Sunday, 11 June 2017

Sydney LGBT march against Trump and Turnbull (video)

Today in Sydney there was a march against the anti-LGBT policies of Trump and Turnbull by Sydney's LGBT. It was a message of solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the US, and with our brothers and sisters in Australia who still remain second class citizens without the basic human right of marriage.

With Turnbull virtually licking Trump's ass, we LGBT in Australia also fear what may become of that Trump ass licking. Trump's adherence to the conservative maniacs in the US is horrifying.

'What Trump does matters here,' said Patrick Wright, a co-convener of CAAH.

 'The Liberal government is already praising Trump on his immigration ban and his corporate tax cuts. If Trump wants to attack LGBTIQ people, he'll give a boost to the homophobes in our own parliament.'

 'This is an insane attack,' said Cat Rose, also of CAAH.

 'Trump is trying to disorient the people's opposition by attacking us all at once. Global solidarity with US protesters is about telling them 'we got your back', but it's also about tackling our own governments.'

 Sydney school girls, Abigail and Caitlin, both 17, at Sunday's rally said they were marching for marriage equality in Australia.

 'It's pretty embarrassing that Australia considers itself one of the leading western countries and doesn't have marriage equality,' Caitlin told AAP.

 Lots of their friends feel the same way, Abigail said. Sky News