Thursday, 22 June 2017

Istanbul youth party - gays want to stop straights having sex :s

Well I guess it's a change from straights wanting gays to stop having sex, which has been the case in conservative churches for zonks. Strange that straights would now accuse us of the same thing but in reverse. I suspect they're projecting.....

I note in the picture they all have beards to protect themselves from gayness.

So the loony tunes nationalist youth party of Istanbul is all a fluster over an upcoming Pride march there and have vowed to stop it any way they can. Despite the fact that there's been years of Pride marches there before. The reasons for this severe hostility to the LGBT are explained by them thus:

Speaking on June 19 during a news program aired on the minor Cultural TV (KRT TV) station, Mican complained that LGBT individuals had “started to organize in every neighborhood … destroying the unity of the family.”

 “Their project is to create a structure in every neighborhood. We are warning our intelligence agencies. This is part of a project by capitalist, communist and imperialist powers. By popularizing homosexuality, they want to destroy the unity of family, stop reproduction, end relations between wives and husbands, and prevent children born in such relations from growing up to be propitious to their land and country,” he said.

 “This is dynamite to the foundation of the family structure. They have especially started to work on the neighborhood level,” Mircan added.

 “Under no circumstances will we allow them to march. I call on the Turkish people: These structures are very dangerous. We need to prevent this immorality or it will expand very seriously,” he also said. Daily News Turkey
OMG! They're onto us!