Sunday, 26 June 2016

"Tony you brought to an end the chaos" - Turnbull's bare faced lie

Far out. What a fake!

Fake leader, fake compliments, fake party, and fake campaign launch. This bare faced lie is a metaphor for all things Lieberal. They actually think we're so stupid as to swallow such an enormous turd of a lie as this.
The prime minister noted the "distinguished" men who came before him - John Howard and Mr Abbott - as he launched the party's bid less than a week out to polling day. 

"Tony you brought to an end the chaos and dysfunction of the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd years and you remain a dedicated advocate for our cause," 

Mr Turnbull told the gathering in the marginal Liberal-held inner-western Sydney seat of Reid. "John and Tony we salute you." ninemsn
Stupendously fecal.

Yes folks, less than a week until we vote and their bullshit is increasing and further away from reality. Well I guess that's what we should expect. Remember election eve in 2013?

The sad fact is that the only reason Abbott said that was because Lieberal polling confirmed that the Labor attack claiming Lieberal cuts was having an effect. In essence Abbott just said whatever he had to to get over the line. 

He lied, just like Turnbull's bare face lie today.  Hoping like hell we'll believe it.