Sunday, 19 November 2017

Gay mural painted over in black by religous No people (video)

By artist Scott Marsh
 Update: A man has been charged by police for painting over another of the same artists murals :) 

The people who painted over this with black paint weren't even local to Sydney's Newtown district, which is one of the biggest gay areas in Sydney. They accuse it of being "porn" even though the artwork has been shown in full in news reports with no pixelation at all (including the one below). So they used rollers to paint over it in black paint.

The irony that the No side were the ones carrying on about freedom of speech escape them. Here they are censoring art because religion.

They also were still banging on that it's wrong for two men to be married because the bible. They don't seem to realise they lost the debate in the survey fair and square. They need to just get over it.


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