Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The hate filled christian response to Pulse/Orlando - Rachel Maddow

I've been following for some time now how the so called christian love thing is actually a christian crusade of hate thing against the LGBT. 

After watching US presidential candidates turn up and speak at a Swanson "kill the gays" conference and the Australian
Abbott gov annulling Canberra gay marriages a couple of years or so back (I have no words for how hateful that was) one would think that one had seen the limits of christian hatred. 

But no. There are christians who's hatred of us knows no bounds. Some of them demanding our death isn't quite enough for the satisfaction of that hatred (I don't think they'll ever be satisfied BTW). 

Some of them are celebrating the death of 49 of us in a hail of homophobic gunfire at Pulse.

They're dancing on our graves. 

But you know, that's their weakness. I'm upset but I know that they're pitiful small people, likely struggling with their own feelings....... 

In biblical terms, they've laid their hate bare for all to see. Their true soul glows darkly, their true evil shows. The immoral of this world, who take pleasure in the death of innocents.

Again, morality isn't about following a rule-book. Morality has one simple test; how we treat each other.

Watch as Rachel Maddow reports on these hatemonger christians:


Update: This is Jewish religious hatred, again dancing over our graves. How can a Jew, after what Hitler did, agree with killing like that? Oh yeah..... religion.......