Friday, 10 June 2016

So sick of both party's deficit/surplus obsession - it matters zero to me

When you're living in rather the not best of circumstances, where money is short and you just accept it as your life, it's hard to relate to the unrepresentative Canberra swill when they rave on about the bottom line. The deficit, and the apparent need for a surplus.

Gov's of the world generally operate on deficits. They invest money in their population and infrastructure. That is the purpose of gov, to serve us the people. The gov isn't a business and it's goal isn't to simply turn a profit. Where did this crazy idea of surplus at all costs come from?

Gov's pay money to educate the population, yet this is seen by the far right as a "cost" to the bottom line. When did education suddenly have to turn a profit? Or public transport? Or social services? Are we to be considered human beings or simply numbers in a capitalist machine? Why has a gov surplus become so fuckin important now?

Was it the Howard mining boom years, which saw all the surplus's squandered anyway on the Lieberals buying votes? Did it become the normal expectation, that a one off mining boom would be the dictation of Australia's monetary policy from there on?

I can tell you that the deficit doesn't matter to me in the slightest. I've worked 30 years in factories full time physical work and paid a lot of taxes, through the nose, in that time. I expect that after such an effort that when illness strikes aplenty that I will be looked after by the system.

A Lieberal gov now whinging about the bottom line after the Howard squandering of many years of surplus's to buy votes, just doesn't cut it with me. I see no reason why the sick and vulnerable such as I should now be in the firing line to bail out a failed party.