Monday, 27 June 2016

Legislate for gay discrimination - Howard

In ex PM John Howard's world, bigots have a new name. He calls them "conscientious objectors", and to call them bigots is to "frighten" and "bully" them into silence. Oh the poor persecuted dears.....     ........the humanity!

Remarkably ironic after what said "conscientious objectors" in Canberra did to the LGBT Safe Schools program which was designed to protect LGBT kids from bullying.

In short, Howard wants to legislate to protect bigots. Cake-makers for example, who god forbid may actually be asked by a gay couple to make a wedding cake for them. Howard suggests that they should be spared this frightening horror bullying by said gay couple in daring to exist in their shop in front of them and asking such a thing, or worse yet actually having to make the cake!

So even when marriage equality gets passed, the bigots still want us separated from the rest of society by law, and treated differently than any other group. Disgusting.

Howard should just crawl back into the hole he peaked out of. He's only the 2nd Australian PM to lose his seat in parliament and I think that says it all. Bloody fossilised moron.
Howard said: “I do think one thing that has to be addressed is the question of proper protection of religious freedom, and freedom of conscience in relation to people who might in a tangential way be affected by this.” 

The reference to people “tangentially affected” by same-sex marriage suggests Howard was referring to people other than ministers of religion, who Labor and the Coalition both agree should not be forced to conduct gay weddings. 

Last week, the attorney general, George Brandis, refused to rule out exemptions to anti-discrimination law which would allow bakers, photographers, venue owners and others to refuse to provide services for gay weddings. 

Labor has already ruled out supporting such changes. 

Howard reiterated his opposition to marriage equality, and said opponents should not be “frightened or bullied into silence” by accusations of bigotry. The Guardian 
Are we living in a secular democracy or a bloody theocracy FFS?