Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Angela Merkel wants free vote on marriage equality - Germany

Oh look, Merkel is pushing for a free vote on marriage equality in Germany. Why can't this happen here so David and I can be married? 

Oh yes, Turnbull has no spine to stand up to his lunatic christian back bench ..... Even though if a free vote were held in Canberra there are enough pro marriage equality MP's to pass the legislation here.

Angela Merkel has signalled a change in her party’s opposition to gay marriage after stating MPs should be allowed a free vote in the German parliament.

 Speaking at an event organised by the magazine Brigitte, the German chancellor said she felt aggrieved that debate was mainly carried out along party lines and that she hoped it would be “headed towards a conscience vote”.

 It is widely believed the Bundestag would legalise gay marriage in a free vote on the issue. The Guardian