Thursday, 23 June 2016

Copper is shit and the Lieberals lied about the NBN - ex-NBN chief (video)

The captain of the NBN before the Lieberals were elected is a Mike Quigley. He resigned from said captaincy just before the 2013 election and the Abbott reign of TERROR!© He is now entering the fray so to speak, and speaking what we've all figured out long ago; that the Lieberals were talking shit about their stupid fucked up plan for the NBN and it was short sighted bla..

It was all part of Abbott's wrecking ball of destruction. Everything that Labor did he opposed in opposition, taking a populist approach to the carbon tax and building on that. The Abbott gov got to power actually, seriously, describing the internet as nothing more than a "video entertainment system". I kid you not. Much to much of Australia's aghast-ment! Watch as Abbott and Turnbull justify copper!

Yet Murdoch still got these fuckwits into power. OMFG. Idiots.
Mr Quigley, a former executive at telecommunications giant Alcatel-Lucent, resigned from the NBN just before the Coalition's election in 2013 and has kept a low profile since. 

In the speech, Mr Quigley rubbished the copper-based fibre-to-the-node technology, a centrepiece of the Coalition's rollout, and said fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) "is the only safe long-term bet for Australia's fixed broadband network". 

"To spend billions of dollars to build a major piece of national infrastructure that just about meets demand today, but doesn't allow for any significant growth in that demand over the next 10 or 20 years, without large upgrade costs, is incredibly short-sighted," he said. 

"It is such a pity that so much time and effort has been spent on trying to discredit and destroy the original FTTP-based NBN. 

"And equally a pity that the Coalition has put their faith in what has turned out to be a short-sighted, expensive and backward-looking MTM [mixed technology model] based on copper. 

"The nation is going to be bearing the consequences of those decisions for years to come in higher costs and poorer performance in an area that is critical to its long-term future.

"Betting tens of billions of taxpayers dollars at this time on copper access technologies, as the Coalition has done, is a huge miscalculation." 

Mr Quigley said telcos around the world, including companies that have previously been strong proponents of fibre-to-the-node (FTTN), are moving away from the technology. 

"Just when the FTTN equipment will need to be upgraded is an unknown but given what is happening overseas, it is unlikely to be very long," he said. 

As for Labor's election pledge to stop rolling out FTTN and instead deploy full fibre to 40 per cent of premises, Mr Quigley said it was a pragmatic change that would not produce big blowouts in cost or timing. 

"It will result, however, in a network that is a step closer to the desired end-state," he said. 

"While it is impossible to turn back the clock on the [multi-technology mix] it is still possible to make changes to the current direction, without introducing another major disruption - changes that will get us closer to building the right network for the long term." Brisbane Times