A note to spammers saying they have an HIV cure

How dare you you fuckin bitch pretender. How dare you try and rip people off using their illness to do so. I have blocked you and reported you as an abuse to Google+. May you forever rot in the hell hole you are creating for yourself. Morality is about about how you treat people. You are treating people as disgusting capitalist suckers. Worse; you're destroying their hope by giving them false hope.

I honestly hope you die a horrible death without HIV meds. Good luck with your fucked up witch doctors. Now fuck off out of my life and don't ever darken my doorway again. 

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My name is WELBECK MELISSA, I don't no how to tell the world the greatest thing that happen in my life.I was so sick that I lose all the money I have in so many hospital still yet there was no solutions on till I go for blood test for different hospital almost Eight doctors told me I am H.I.V positive. And after then all hope I have was lost, I was waiting for death to come. One night I woke up in middle of the night started crying so my mind told me to check in Google so I see many testimony about. DR OBAZE I was doubting if the man is real, he is a great man but just because of the testimony of his good news.I said let me try and email him he reply me back I told him my problems he said that he will reply me back ten minute time after he consult the oracle. So he reply me after ten minute and told me the doctors were says the truth of my blood test. He said it was spiritual H.I.V. I was having that he can be able to help me. So I respond to all the things he ask me to do. then he ask me if i need spell casting or herbal cure then i choose herbal.after all the preparation then he send the herbal cure and i do according to what he said and i believe he can cure my illness. after using the herbs, i call him that i am through with the herbs and he tell me to go for checkup in three different hospital the doctors were wonder and told me I am now H.I.V. Negative..he is specialize on HIV,cancer,love spell,work promotion,magic miracle and metal problem. I am very very happy to thank DR OBAZE for doing great thing in my life thank ones again I will never forget you. am grateful.if you are also passing through the same pain that i was please contact the great man via this 


BTW "spellcaster", my partner David is a Wiccan and has caste a spell. For all harm that you do will come back to you threefold. :)


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