Wednesday, 8 November 2017

What gun control has done for Australia - Angry Aussie (video)

This is the best I've seen from Angry recently. He tackles how the RWNJ's always point to Australia as the anathema of gun freedoms, and responds to the question by someone who asked him "What has gun control done for Australia?".

I agree with everything he says, everything. We've often seen Australia used within the US media as the evil gun control place where gun laws haven't worked - WTF? This usually comes after the latest US shooting massacre. The truth is since the gun controls were bought in by conservative PM John Howard in the '90's more than 20 years ago, Australia hasn't had one gun massacre since. But that means nothing to the religiously rusted on gun supporters in the US who remain wanting to keep the right to blow each other away.

I particularly agree with not getting upset anymore about US shootings. How can we? The US authorities won't do anything except "thoughts and prayers" and keep letting it happen. How can we be even remotely sympathetic to that? If they had of done something then a nutter wouldn't have blown away people in the Orlando gay nightclub Pulse. Somebody so twisted and mentally unstable should never have been able to get his hands on a slingshot let alone the sort of weapons he had. 

Orlando did upset me though as it involved the twisting of someone by the closet into self hatred and projection to others of that hatred. Now though every time there's the latest US shooting on the news I just think "meh". Surprise surprise there's another one..... It's not going to stop until somebody over there actually takes action to address the problem.

Honestly, if you were a terrorist in the US all you'd need to do is open a gun shop and watch them all kill each other. Over time you'd kill far more people than from a single act.