Saturday, 17 June 2017

Gay teen killed by uncle in "honour killing" - Chechnya

The genocidal horror against gays has continued in Chechnya. A 17 year old gay was thrown off a ninth floor balcony to his death. He was killed by a family member, his uncle, supposedly to cleanse the family of shame.

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A gay teen in Chechnya has been brutally killed by his uncle after he was outed to his family.

The anonymous 17-year-old was pushed from a balcony from the ninth floor of a building.

 The teenager’s family was reportedly encouraged to “wash the shame” away of their gay relative.

The heart wrenching story of the teen’s murder comes after a survivor of the gay purge in Chechnya opened up to a Russian magazine about their experience of growing up in the extremist region.

The anonymous survivor explained that while he managed to escape the dire region, where hundreds of men have been detained and killed for their sexuality, others were not so lucky.

He said: “Others were caught, killed and their bodies were thrown into the yard of their families, in some cases, the bodies just passed away, because according to Islamic laws, gay bodies are not necessary to bury.”

Speaking to Snob magazine, the survivor explained that the story of the teen was recounted to him after he came out as gay to his religious leader. Pink News