Saturday, 24 June 2017

Labor opposes Lieberals new citizen language test (video)

OK, although I never got school certificate in English in New Zealand, I was able to migrate to Australia (in 1985) without having to undergo some kind of humiliating citizenship test in the early 1990's. 

It didn't exist back then, as it was only after the Howard gov nightmare came in to power in the late 1990's when they came up with this racist bullshit. One of the questions in those early tests was about cricketer Bradman FFS who had died many decades before. Were new citizens supposed to worship Australian sporting heroes? 

The new citizenship test, courtesy of the Abbott/Turmbull gov demands language skills beyond what many Australians would be capable themselves. Labor is opposing this.

Australia has the highest immigrant population per capita in the world, much higher than even the US. Those migrants helped build this country and were a part of it being the most successful multicultural country on earth.

I myself don't mind if they have a bit of trouble with English. Their intentions to hard work and contribution are just the same as mine was when I came here from New Zealand in 1985.