Friday, 17 June 2016

Pulse shootings were gay's fault for being out of closet - christians

More love from the christians.....

This guy at some far right christian site BarbWire in the US. The author, Timothy Buchanan, who claims that the gays bought the shooting on themselves by flaunting their gayness out of the closet and pissing off people who were offended by them.
Contrary to the professions of the Left, diversity is not America’s strength. Diversity is a weakness. For America as a nation, unity is our strength and we have lost it. Certainly, there can exist diversity among a united people. But the unifying identity that Americans once shared has been discarded as unnecessary, condemned as elitist and even rejected as a hindrance to free expression and happiness. Right Wing Watch
Um, it was inside a club for a start and not exactly what you'd call flaunting. Ironically however, it's my opinion that it was Omar Mateen's own personal closet and his inability to accept his own sexuality that fueled the projected gay hatred, and led to the shootings.

In short, it's the closet that is the dangerous place, not being authentic about