Friday, 17 June 2016

Pulse was vigilante, gov should have killed gays and destroyed building - christian, US

More love from the christians.

Once again, confirmation that christian hatred against the LGBT knows no bounds. This is just the nutters that are online. It seems many christians are using our deaths as an excuse to reinforce their hatred of us.

This guy Shoebat (yes I think batshit crazy) has a long history of ranting about the LGBT and has long been calling for our deaths. What he says would find him in court here in Australia as hate speech inciting violence against a group of people.

On this occasion he agrees with the death of the gays, but says the guy was in error being a vigilante. He goes on to say that being so is wrong, and there should have been a much more official response from the state. The state should have killed them, not the vigilante.