Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Gay marriage caused bush fires - Paramedic, South Africa

Yet another reason why the christians don't want us to be married. According to a christian paramedic in South Africa, gay marriage caused bush fires. Apparently it was all too much for his loving invisible sky man who lost it and wrathed all over the place in the form of bush fires. Didn't realise David and I had that much wrathing power.....
Can you remember last year when Knysna was made up in pink and 12 homosexual marriages took place on one day?

 It was only after the election of the Dutch Reformed Church when they approved gay homosexual marriage.

 It was all over the newspapers. It dared god.

 They mustn’t cry now about the fire.

 God doesn’t let himself be mocked. Independent
He got suspended after the Facebook post and has deleted his account.