Monday, 20 November 2017

Fuck you western Sydney

Westie idiots religious nutters censored this, painting it black
I'm angry. I'm fuming.

I have stood up for minorities all my life. If you persecute and hate them you may well one day find yourself in one. Old people who get discriminated against and can't get a job because they're either old or disabled. Young people being trashed by this gov in work-for-the-dole slave labour when there's no job's. Muslims when the gov demonises them for political gain. Asylum seekers who they've labelled as criminals.

In such a case I think it would be only natural for fellow minorities to support us LGBT minority. But in western Sydney, not even that far from where I live in the east, you didn't. You fucked us over in western Sydney in a cluster of 12 seats voting up to 74% No against David and I's love. 

Fuck your bible. Fuck your Koran. Fuck your stupid "cultural" excuses. Australia has comprehensively rejected them all. What you need to do now is get over it and get over yourselves. Australia is a place of multiculturalism and diversity. If you can't accept that then why did you come here? I'm from New Zealand and an immigrant too BTW. I didn't come here bringing religion and prejudice.

Western Sydney has long been a thorn in the side of gay Sydney in the east. You've ruined Oxford st making it into what is probably the most policed area in Sydney. You come in here time after time, making trouble and bashing us as we leave gay pubs. The result is over policing, the gay pubs getting a reputation for violence because of your misbehavour, and leading to the lockout laws that have fucked up everything. 

Fuck you. You lost homophobes. Suck lemons (being polite there). Drag you knuckle dragging heads into this bloody century. 

And don't come come in to our space and censor our legal art. Just fuck off assholes.