Wednesday, 21 June 2017

I started ALL OUT world campaign for marriage equality in Australia

It was more out of sheer frustration than anything else. A way of letting off steam and giving people a chance to respond if they feel so inclined. 

It is indeed pathetic that both major party leaders in federal parliament agree with marriage equality (including the prime minister Turnbull) and this parliament has for the first time a majority of MP's who would vote yes for marriage equality. Yet Turnbull made a deal with the lunar right of his party to gain the prime ministership, that the Lieberals wouldn't be allowed a free vote on the issue and would all have to vote no. 

All Turnbull would have to do is let his party have a free conscience vote and we'd have marriage equality tomorrow. Yet he's too gutless to stand up for our human rights as it may cost him his prime ministership. Absurd. This is about our lives, not his career aspirations.

ALL OUT is a worldwide platform so you can sign this wherever you are in the world. I have no idea if it will get a response, but it certainly makes me feel better putting it out there :)

Malcolm Turnbull, There are no more excuses for your party not to vote for marriage equality in a free vote than your tenuous grip on the leadership. Marriage equality is about our lives, not yours.

We're sick of waiting for your party to drag itself kicking and screaming into this century, or your leadership fortunes to improve. All polling shows huge and widespread support for marriage equality across Australia. Yet your party has managed to delay and obfuscate to the point of absurdity, where now even with overwhelming community support marriage equality under your one vote majority in the lower house is in limbo.

 Recently a gay couple in Sydney reached their 50th anniversary and wanted to marry for the occasion. Not being able to one of them passed away from illness, both of them forever denied marriage because of your gov's cruelty.

 The plebiscite was rejected by the senate. It's time now for politicians to do their jobs and amend the marriage act to include all people. No more excuses. No more delays. Sign petition here