Sunday, 19 November 2017

Canavan says ignoring the electorate on gay marriage is "principled"

Talk about a sore loser. Canavan should grow a spine and accept defeat. Even Abbott has said he will now support marriage equality, along with dopey Dutton. Both have been stalwarts against gay marriage for decades, with Abbott even traveling to the US on two occasions to speak against it at the hate group Alliance Defending Freedom.

Canavan however just won't give up.
Matt Canavan, a Queensland Nationals senator who opposes gay marriage, argues listening to constituents is unprincipled, after a $122 million postal vote survey showed 61.6 per cent support for redefining matrimony.

'You’ve got to be genuine and hold to your convictions,' he told Sky News on Sunday.

'This idea that somehow you should change your fundamental principles and views because a majority of people in your electorate may not agree with you, I find that diminishes the credibility of politicians. You’ve got to be authentic.' Daily Mail