Monday, 27 November 2017

QLD gay couple getting hate letters in mailbox after Yes vote win

David knows these people on Facebook and was telling me about it yesterday. The post has gone viral in the meantime showing up all over the place on Facebook. I would once again like to thank Turnbull for the hate stirred up by the postal survey process.

So a gay couple of five years in Queensland, who aren't screaming from the rooftops about their sexuality (why would they?) have started getting handwritten letters in their malebox by and unknown neighbour who evidently is too gutless to say it to their faces. They put the letters on Facebook, you can see the post here.

SBS has more about it:
Kirk spoke to SBS about the experience of receiving unprovoked hate from an anonymous person, explaining that the letters must be someone that knows of them, as it references things only a neighbour would know - for example, the fact that the couple own dogs. 

 "My initial thought was that I was p*ssed off that in 2017, at the age of 46, we still have to put up with this crap," he says, adding: "I was also annoyed that, y'know, the Sunshine Coast is where I've spent a good chunk of my life, it's been Andrew's home for 20-something years — this is not the [type of] place that it is." 

However, Kirk says that since the Facebook post has gone viral, other neighbours have made contact to lend their support to the couple. 

 "[One of our neighbours] came over and said, 'I've seen this, this is unacceptable, and I just wanted to say I'm really sorry to see this is happening'," he says. "He brought his kids with him as well, and they told us about how they voted yes and why, and all that sort of stuff. They didn't need to [do that], but it made us feel comfortable." SBS
Welcome to the Liberal/National party's Australia, 2017.