Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Turnbull lambastes the conservatives marriage discrimination bill

Perhaps with Turnbull currently in Manila, he's far enough away from the RWNJ's in his gov to feel he can speak more freely. Certainly this  is out of character for jellyfish Turnbull to make such aggressive comments about the latest RWNJ abomination that is their new marriage discrimination bill. 

Or perhaps he's just finally had a gutful of them? After all he's acquiesced to their every demand so far on marriage equality, even going so far as to implement the postal survey that nobody wanted and at a huge cost to taxpayers in a time of supposed budget restraint. Now with the RWNJ's trying to kick the can further down the road by throwing up this abominable proposed marriage discrimination law, after Turnbull has previously stated marriage equality will "sail through the parliament" with a Yes vote, and with him wanting the issue finally dealt with to stop the carpet bombing of his gov by the opposition and frustrated voters, he's just had enough?

In any case Turnbull is scathing of the proposed conservative marriage bill which if implemented would legalise discrimination against gays by commercial businesses.
On Monday Turnbull described the Smith bill as a good starting point, and at a press conference in Manila on Tuesday he went further, warning: “I don’t believe Australians would welcome, and certainly the government would not countenance, making legal discrimination that is illegal, that is unlawful, today.” 

 Asked about a bill that would allow businesses to say “no gay weddings serviced here” – in reference to Paterson’s proposal – Turnbull said: “I think it would have virtually no prospect of getting through the parliament.” 

Smith based his bill on the recommendations of a Senate committee inquiry. It is co-signed by four Liberal supporters of marriage equality, enjoys support from Labor and qualified support from the Greens, who intend to seek amendments. 

On Tuesday Bill Shorten promised to work with Turnbull to legislate marriage equality “as soon as possible” after a yes vote, saying Labor would “give the numbers along with those in the government who support it, to stare down the conservatives seeking to delay marriage equality”. The Guardian