Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Lieberal says he will go against his electorate - marriage equality plebiscite

ACT senator Zed Seselja, will not vote with his electorate

Lieberals have been secretly pushing to go against the national plebiscite vote when it comes in as yes, saying they will vote with their conservative electorates if their individual electorates have voted no. 

Well even that's not good enough for ACT Lieberal senator Zed Seselja, who now says that (even though his seat in the Australian Capital Territory will likely vote yes) he won't. Remember the ACT voted in marriage equality. Some gays got married, until the Abbott gov's action in the High Court overturned the ACT decision and those married had their marriages annulled.
Liberal senator for the ACT Zed Seselja confirmed he would probably abstain from voting if the plebiscite was carried, despite his electors being very likely to support same-sex marriage. 

"I would reserve the right to abstain. That would be a very likely scenario in those circumstances," he told ABC radio on Tuesday. Canberra Times
So much for the people deciding eh?