marriage equality has continued to ooze, with Christopher Pyne making an apparent statement behind closed doors to the party faithful that marriage equality could happen "sooner than everyone thinks". Also saying friends of the Lieberals in Canberra were "working on getting marriage equality laws passed".

Well it didn't take long for the howls of heretic! from the back bench were sent forth, from the usual source Abbott. His words were particularly galling considering all the broken promises the Abbott/Turnbull gov has made and how many Australians have had their faith in the party breached by said broken promises.
“We took a policy to the election — it was a very clear policy — that there would be no change without a plebiscite,” Mr Abbott told Sydney radio station 2GB this morning.

 “To dump the plebiscite, to do anything without a plebiscite, would be a breach of faith with the people.” The Advertiser

Not to be out done Treasurer Scott Morrison chimed in that it didn't matter about LGBT human rights because the gov wasn't talking about them. 

“We’re not actually talking about it — we’re talking about power prices, passing the Budget, schools funding going up by $23 billion,” Mr Morrison said when quizzed about the reports on Channel Seven’s Sunrise program this morning. The Advertiser
Honestly, why is this such an important issue to Abbott and his churchie mates? What does it matter to him if David and I get married? It's none of his business. He has no more right to stop us being married than I'd have had to stop him and his wife getting married. 

So once again we have Turnbull without a spine trying to please the lunar right and refusing to allow his party a free parliamentary vote. 

The courts have said it's the job of parliament. The senate has said it's the job of parliament. Nobody except the Lieberal far right and Turnbull says our human rights should be decided by asking the rest of Australians if we can have them. 

Would straight people want to have to go through that to be married?

Another broken promise