Friday, 10 June 2016

Lieberals funnel taxpayer money back to party coffers - "Feedback" program (video)

I don't understand all the details of it, but the below video from the 7:30 Report explains things pretty clearly. 

What it basically is, is a so called voter research program to get their views and opinions on various issues. However this involves sensitive personal information being used by the Lieberal party without the knowledge of the public, as well as taxpayer funds used to pay costs via allowances.

What's more the Lieberals are involved in a company called Parakeelia, which is now the second largest donator to the Lieberal party. It appears the company charges for the "Feedback" program usage of which taxpayers money is used for payment of said usage. $2,500 a year for each Lieberal member's office's.

So with all this money going to Parakeelia from taxpayers, it's being alleged that the same taxpayer money is being donated to the Lieberal party, with Parakeelia now being the second largest donator to the Lieberals.

At the very least this is democracy for sale to the party with the most money. At the worst it's criminal fraud. Right out in the open too, so arrogant they are. It's not sophisticated at all. I mean if I can understand it anyone can :)