Monday, 13 November 2017

The conservative marriage equality bill = licence to discriminate (video)

taxi drivers could refuse to pick you up
The lunar right of the gov is pushing their agenda within the gov for an extreme marriage "equality" bill that has little chance of support in the parliament. Nevertheless, like dogs with a bone they're just not giving up.

This bill could potentially see taxi drivers refuse to pick up people going home or to a same sex marriage wedding. As well it would write into law the right for a religious person in a commercial business to refuse service to gay people, something that is currently illegal by various state laws. This legislation would override said state laws and entrench discrimination against the LGBT into federal law. 
The bill would also allow government employees, like those at Births, Deaths & Marriages, to refuse to register same-sex weddings. The bill would also override any state or territory laws, meaning that even if you have a super-progressive state government, you won’t be protected from these laws.

 So basically, this bill a sweeping attempt to roll back anti-discrimination laws in the name of “free speech”. It uses the (probably) impending legislation of same-sex marriage to launch a full-throated attack on anti-discrimination laws after conservatives failed to repeal Section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act. It’s bad, real bad. Junkee *much more at the link!