Wednesday, 14 June 2017

F-35 grounded after starving pilots of oxygen - F35 lemon files :s

Instead of trying to squeeze blood out of a stone by clawing back a few $ from welfare recipients, the gov should ditch it's contract to buy the total failure lemon planes, costing the budget a cool $17 billion dollars.

The latest problem with these technical disasters? Just a small side issue of starving the pilots of oxygen. Not good in a dog fight I expect, especially when the plane itself is so sluggish it can't maneuver well anyway.

The US air force says it's "not serious", despite 5 pilots nearly choking to death since early May. With it being enough to ground the fleet, one wonders what the US air force would consider "serious".

Australia's next generation stealth fighter jets have been beset with yet more problems, with the US Air Force grounding a fleet of F-35s after the aircraft started starving their pilots of oxygen.

 The US has ordered an indefinite flight ban at the Luke Air Force Base in Arizona - where Australians are among those training to fly the planes - while it investigates the cause of the potentially fatal problem.

 There have been five such hypoxia, or oxygen deprivation, incidents since early May. The ban is expected to last at least a week.

 A US Air Force spokesperson said the incidents were not considered serious and pilots used their training to land safely. Backup oxygen systems kicked in as designed when the problems emerged. Sydney Morning Herald