Tuesday, 21 June 2016

"Meet the new Malcolm" - GetUp posters for Wentworth :)

Meet the new Malcolm

The Lieberals have put up more Malcolm posters, some of them in Oxford St (*gasp* the humanity!). GetUp would like to do the same for those posters as has been done to the above. 
Over the weekend a small group of GetUp members (dubbed by the media as 'guerilla street nannas') snuck out into Malcolm Turnbull's electorate to give his campaign signage a much-needed update. 

Our work is now up in Bondi, Edgecliffe and Double Bay. But Turnbull has just put up a new wave of corflutes, including on the iconic Oxford St, and they're just begging to get the same treatment. 

Turnbull lacked the courage to stand up for principles he once believed in, including climate change, and it's time we made that clear across his electorate. Can you chip in to make it happen?
You can contribute here if you so desire :)