Sunday, 12 June 2016

Turnbull's Facebook farce - misses debate, wants Facebook appearance

Chicken suit worn at Sky news debate - no show Turnbull
Where's Malcolm?
Does Turnbull have any idea how unreliable Facebook is in Australia? Well at least here in inner Sydney. Evidently streaming media of recent times has been clogging up Turnbull's internet, especially in Australian cities. There's the odd blog or two I read on Facebook but I don't bother posting on the thing. Probably about half the time it just won't connect. Would drive me nuts trying to post on that thing.

So Turnbull missed a debate last week with Bill Shorten on Sky news, that Sky news was rather miffed about. Then he does this big it's exciting to be innovative bla, saying he's going to debate on Facebook "the media of our time". Does he realise how poorly it runs here?