Thursday, 30 November 2017

The demise of the far right in Australia? (video)

Abetz during the senate humiliation

The RWMJ's that have held sway in the gov and over Australia have, in the last two days, suffered a humiliating and public defeat in Canberra. In fact not just the last two days, but ever since the results of the marriage equality postal survey were released. Showing resoundingly that Australians rejected the extreme position that a certain group of Australians didn't deserve marriage because of their sexuality.

I suspect it has been a deep shock to them. Even Abbott, who has been the architect and prosecutor of much of the angst against us has been forced to capitulate. His own seat voted something like 75% Yes.

Up until the postal survey results Abbott and co were stuck in some kind of psychotic delusion that the majority of people may well vote No. There was much talk of the "silent majority", specifically mentioned by Cory Bernardi who asserted that No voters were too petrified to tell pollsters they had voted No, blaming us evil gays for supposed bullying. In their minds all the published polling over the years and even the polling during the postal survey was wrong.

But now that illusion has been truly shattered. Their world view has been shaken, along with their belief that they represent much of Australia. How they got to that point of being so out of touch with reality is anyone's guess. A life of privilege in a bubble? Surrounded by other people the same? Whatever the reason their self proclaimed authority over Australian culture and morality has suffered a huge blow. Even I'd guess within their own parties.

But the survey release was just the beginning. Trying to reassert themselves they proceeded to switch to the US style "religious freedoms" arguments, coming up with ideas that most Australians would find abhorrent. They even had another marriage equality bill drafted by non other than Lyle Shelton's Australian Christian Lobby. How they thought they could get such a discriminatory bill through the federal parliament is an indication of their delusions of grandeur. Australian media was aghast that they wanted to have gays refused service by commercial businesses because they're gay, something that is illegal under current anti-discrimination law. 

And then came their day of humiliation in the senate. They lined up as the marriage equality bill was considered for possible amendments, with a whole list of such discriminatory measures. That they could even try to have discrimination written in to law shows the level of their self assured gall. But their efforts were an horrific failure. Each amendment they put up was solidly voted down by the senate, over and over. At the end of the process they had accomplished nothing except self flagellation and embarrassment in front of the nation. The senate passed the bill without amendments.

They haven't quite given up yet though believe it or not, with Abbott expecting they'll try amendments to the bill again next week when it goes to the lower house for a conscience vote. However with the senate passing the bill solidly on 44/12, there is somewhat of a mandate for the lower house to do similar. The RWNJ's would be on very shaky ground indeed if they threw a spanner in the works at the last hurdle.

Perhaps all this may be a catalyst within the gov? There's many other issues that the far right have dictated policy on but which have no support to speak of in the community. Their love for coal and Adani for one. If nothing else this is at least an opportunity for the gov for self examination and moderation in their policies, although I doubt they'll do it.

But for now the far right are Australia's laughing stock. A conga line of emperors with no clothes. An embarrassment to the country.