Thursday, 2 November 2017

Citizenship audit "could see the govt fall" (video)

The real reason Turnbull doesn't want a citizenship audit is because the gov could fall causing a snap election. Sky News is reporting this as coming from "gov sources".

In the video dopey Dutton adds more intrigue to the situation, claiming that in the last couple of decades there'd been even a prime minister who was a dual citizen. Who might he be talking about? Tony Abbott?

The Greens are pushing for a comprehensive citizenship audit of all sitting politicians in Canberra to clear it up once and for all. The latest to fall foul of the constitution was the Liberal senate leader.

Given the long running questions about Tony Abbott's citizenship, such an exercise would be very interesting....  
The Greens predict it would only take about a month to conduct the independent investigation and sift through the backgrounds of every member of Parliament. 

Greens leader Richard Di Natale says a handful of lawyers and a senior public servant could easily conduct the audit. 

 He's suggested the task be taken on by the Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority (IPEA), the body that was set up to monitor the misuse of work expenses by politicians. 

 "There is a huge shadow right now hanging over the Federal Parliament," Senator Di Natale said. 

"People are losing faith in our democracy." 

He's suggested politicians put forward documentation to prove where their parents and grandparents were born. 

Those with an international link would need to show paperwork to prove they have checked their citizenship history and renounced any foreign links. 

Those that don't provide sufficient proof would be investigated further. ABC