Friday, 10 June 2016

Target bathroom bombed in US - christian haters suspected over transgender policy

More love from the christians .....

It was only a "small" bomb, but a bomb is a bomb and it was just lucky I guess that no one was in there and injured at the time.

So where the fuck is this going to end? It's now escalated to domestic terrorism? Is there no end of christian hate?
Commander Joe Dugan told WGNT that says there were no people inside the bathroom when the explosion occurred. While it caused minor damage, no person was injured. The bomb was made with a plastic bottle but did not contain nails, tacks or other projectiles like we saw with the Boston Marathon bombing. He said that they are reviewing the security footage to find the individual responsible. 

Target announced that any customer of the store could use the bathroom consistent with their gender identity. Since then, over 1,330,585 people have signed an American Family Association petition saying that they will boycott the store. Since Target announced the policy, have been several reports of protesters walking through the aisles of Target while shouting transphobic comments and citing biblical passages. Raw Story